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blake3.h File Reference
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>

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struct  llvm_blake3_chunk_state
struct  llvm_blake3_hasher


#define LLVM_BLAKE3_VERSION_STRING   "1.3.1"
#define LLVM_BLAKE3_KEY_LEN   32
#define LLVM_BLAKE3_OUT_LEN   32
#define LLVM_BLAKE3_BLOCK_LEN   64
#define LLVM_BLAKE3_CHUNK_LEN   1024
#define LLVM_BLAKE3_MAX_DEPTH   54


const charllvm_blake3_version (void)
void llvm_blake3_hasher_init (llvm_blake3_hasher *self)
void llvm_blake3_hasher_init_keyed (llvm_blake3_hasher *self, const uint8_t key[LLVM_BLAKE3_KEY_LEN])
void llvm_blake3_hasher_init_derive_key (llvm_blake3_hasher *self, const char *context)
void llvm_blake3_hasher_init_derive_key_raw (llvm_blake3_hasher *self, const void *context, size_t context_len)
void llvm_blake3_hasher_update (llvm_blake3_hasher *self, const void *input, size_t input_len)
void llvm_blake3_hasher_finalize (const llvm_blake3_hasher *self, uint8_t *out, size_t out_len)
void llvm_blake3_hasher_finalize_seek (const llvm_blake3_hasher *self, uint64_t seek, uint8_t *out, size_t out_len)
void llvm_blake3_hasher_reset (llvm_blake3_hasher *self)

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#define LLVM_BLAKE3_BLOCK_LEN   64

Definition at line 30 of file blake3.h.


#define LLVM_BLAKE3_CHUNK_LEN   1024

Definition at line 31 of file blake3.h.


#define LLVM_BLAKE3_KEY_LEN   32

Definition at line 28 of file blake3.h.


#define LLVM_BLAKE3_MAX_DEPTH   54

Definition at line 32 of file blake3.h.


#define LLVM_BLAKE3_OUT_LEN   32

Definition at line 29 of file blake3.h.


#define LLVM_BLAKE3_VERSION_STRING   "1.3.1"

Definition at line 27 of file blake3.h.

Function Documentation

◆ llvm_blake3_hasher_finalize()

void llvm_blake3_hasher_finalize ( const llvm_blake3_hasher self,
uint8_t *  out,
size_t  out_len 

Referenced by llvm::BLAKE3::final().

◆ llvm_blake3_hasher_finalize_seek()

void llvm_blake3_hasher_finalize_seek ( const llvm_blake3_hasher self,
uint64_t  seek,
uint8_t *  out,
size_t  out_len 

◆ llvm_blake3_hasher_init()

void llvm_blake3_hasher_init ( llvm_blake3_hasher self)

Referenced by llvm::BLAKE3::init().

◆ llvm_blake3_hasher_init_derive_key()

void llvm_blake3_hasher_init_derive_key ( llvm_blake3_hasher self,
const char context 

◆ llvm_blake3_hasher_init_derive_key_raw()

void llvm_blake3_hasher_init_derive_key_raw ( llvm_blake3_hasher self,
const void *  context,
size_t  context_len 

◆ llvm_blake3_hasher_init_keyed()

void llvm_blake3_hasher_init_keyed ( llvm_blake3_hasher self,
const uint8_t  key[LLVM_BLAKE3_KEY_LEN] 

◆ llvm_blake3_hasher_reset()

void llvm_blake3_hasher_reset ( llvm_blake3_hasher self)

◆ llvm_blake3_hasher_update()

void llvm_blake3_hasher_update ( llvm_blake3_hasher self,
const void *  input,
size_t  input_len 

Referenced by llvm::BLAKE3::update().

◆ llvm_blake3_version()

const char * llvm_blake3_version ( void  )

Definition at line 15 of file blake3.c.