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1//===-- LLVMTargetMachine.cpp - Implement the LLVMTargetMachine class -----===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
9// This file implements the LLVMTargetMachine class.
17#include "llvm/CodeGen/Passes.h"
21#include "llvm/MC/MCAsmInfo.h"
23#include "llvm/MC/MCContext.h"
24#include "llvm/MC/MCInstrInfo.h"
27#include "llvm/MC/MCStreamer.h"
34using namespace llvm;
36static cl::opt<bool>
37 EnableTrapUnreachable("trap-unreachable", cl::Hidden,
38 cl::desc("Enable generating trap for unreachable"));
41 "no-trap-after-noreturn", cl::Hidden,
42 cl::desc("Do not emit a trap instruction for 'unreachable' IR instructions "
43 "after noreturn calls, even if --trap-unreachable is set."));
47 assert(MRI && "Unable to create reg info");
49 assert(MII && "Unable to create instruction info");
50 // FIXME: Having an MCSubtargetInfo on the target machine is a hack due
51 // to some backends having subtarget feature dependent module level
52 // code generation. This is similar to the hack in the AsmPrinter for
53 // module level assembly etc.
56 assert(STI && "Unable to create subtarget info");
60 // TargetSelect.h moved to a different directory between LLVM 2.9 and 3.0,
61 // and if the old one gets included then MCAsmInfo will be NULL and
62 // we'll crash later.
63 // Provide the user with a useful error message about what's wrong.
64 assert(TmpAsmInfo && "MCAsmInfo not initialized. "
65 "Make sure you include the correct TargetSelect.h"
66 "and that InitializeAllTargetMCs() is being invoked!");
68 if (Options.BinutilsVersion.first > 0)
72 TmpAsmInfo->setUseIntegratedAssembler(false);
73 // If there is explict option disable integratedAS, we can't use it for
74 // inlineasm either.
75 TmpAsmInfo->setParseInlineAsmUsingAsmParser(false);
76 }
89 AsmInfo.reset(TmpAsmInfo);
93 StringRef DataLayoutString,
94 const Triple &TT, StringRef CPU,
98 : TargetMachine(T, DataLayoutString, TT, CPU, FS, Options) {
99 this->RM = RM;
100 this->CMModel = CM;
101 this->OptLevel = OL;
104 this->Options.TrapUnreachable = true;
106 this->Options.NoTrapAfterNoreturn = true;
111 return TargetTransformInfo(BasicTTIImpl(this, F));
114/// addPassesToX helper drives creation and initialization of TargetPassConfig.
115static TargetPassConfig *
117 bool DisableVerify,
119 // Targets may override createPassConfig to provide a target-specific
120 // subclass.
121 TargetPassConfig *PassConfig = TM.createPassConfig(PM);
122 // Set PassConfig options provided by TargetMachine.
123 PassConfig->setDisableVerify(DisableVerify);
124 PM.add(PassConfig);
125 PM.add(&MMIWP);
127 if (PassConfig->addISelPasses())
128 return nullptr;
129 PassConfig->addMachinePasses();
130 PassConfig->setInitialized();
131 return PassConfig;
136 raw_pwrite_stream *DwoOut,
137 CodeGenFileType FileType,
138 MCContext &Context) {
139 Expected<std::unique_ptr<MCStreamer>> MCStreamerOrErr =
140 createMCStreamer(Out, DwoOut, FileType, Context);
141 if (auto Err = MCStreamerOrErr.takeError())
142 return true;
144 // Create the AsmPrinter, which takes ownership of AsmStreamer if successful.
146 getTarget().createAsmPrinter(*this, std::move(*MCStreamerOrErr));
147 if (!Printer)
148 return true;
150 PM.add(Printer);
151 return false;
156 MCContext &Context) {
158 Context.setAllowTemporaryLabels(false);
161 const MCAsmInfo &MAI = *getMCAsmInfo();
163 const MCInstrInfo &MII = *getMCInstrInfo();
165 std::unique_ptr<MCStreamer> AsmStreamer;
167 switch (FileType) {
172 // Create a code emitter if asked to show the encoding.
173 std::unique_ptr<MCCodeEmitter> MCE;
175 MCE.reset(getTarget().createMCCodeEmitter(MII, Context));
177 bool UseDwarfDirectory = false;
180 UseDwarfDirectory = false;
181 break;
183 UseDwarfDirectory = true;
184 break;
186 UseDwarfDirectory = MAI.enableDwarfFileDirectoryDefault();
187 break;
188 }
190 std::unique_ptr<MCAsmBackend> MAB(
191 getTarget().createMCAsmBackend(STI, MRI, Options.MCOptions));
192 auto FOut = std::make_unique<formatted_raw_ostream>(Out);
194 Context, std::move(FOut), Options.MCOptions.AsmVerbose,
195 UseDwarfDirectory, InstPrinter, std::move(MCE), std::move(MAB),
197 AsmStreamer.reset(S);
198 break;
199 }
201 // Create the code emitter for the target if it exists. If not, .o file
202 // emission fails.
