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StubParser Namespace Reference


using IFPtr = std::unique_ptr< InterfaceFile >


Expected< FileTypegetVersion (const Object *File)
Expected< TargetListgetTargets (const Object *Section)
Expected< TargetListgetTargetsSection (const Object *Section)
Error collectSymbolsFromSegment (const Object *Segment, TargetsToSymbols &Result, SymbolFlags SectionFlag)
Expected< StringRefgetNameSection (const Object *File)
Expected< TargetsToSymbolsgetSymbolSection (const Object *File, TBDKey Key, TargetList &Targets)
Expected< AttrToTargetsgetLibSection (const Object *File, TBDKey Key, TBDKey SubKey, const TargetList &Targets)
Expected< AttrToTargetsgetUmbrellaSection (const Object *File, const TargetList &Targets)
Expected< uint8_t > getSwiftVersion (const Object *File)
Expected< PackedVersiongetPackedVersion (const Object *File, TBDKey Key)
Expected< TBDFlagsgetFlags (const Object *File)
Expected< IFPtrparseToInterfaceFile (const Object *File)
Expected< std::vector< IFPtr > > getInlinedLibs (const Object *File)

Typedef Documentation

◆ IFPtr

using StubParser::IFPtr = typedef std::unique_ptr<InterfaceFile>

Definition at line 579 of file TextStubV5.cpp.

Function Documentation

◆ collectSymbolsFromSegment()

Error StubParser::collectSymbolsFromSegment ( const Object Segment,
TargetsToSymbols Result,
SymbolFlags  SectionFlag 

Definition at line 304 of file TextStubV5.cpp.

References collectFromArray(), Name, llvm::Error::success(), and Sym.

Referenced by getSymbolSection().

◆ getFlags()

Expected< TBDFlags > StubParser::getFlags ( const Object File)

◆ getInlinedLibs()

Expected< std::vector< IFPtr > > StubParser::getInlinedLibs ( const Object File)

Definition at line 683 of file TextStubV5.cpp.

References Keys, llvm::Lib, and parseToInterfaceFile().

Referenced by llvm::MachO::getInterfaceFileFromJSON().

◆ getLibSection()

Expected< AttrToTargets > StubParser::getLibSection ( const Object File,
TBDKey  Key,
TBDKey  SubKey,
const TargetList Targets 

Definition at line 439 of file TextStubV5.cpp.

References collectFromArray(), llvm::consumeError(), getTargets(), Keys, and Targets.

Referenced by parseToInterfaceFile().

◆ getNameSection()

Expected< StringRef > StubParser::getNameSection ( const Object File)

Definition at line 365 of file TextStubV5.cpp.

References assert(), getParseErrorMsg(), llvm::json::Object::getString(), and Keys.

Referenced by parseToInterfaceFile().

◆ getPackedVersion()

Expected< PackedVersion > StubParser::getPackedVersion ( const Object File,
TBDKey  Key 

◆ getSwiftVersion()

Expected< uint8_t > StubParser::getSwiftVersion ( const Object File)

Definition at line 503 of file TextStubV5.cpp.

References llvm::json::Object::getInteger(), getParseErrorMsg(), and Keys.

Referenced by parseToInterfaceFile().

◆ getSymbolSection()

Expected< TargetsToSymbols > StubParser::getSymbolSection ( const Object File,
TBDKey  Key,
TargetList Targets 

◆ getTargets()

Expected< TargetList > StubParser::getTargets ( const Object Section)

◆ getTargetsSection()

Expected< TargetList > StubParser::getTargetsSection ( const Object Section)

◆ getUmbrellaSection()

Expected< AttrToTargets > StubParser::getUmbrellaSection ( const Object File,
const TargetList Targets 

◆ getVersion()

Expected< FileType > StubParser::getVersion ( const Object File)

Definition at line 238 of file TextStubV5.cpp.

References llvm::json::Object::getInteger().

Referenced by llvm::MachO::getInterfaceFileFromJSON().

◆ parseToInterfaceFile()

Expected< IFPtr > StubParser::parseToInterfaceFile ( const Object File)