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FunctionEncoding Class Referencefinal

#include "llvm/Demangle/ItaniumDemangle.h"

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Public Member Functions

 FunctionEncoding (const Node *Ret_, const Node *Name_, NodeArray Params_, const Node *Attrs_, Qualifiers CVQuals_, FunctionRefQual RefQual_)
template<typename Fn >
void match (Fn F) const
Qualifiers getCVQuals () const
FunctionRefQual getRefQual () const
NodeArray getParams () const
const NodegetReturnType () const
bool hasRHSComponentSlow (OutputBuffer &) const override
bool hasFunctionSlow (OutputBuffer &) const override
const NodegetName () const
void printLeft (OutputBuffer &OB) const override
void printRight (OutputBuffer &OB) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Node
 Node (Kind K_, Prec Precedence_=Prec::Primary, Cache RHSComponentCache_=Cache::No, Cache ArrayCache_=Cache::No, Cache FunctionCache_=Cache::No)
 Node (Kind K_, Cache RHSComponentCache_, Cache ArrayCache_=Cache::No, Cache FunctionCache_=Cache::No)
template<typename Fn >
void visit (Fn F) const
 Visit the most-derived object corresponding to this object. More...
bool hasRHSComponent (OutputBuffer &OB) const
bool hasArray (OutputBuffer &OB) const
bool hasFunction (OutputBuffer &OB) const
Kind getKind () const
Prec getPrecedence () const
virtual bool hasArraySlow (OutputBuffer &) const
virtual const NodegetSyntaxNode (OutputBuffer &) const
void printAsOperand (OutputBuffer &OB, Prec P=Prec::Default, bool StrictlyWorse=false) const
void print (OutputBuffer &OB) const
virtual StringView getBaseName () const
virtual ~Node ()=default
DEMANGLE_DUMP_METHOD void dump () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Node
enum  Kind : unsigned char
enum  Cache : unsigned char { Cache::Yes, Cache::No, Cache::Unknown }
 Three-way bool to track a cached value. More...
enum  Prec {
  Prec::Primary, Prec::Postfix, Prec::Unary, Prec::Cast,
  Prec::PtrMem, Prec::Multiplicative, Prec::Additive, Prec::Shift,
  Prec::Spaceship, Prec::Relational, Prec::Equality, Prec::And,
  Prec::Xor, Prec::Ior, Prec::AndIf, Prec::OrIf,
  Prec::Conditional, Prec::Assign, Prec::Comma, Prec::Default
 Operator precedence for expression nodes. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Node
Cache RHSComponentCache: 2
 Tracks if this node has a component on its right side, in which case we need to call printRight. More...
Cache ArrayCache: 2
 Track if this node is a (possibly qualified) array type. More...
Cache FunctionCache: 2
 Track if this node is a (possibly qualified) function type. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 866 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FunctionEncoding()

FunctionEncoding::FunctionEncoding ( const Node Ret_,
const Node Name_,
NodeArray  Params_,
const Node Attrs_,
Qualifiers  CVQuals_,
FunctionRefQual  RefQual_ 

Definition at line 875 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCVQuals()

Qualifiers FunctionEncoding::getCVQuals ( ) const

Definition at line 888 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

◆ getName()

const Node* FunctionEncoding::getName ( ) const

Definition at line 896 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

◆ getParams()

NodeArray FunctionEncoding::getParams ( ) const

Definition at line 890 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

◆ getRefQual()

FunctionRefQual FunctionEncoding::getRefQual ( ) const

Definition at line 889 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

◆ getReturnType()

const Node* FunctionEncoding::getReturnType ( ) const

Definition at line 891 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

◆ hasFunctionSlow()

bool FunctionEncoding::hasFunctionSlow ( OutputBuffer ) const

Reimplemented from Node.

Definition at line 894 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

◆ hasRHSComponentSlow()

bool FunctionEncoding::hasRHSComponentSlow ( OutputBuffer ) const

Reimplemented from Node.

Definition at line 893 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

◆ match()

template<typename Fn >
void FunctionEncoding::match ( Fn  F) const

Definition at line 884 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

References F.

◆ printLeft()

void FunctionEncoding::printLeft ( OutputBuffer OB) const

Implements Node.

Definition at line 898 of file ItaniumDemangle.h.

References llvm::X86II::OB.

◆ printRight()

void FunctionEncoding::printRight ( OutputBuffer OB) const

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