LLVM 19.0.0git
llvm::bitfields_details Namespace Reference


struct  BitPatterns
 A struct defining useful bit patterns for n-bits integer types. More...
struct  Compressor
 Compressor is used to manipulate the bits of a (possibly signed) integer type so it can be packed and unpacked into a bits sized integer, Compressor is specialized on signed-ness so no runtime cost is incurred. More...
struct  Compressor< T, Bits, false >
struct  Impl
 Impl is where Bifield description and Storage are put together to interact with values. More...
struct  ResolveUnderlyingType
 Bitfield deals with the following type: More...
struct  ResolveUnderlyingType< bool, false >
struct  ResolveUnderlyingType< T, false >