204 if (!MCE)
205 return make_error<StringError>("createMCCodeEmitter failed",
207 MCAsmBackend *MAB =
209 if (!MAB)
210 return make_error<StringError>("createMCAsmBackend failed",
213 Triple T(getTargetTriple().str());
214 AsmStreamer.reset(getTarget().createMCObjectStreamer(
215 T, Context, std::unique_ptr<MCAsmBackend>(MAB),
216 DwoOut ? MAB->createDwoObjectWriter(Out, *DwoOut)
217 : MAB->createObjectWriter(Out),
218 std::unique_ptr<MCCodeEmitter>(MCE), STI, Options.MCOptions.MCRelaxAll,
220 /*DWARFMustBeAtTheEnd*/ true));
221 break;
222 }
224 // The Null output is intended for use for performance analysis and testing,
225 // not real users.
226 AsmStreamer.reset(getTarget().createNullStreamer(Context));
227 break;
228 }
230 return std::move(AsmStreamer);
235 CodeGenFileType FileType, bool DisableVerify,
237 // Add common CodeGen passes.
238 if (!MMIWP)
239 MMIWP = new MachineModuleInfoWrapperPass(this);
240 TargetPassConfig *PassConfig =
241 addPassesToGenerateCode(*this, PM, DisableVerify, *MMIWP);
242 if (!PassConfig)
243 return true;
246 if (addAsmPrinter(PM, Out, DwoOut, FileType, MMIWP->getMMI().getContext()))
247 return true;
248 } else {
249 // MIR printing is redundant with -filetype=null.
250 if (FileType != CodeGenFileType::Null)
251 PM.add(createPrintMIRPass(Out));
252 }
255 return false;
258/// addPassesToEmitMC - Add passes to the specified pass manager to get
259/// machine code emitted with the MCJIT. This method returns true if machine
260/// code is not supported. It fills the MCContext Ctx pointer which can be
261/// used to build custom MCStreamer.
265 bool DisableVerify) {
266 // Add common CodeGen passes.
268 TargetPassConfig *PassConfig =
269 addPassesToGenerateCode(*this, PM, DisableVerify, *MMIWP);
270 if (!PassConfig)
271 return true;
273 "Cannot emit MC with limited codegen pipeline");
275 Ctx = &MMIWP->getMMI().getContext();
276 // libunwind is unable to load compact unwind dynamically, so we must generate
277 // DWARF unwind info for the JIT.
280 Ctx->setAllowTemporaryLabels(false);
282 // Create the code emitter for the target if it exists. If not, .o file
283 // emission fails.
286 std::unique_ptr<MCCodeEmitter> MCE(
287 getTarget().createMCCodeEmitter(*getMCInstrInfo(), *Ctx));
288 std::unique_ptr<MCAsmBackend> MAB(
289 getTarget().createMCAsmBackend(STI, MRI, Options.MCOptions));
290 if (!MCE || !MAB)
291 return true;
293 const Triple &T = getTargetTriple();
294 std::unique_ptr<MCStreamer> AsmStreamer(getTarget().createMCObjectStreamer(
295 T, *Ctx, std::move(MAB), MAB->createObjectWriter(Out), std::move(MCE),
298 /*DWARFMustBeAtTheEnd*/ true));
300 // Create the AsmPrinter, which takes ownership of AsmStreamer if successful.
302 getTarget().createAsmPrinter(*this, std::move(AsmStreamer));
303 if (!Printer)
304 return true;
306 PM.add(Printer);
309 return false; // success!
This file provides a helper that implements much of the TTI interface in terms of the target-independ...
dxil pretty DXIL Metadata Pretty Printer
static TargetPassConfig * addPassesToGenerateCode(LLVMTargetMachine &TM, PassManagerBase &PM, bool DisableVerify, MachineModuleInfoWrapperPass &MMIWP)
addPassesToX helper drives creation and initialization of TargetPassConfig.
static cl::opt< bool > EnableTrapUnreachable("trap-unreachable", cl::Hidden, cl::desc("Enable generating trap for unreachable"))
static cl::opt< bool > EnableNoTrapAfterNoreturn("no-trap-after-noreturn", cl::Hidden, cl::desc("Do not emit a trap instruction for 'unreachable' IR instructions " "after noreturn calls, even if --trap-unreachable is set."))
static LVOptions Options
Definition: LVOptions.cpp:25
#define F(x, y, z)
Definition: MD5.cpp:55
LLVMContext & Context
const char LLVMTargetMachineRef TM
assert(ImpDefSCC.getReg()==AMDGPU::SCC &&ImpDefSCC.isDef())
Target-Independent Code Generator Pass Configuration Options pass.
