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llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses Class Reference

Pointer to the context, with optional RAUW support. More...

#include "llvm/IR/Metadata.h"

Public Member Functions

 ContextAndReplaceableUses (LLVMContext &Context)
 ContextAndReplaceableUses (std::unique_ptr< ReplaceableMetadataImpl > ReplaceableUses)
 ContextAndReplaceableUses ()=delete
 ContextAndReplaceableUses (ContextAndReplaceableUses &&)=delete
 ContextAndReplaceableUses (const ContextAndReplaceableUses &)=delete
ContextAndReplaceableUsesoperator= (ContextAndReplaceableUses &&)=delete
ContextAndReplaceableUsesoperator= (const ContextAndReplaceableUses &)=delete
 ~ContextAndReplaceableUses ()
 operator LLVMContext & ()
bool hasReplaceableUses () const
 Whether this contains RAUW support. More...
LLVMContextgetContext () const
ReplaceableMetadataImplgetReplaceableUses () const
ReplaceableMetadataImplgetOrCreateReplaceableUses ()
 Ensure that this has RAUW support, and then return it. More...
void makeReplaceable (std::unique_ptr< ReplaceableMetadataImpl > ReplaceableUses)
 Assign RAUW support to this. More...
std::unique_ptr< ReplaceableMetadataImpltakeReplaceableUses ()
 Drop RAUW support. More...

Detailed Description

Pointer to the context, with optional RAUW support.

Either a raw (non-null) pointer to the LLVMContext, or an owned pointer to ReplaceableMetadataImpl (which has a reference to LLVMContext).

Definition at line 843 of file Metadata.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ContextAndReplaceableUses() [1/5]

llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::ContextAndReplaceableUses ( LLVMContext Context)

Definition at line 847 of file Metadata.h.

References Ptr.

◆ ContextAndReplaceableUses() [2/5]

llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::ContextAndReplaceableUses ( std::unique_ptr< ReplaceableMetadataImpl ReplaceableUses)

Definition at line 848 of file Metadata.h.

References assert(), getReplaceableUses(), Ptr, and llvm::release.

◆ ContextAndReplaceableUses() [3/5]

llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::ContextAndReplaceableUses ( )

◆ ContextAndReplaceableUses() [4/5]

llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::ContextAndReplaceableUses ( ContextAndReplaceableUses &&  )

◆ ContextAndReplaceableUses() [5/5]

llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::ContextAndReplaceableUses ( const ContextAndReplaceableUses )

◆ ~ContextAndReplaceableUses()

llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::~ContextAndReplaceableUses ( )

Definition at line 859 of file Metadata.h.

References getReplaceableUses().

Member Function Documentation

◆ getContext()

LLVMContext& llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::getContext ( ) const

◆ getOrCreateReplaceableUses()

ReplaceableMetadataImpl* llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::getOrCreateReplaceableUses ( )

Ensure that this has RAUW support, and then return it.

Definition at line 881 of file Metadata.h.

References getContext(), getReplaceableUses(), hasReplaceableUses(), and makeReplaceable().

◆ getReplaceableUses()

ReplaceableMetadataImpl* llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::getReplaceableUses ( ) const

◆ hasReplaceableUses()

bool llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::hasReplaceableUses ( ) const

Whether this contains RAUW support.

Definition at line 864 of file Metadata.h.

References Ptr.

Referenced by getContext(), getOrCreateReplaceableUses(), getReplaceableUses(), and takeReplaceableUses().

◆ makeReplaceable()

void llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::makeReplaceable ( std::unique_ptr< ReplaceableMetadataImpl ReplaceableUses)

Assign RAUW support to this.

Make this replaceable, taking ownership of ReplaceableUses (which must not be null).

Definition at line 892 of file Metadata.h.

References assert(), getContext(), getReplaceableUses(), and Ptr.

Referenced by getOrCreateReplaceableUses().

◆ operator LLVMContext &()

llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::operator LLVMContext & ( )

Definition at line 861 of file Metadata.h.

References getContext().

◆ operator=() [1/2]

ContextAndReplaceableUses& llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::operator= ( const ContextAndReplaceableUses )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

ContextAndReplaceableUses& llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::operator= ( ContextAndReplaceableUses &&  )

◆ takeReplaceableUses()

std::unique_ptr<ReplaceableMetadataImpl> llvm::ContextAndReplaceableUses::takeReplaceableUses ( )

Drop RAUW support.

Cede ownership of RAUW support, returning it.

Definition at line 903 of file Metadata.h.

References assert(), getReplaceableUses(), hasReplaceableUses(), and Ptr.

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