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llvm::jitlink::JITLinkMemoryManager Class Referenceabstract

Manages allocations of JIT memory. More...

#include "llvm/ExecutionEngine/JITLink/JITLinkMemoryManager.h"

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class  Allocation
 Represents an allocation created by the memory manager. More...
class  SegmentRequest

Public Types

using ProtectionFlags = sys::Memory::ProtectionFlags
using SegmentsRequestMap = DenseMap< unsigned, SegmentRequest >

Public Member Functions

virtual ~JITLinkMemoryManager ()
virtual Expected< std::unique_ptr< Allocation > > allocate (const SegmentsRequestMap &Request)=0
 Create an Allocation object. More...

Detailed Description

Manages allocations of JIT memory.

Instances of this class may be accessed concurrently from multiple threads and their implemetations should include any necessary synchronization.

Definition at line 29 of file JITLinkMemoryManager.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ProtectionFlags

Definition at line 31 of file JITLinkMemoryManager.h.

◆ SegmentsRequestMap

Definition at line 51 of file JITLinkMemoryManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~JITLinkMemoryManager()

llvm::jitlink::JITLinkMemoryManager::~JITLinkMemoryManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ allocate()

virtual Expected<std::unique_ptr<Allocation> > llvm::jitlink::JITLinkMemoryManager::allocate ( const SegmentsRequestMap Request)
pure virtual

Create an Allocation object.

Implemented in llvm::jitlink::InProcessMemoryManager.

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