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llvm::AAExecutionDomain::ExecutionDomainTy Struct Reference

Summary about the execution domain of a block or instruction. More...

#include "llvm/Transforms/IPO/Attributor.h"

Public Types

using BarriersSetTy = SmallPtrSet< CallBase *, 2 >
using AssumesSetTy = SmallPtrSet< AssumeInst *, 4 >

Public Member Functions

void addAssumeInst (Attributor &A, AssumeInst &AI)
void addAlignedBarrier (Attributor &A, CallBase &CB)
void clearAssumeInstAndAlignedBarriers ()

Public Attributes

bool IsExecutedByInitialThreadOnly = true
bool IsReachedFromAlignedBarrierOnly = true
bool IsReachingAlignedBarrierOnly = true
bool EncounteredNonLocalSideEffect = false
BarriersSetTy AlignedBarriers
AssumesSetTy EncounteredAssumes

Detailed Description

Summary about the execution domain of a block or instruction.

Definition at line 5611 of file Attributor.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ AssumesSetTy

Definition at line 5613 of file Attributor.h.

◆ BarriersSetTy

Definition at line 5612 of file Attributor.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addAlignedBarrier()

void llvm::AAExecutionDomain::ExecutionDomainTy::addAlignedBarrier ( Attributor A,
CallBase CB 

Definition at line 5619 of file Attributor.h.

References AlignedBarriers, and llvm::SmallPtrSetImpl< PtrType >::insert().

◆ addAssumeInst()

void llvm::AAExecutionDomain::ExecutionDomainTy::addAssumeInst ( Attributor A,
AssumeInst AI 

◆ clearAssumeInstAndAlignedBarriers()

void llvm::AAExecutionDomain::ExecutionDomainTy::clearAssumeInstAndAlignedBarriers ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ AlignedBarriers

BarriersSetTy llvm::AAExecutionDomain::ExecutionDomainTy::AlignedBarriers

Definition at line 5632 of file Attributor.h.

Referenced by addAlignedBarrier(), and clearAssumeInstAndAlignedBarriers().

◆ EncounteredAssumes

AssumesSetTy llvm::AAExecutionDomain::ExecutionDomainTy::EncounteredAssumes

Definition at line 5633 of file Attributor.h.

Referenced by addAssumeInst(), and clearAssumeInstAndAlignedBarriers().

◆ EncounteredNonLocalSideEffect

bool llvm::AAExecutionDomain::ExecutionDomainTy::EncounteredNonLocalSideEffect = false

Definition at line 5631 of file Attributor.h.

◆ IsExecutedByInitialThreadOnly

bool llvm::AAExecutionDomain::ExecutionDomainTy::IsExecutedByInitialThreadOnly = true

Definition at line 5628 of file Attributor.h.

◆ IsReachedFromAlignedBarrierOnly

bool llvm::AAExecutionDomain::ExecutionDomainTy::IsReachedFromAlignedBarrierOnly = true

Definition at line 5629 of file Attributor.h.

◆ IsReachingAlignedBarrierOnly

bool llvm::AAExecutionDomain::ExecutionDomainTy::IsReachingAlignedBarrierOnly = true

Definition at line 5630 of file Attributor.h.

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