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 LLVM-C: C interface to LLVMThis module exposes parts of the LLVM library as a C API
 Bit Reader
 Bit Writer
 CoreThis modules provide an interface to libLLVMCore, which implements the LLVM intermediate representation as well as other related types and utilities
 Types and Enumerations
 ContextsContexts are execution states for the core LLVM IR system
 ModulesModules represent the top-level structure in an LLVM program
 TypesTypes represent the type of a value
 Integer TypesFunctions in this section operate on integer types
 Floating Point Types
 Function Types
 Structure TypesThese functions relate to LLVMTypeRef instances
 Sequential TypesSequential types represents "arrays" of types
 Other Types
 ValuesThe bulk of LLVM's object model consists of values, which comprise a very rich type hierarchy
 General APIsFunctions in this section work on all LLVMValueRef instances, regardless of their sub-type
 UsageThis module defines functions that allow you to inspect the uses of a LLVMValueRef
 User valueFunction in this group pertain to LLVMValueRef instances that descent from llvm::User
 ConstantsThis section contains APIs for interacting with LLVMValueRef that correspond to llvm::Constant instances
 Scalar constantsFunctions in this group model LLVMValueRef instances that correspond to constants referring to scalar types
 Composite ConstantsFunctions in this group operate on composite constants
 Constant ExpressionsFunctions in this group correspond to APIs on llvm::ConstantExpr
 Global ValuesThis group contains functions that operate on global values
 Values with alignmentFunctions in this group only apply to values with alignment, i.e
 Global VariablesThis group contains functions that operate on global variable values
 Global AliasesThis group contains function that operate on global alias values
 Function valuesFunctions in this group operate on LLVMValueRef instances that correspond to llvm::Function instances
 Function ParametersFunctions in this group relate to arguments/parameters on functions
 IFuncsFunctions in this group relate to indirect functions
 Operand BundlesFunctions in this group operate on LLVMOperandBundleRef instances that correspond to llvm::OperandBundleDef instances
 Basic BlockA basic block represents a single entry single exit section of code
 InstructionsFunctions in this group relate to the inspection and manipulation of individual instructions
 Call Sites and InvocationsFunctions in this group apply to instructions that refer to call sites and invocations
 TerminatorsFunctions in this group only apply to instructions for which LLVMIsATerminatorInst returns true
 AllocasFunctions in this group only apply to instructions that map to llvm::AllocaInst instances
 GEPsFunctions in this group only apply to instructions that map to llvm::GetElementPtrInst instances
 PHI NodesFunctions in this group only apply to instructions that map to llvm::PHINode instances
 InsertValueFunctions in this group only apply to instructions that map to llvm::ExtractValue and llvm::InsertValue instances
 Pass Managers
 Debug InformationThis file declares the C API endpoints for generating DWARF Debug Info
 IR Reader
 New Pass Manager
 Instruction BuildersAn instruction builder represents a point within a basic block and is the exclusive means of building instructions using the C interface
 Module Providers
 Memory Buffers
 Pass Managers
 ThreadingHandle the structures needed to make LLVM safe for multithreading
 Error Handling
 Execution Engine
 LLJIT Utilities
 ExecutionEngine-based ORC Utils
 ThinLTO// endgoup LLVMCLTO
 ThinLTO Cache Control// endgoup LLVMCTLTO
 Object file reading and writing
 Target information
 Types and Enumerations
 query interface.Retrieve the Function with VFShape Shape
 Dwarf constants dumping functionsAll these functions map their argument's value back to the corresponding enumerator name or return an empty StringRef if the value isn't known
 Dwarf constants parsing functionsThese functions map their strings back to the corresponding enumeration value or return 0 if there is none, except for these exceptions:
 Dwarf version for constantsFor constants defined by DWARF, returns the DWARF version when the constant was first defined
 Dwarf "vendor" for constantsThese functions return an identifier describing "who" defined the constant, either the DWARF standard itself or the vendor who defined the extension
 Find DIEs corresponding to Address map entries.Recursively walk the DIE tree and look for DIEs to keep
 used to link the debug informationEmit unit's abbreviations
 table emission
 MC layer objects constructed by the streamer
 controlling optionsThese entry points control the ThinLTO cache
 of APIs to run individual stages in isolation.
 Predicates to tune DWARF for a given debugger.Returns whether we are "tuning" for a given debugger
 of functions returning DIE info.
 methods to access OrigUnit.
 Members accessed asinchronously.Data global for the whole linking process
 CMP;CCMP matchingThese functions deal with the formation of CMP;CCMP;... sequences
 Utility declarations/definitions specific to ARC.
 ARC Optimization.