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iterator_range.h File Reference
#include <utility>
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class  llvm::iterator_range< IteratorT >
 A range adaptor for a pair of iterators. More...


 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.


template<class T >
iterator_range< Tllvm::make_range (T x, T y)
 Convenience function for iterating over sub-ranges. More...
template<typename T >
iterator_range< Tllvm::make_range (std::pair< T, T > p)

Detailed Description

This provides a very simple, boring adaptor for a begin and end iterator into a range type. This should be used to build range views that work well with range based for loops and range based constructors.

Note that code here follows more standards-based coding conventions as it is mirroring proposed interfaces for standardization.

Definition in file iterator_range.h.