Concrete BasicTTIImpl that can be used if no further customization is needed.
Tagged union holding either a T or a Error.
Definition: Error.h:474
Error takeError()
Take ownership of the stored error.
Definition: Error.h:601
FunctionPass class - This class is used to implement most global optimizations.
Definition: Pass.h:311
This class describes a target machine that is implemented with the LLVM target-independent code gener...
bool addAsmPrinter(PassManagerBase &PM, raw_pwrite_stream &Out, raw_pwrite_stream *DwoOut, CodeGenFileType FileType, MCContext &Context)
Adds an AsmPrinter pass to the pipeline that prints assembly or machine code from the MI representati...
bool addPassesToEmitFile(PassManagerBase &PM, raw_pwrite_stream &Out, raw_pwrite_stream *DwoOut, CodeGenFileType FileType, bool DisableVerify=true, MachineModuleInfoWrapperPass *MMIWP=nullptr) override
Add passes to the specified pass manager to get the specified file emitted.
bool addPassesToEmitMC(PassManagerBase &PM, MCContext *&Ctx, raw_pwrite_stream &Out, bool DisableVerify=true) override
Add passes to the specified pass manager to get machine code emitted with the MCJIT.
TargetTransformInfo getTargetTransformInfo(const Function &F) const override
Get a TargetTransformInfo implementation for the target.
LLVMTargetMachine(const Target &T, StringRef DataLayoutString, const Triple &TT, StringRef CPU, StringRef FS, const TargetOptions &Options, Reloc::Model RM, CodeModel::Model CM, CodeGenOptLevel OL)
Expected< std::unique_ptr< MCStreamer > > createMCStreamer(raw_pwrite_stream &Out, raw_pwrite_stream *DwoOut, CodeGenFileType FileType, MCContext &Ctx)
Generic interface to target specific assembler backends.
Definition: MCAsmBackend.h:43
std::unique_ptr< MCObjectWriter > createObjectWriter(raw_pwrite_stream &OS) const
Create a new MCObjectWriter instance for use by the assembler backend to emit the final object file.
std::unique_ptr< MCObjectWriter > createDwoObjectWriter(raw_pwrite_stream &OS, raw_pwrite_stream &DwoOS) const
Create an MCObjectWriter that writes two object files: a .o file which is linked into the final progr...
This class is intended to be used as a base class for asm properties and features specific to the tar...
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:56
void setCompressDebugSections(DebugCompressionType CompressDebugSections)
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:882
void setRelaxELFRelocations(bool V)
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:889
unsigned getAssemblerDialect() const
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:689
virtual void setUseIntegratedAssembler(bool Value)
Set whether assembly (inline or otherwise) should be parsed.
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:861
virtual void setPreserveAsmComments(bool Value)
Set whether assembly (inline or otherwise) should be parsed.
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:874
virtual void setParseInlineAsmUsingAsmParser(bool Value)
Set whether target want to use AsmParser to parse inlineasm.
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:866
void setFullRegisterNames(bool V)
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:717
void setBinutilsVersion(std::pair< int, int > Value)
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:844
void setExceptionsType(ExceptionHandling EH)
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:790
bool enableDwarfFileDirectoryDefault() const
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:834
MCCodeEmitter - Generic instruction encoding interface.
Definition: MCCodeEmitter.h:21
Context object for machine code objects.
Definition: MCContext.h:76
void setAllowTemporaryLabels(bool Value)
Definition: MCContext.h:456
This is an instance of a target assembly language printer that converts an MCInst to valid target ass...
Definition: MCInstPrinter.h:45
Interface to description of machine instruction set.
Definition: MCInstrInfo.h:26
MCRegisterInfo base class - We assume that the target defines a static array of MCRegisterDesc object...
Streaming machine code generation interface.
Definition: MCStreamer.h:212
virtual void reset()
State management.
Definition: MCStreamer.cpp:102
Generic base class for all target subtargets.
bool PreserveAsmComments
Preserve Comments in Assembly.
DwarfDirectory MCUseDwarfDirectory
EmitDwarfUnwindType EmitDwarfUnwind
const MCContext & getContext() const
StringRef - Represent a constant reference to a string, i.e.
Definition: StringRef.h:50
Primary interface to the complete machine description for the target machine.
Definition: TargetMachine.h:78
std::unique_ptr< const MCAsmInfo > AsmInfo
Contains target specific asm information.
