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namespace  llvm
 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.


void llvm::initializeWriteDXILPassPass (PassRegistry &)
 Initializer for dxil writer pass.
void llvm::initializeEmbedDXILPassPass (PassRegistry &)
 Initializer for dxil embedder pass.
void llvm::initializeDXILPrepareModulePass (PassRegistry &)
 Initializer for DXIL-prepare.
ModulePassllvm::createDXILPrepareModulePass ()
 Pass to convert modules into DXIL-compatable modules.
void llvm::initializeDXILIntrinsicExpansionLegacyPass (PassRegistry &)
 Initializer for DXIL Intrinsic Expansion.
ModulePassllvm::createDXILIntrinsicExpansionLegacyPass ()
 Pass to expand intrinsic operations that lack DXIL opCodes.
void llvm::initializeDXILOpLoweringLegacyPass (PassRegistry &)
 Initializer for DXILOpLowering.
ModulePassllvm::createDXILOpLoweringLegacyPass ()
 Pass to lowering LLVM intrinsic call to DXIL op function call.
void llvm::initializeDXILTranslateMetadataPass (PassRegistry &)
 Initializer for DXILTranslateMetadata.
ModulePassllvm::createDXILTranslateMetadataPass ()
 Pass to emit metadata for DXIL.
void llvm::initializeDXILResourceWrapperPass (PassRegistry &)
 Initializer for DXILTranslateMetadata.
ModulePassllvm::createDXILPrettyPrinterPass (raw_ostream &OS)
 Pass to pretty print DXIL metadata.
void llvm::initializeDXILPrettyPrinterPass (PassRegistry &)
 Initializer for DXILPrettyPrinter.
void llvm::initializeShaderFlagsAnalysisWrapperPass (PassRegistry &)
 Initializer for dxil::ShaderFlagsAnalysisWrapper pass.
void llvm::initializeDXContainerGlobalsPass (PassRegistry &)
 Initializer for DXContainerGlobals pass.
ModulePassllvm::createDXContainerGlobalsPass ()
 Pass for generating DXContainer part globals.