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ilist_node_options.h File Reference
#include "llvm/Config/abi-breaking.h"
#include <type_traits>
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class  llvm::ilist_node_base< EnableSentinelTracking >
 Base class for ilist nodes. More...
class  llvm::ilist_base< EnableSentinelTracking >
 Implementations of list algorithms using ilist_node_base. More...
struct  llvm::ilist_sentinel_tracking< EnableSentinelTracking >
 Option to choose whether to track sentinels. More...
struct  llvm::ilist_tag< Tag >
 Option to specify a tag for the node type. More...
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::explicitness< IsExplicit >
 Helper trait for recording whether an option is specified explicitly. More...
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::is_valid_option< Option >
 Check whether an option is valid. More...
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::extract_sentinel_tracking< Options >
 Extract sentinel tracking option. More...
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::extract_sentinel_tracking< ilist_sentinel_tracking< EnableSentinelTracking >, Options... >
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::extract_sentinel_tracking< Option1, Options... >
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::extract_sentinel_tracking<>
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::is_valid_option< ilist_sentinel_tracking< EnableSentinelTracking > >
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::extract_tag< Options >
 Extract custom tag option. More...
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::extract_tag< ilist_tag< Tag >, Options... >
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::extract_tag< Option1, Options... >
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::extract_tag<>
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::is_valid_option< ilist_tag< Tag > >
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::check_options< Options >
 Check whether options are valid. More...
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::check_options<>
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::check_options< Option1, Options... >
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::node_options< T, EnableSentinelTracking, IsSentinelTrackingExplicit, TagT >
 Traits for options for ilist_node. More...
struct  llvm::ilist_detail::compute_node_options< T, Options >


 This file implements support for optimizing divisions by a constant.


typedef explicitness< truellvm::ilist_detail::is_explicit
typedef explicitness< falsellvm::ilist_detail::is_implicit