CodeModel::Model CMModel
const Triple & getTargetTriple() const
const MCSubtargetInfo * getMCSubtargetInfo() const
std::unique_ptr< const MCInstrInfo > MII
StringRef getTargetFeatureString() const
StringRef getTargetCPU() const
const MCInstrInfo * getMCInstrInfo() const
std::unique_ptr< const MCSubtargetInfo > STI
TargetOptions Options
const Target & getTarget() const
const Target & TheTarget
The Target that this machine was created for.
Definition: TargetMachine.h:85
const MCRegisterInfo * getMCRegisterInfo() const
std::unique_ptr< const MCRegisterInfo > MRI
CodeGenOptLevel OptLevel
const MCAsmInfo * getMCAsmInfo() const
Return target specific asm information.
MCTargetOptions MCOptions
Machine level options.
std::pair< int, int > BinutilsVersion
If greater than 0, override the default value of MCAsmInfo::BinutilsVersion.
DebugCompressionType CompressDebugSections
Compress DWARF debug sections.
unsigned RelaxELFRelocations
unsigned NoTrapAfterNoreturn
Do not emit a trap instruction for 'unreachable' IR instructions behind noreturn calls,...
unsigned TrapUnreachable
Emit target-specific trap instruction for 'unreachable' IR instructions.
unsigned DisableIntegratedAS
Disable the integrated assembler.
ExceptionHandling ExceptionModel
What exception model to use.
Target-Independent Code Generator Pass Configuration Options.
virtual void addMachinePasses()
Add the complete, standard set of LLVM CodeGen passes.
void setDisableVerify(bool Disable)
static bool willCompleteCodeGenPipeline()
Returns true if none of the -stop-before and -stop-after options is set.
bool addISelPasses()
High level function that adds all passes necessary to go from llvm IR representation to the MI repres...
This pass provides access to the codegen interfaces that are needed for IR-level transformations.
Target - Wrapper for Target specific information.
MCCodeEmitter * createMCCodeEmitter(const MCInstrInfo &II, MCContext &Ctx) const
createMCCodeEmitter - Create a target specific code emitter.
MCSubtargetInfo * createMCSubtargetInfo(StringRef TheTriple, StringRef CPU, StringRef Features) const
createMCSubtargetInfo - Create a MCSubtargetInfo implementation.
MCStreamer * createAsmStreamer(MCContext &Ctx, std::unique_ptr< formatted_raw_ostream > OS, bool IsVerboseAsm, bool UseDwarfDirectory, MCInstPrinter *InstPrint, std::unique_ptr< MCCodeEmitter > &&CE, std::unique_ptr< MCAsmBackend > &&TAB, bool ShowInst) const
MCAsmBackend * createMCAsmBackend(const MCSubtargetInfo &STI, const MCRegisterInfo &MRI, const MCTargetOptions &Options) const
createMCAsmBackend - Create a target specific assembly parser.
MCRegisterInfo * createMCRegInfo(StringRef TT) const
createMCRegInfo - Create a MCRegisterInfo implementation.
MCAsmInfo * createMCAsmInfo(const MCRegisterInfo &MRI, StringRef TheTriple, const MCTargetOptions &Options) const
createMCAsmInfo - Create a MCAsmInfo implementation for the specified target triple.
MCInstPrinter * createMCInstPrinter(const Triple &T, unsigned SyntaxVariant, const MCAsmInfo &MAI, const MCInstrInfo &MII, const MCRegisterInfo &MRI) const
AsmPrinter * createAsmPrinter(TargetMachine &TM, std::unique_ptr< MCStreamer > &&Streamer) const
createAsmPrinter - Create a target specific assembly printer pass.
MCInstrInfo * createMCInstrInfo() const
createMCInstrInfo - Create a MCInstrInfo implementation.
Triple - Helper class for working with autoconf configuration names.
Definition: Triple.h:44
PassManagerBase - An abstract interface to allow code to add passes to a pass manager without having ...
virtual void add(Pass *P)=0
Add a pass to the queue of passes to run.
An abstract base class for streams implementations that also support a pwrite operation.
Definition: raw_ostream.h:444
This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
Definition: AddressRanges.h:18
MachineFunctionPass * createPrintMIRPass(raw_ostream &OS)
MIRPrinting pass - this pass prints out the LLVM IR into the given stream using the MIR serialization...
std::error_code inconvertibleErrorCode()
The value returned by this function can be returned from convertToErrorCode for Error values where no...
Definition: Error.cpp:90
@ None
No exception support.
MCStreamer * createNullStreamer(MCContext &Ctx)
Create a dummy machine code streamer, which does nothing.
These enums are meant to be passed into addPassesToEmitFile to indicate what type of file to emit,...
Definition: CodeGen.h:83
Code generation optimization level.
Definition: CodeGen.h:54
FunctionPass * createFreeMachineFunctionPass()
This pass frees the memory occupied by the MachineFunction.