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4using namespace llvm;
5using namespace llvm::pdb;
7namespace {
8// FIXME: This class is only here to support the transition to llvm::Error. It
9// will be removed once this transition is complete. Clients should prefer to
10// deal with the Error value directly, rather than converting to error_code.
11class RawErrorCategory : public std::error_category {
13 const char *name() const noexcept override { return "llvm.pdb.raw"; }
14 std::string message(int Condition) const override {
15 switch (static_cast<raw_error_code>(Condition)) {
16 case raw_error_code::unspecified:
17 return "An unknown error has occurred.";
18 case raw_error_code::feature_unsupported:
19 return "The feature is unsupported by the implementation.";
20 case raw_error_code::invalid_format:
21 return "The record is in an unexpected format.";
22 case raw_error_code::corrupt_file:
23 return "The PDB file is corrupt.";
24 case raw_error_code::insufficient_buffer:
25 return "The buffer is not large enough to read the requested number of "
26 "bytes.";
27 case raw_error_code::no_stream:
28 return "The specified stream could not be loaded.";
29 case raw_error_code::index_out_of_bounds:
30 return "The specified item does not exist in the array.";
31 case raw_error_code::invalid_block_address:
32 return "The specified block address is not valid.";
33 case raw_error_code::duplicate_entry:
34 return "The entry already exists.";
35 case raw_error_code::no_entry:
36 return "The entry does not exist.";
37 case raw_error_code::not_writable:
38 return "The PDB does not support writing.";
39 case raw_error_code::stream_too_long:
40 return "The stream was longer than expected.";
41 case raw_error_code::invalid_tpi_hash:
42 return "The Type record has an invalid hash value.";
43 }
44 llvm_unreachable("Unrecognized raw_error_code");
45 }
47} // namespace
49const std::error_category &llvm::pdb::RawErrCategory() {
50 static RawErrorCategory RawCategory;
51 return RawCategory;
54char RawError::ID;
aarch64 promote const
static const char * name
Definition: SMEABIPass.cpp:49
static char ID
Definition: RawError.h:52
#define llvm_unreachable(msg)
Marks that the current location is not supposed to be reachable.
Definition: RawError.h:16
const std::error_category & RawErrCategory()
Definition: RawError.cpp:49
This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
Definition: AddressRanges.h:18