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llvm::BTF::CommonType Struct Reference

The BTF common type definition. More...

#include "Target/BPF/BTF.h"

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Public Attributes

uint32_t NameOff
 Type name offset in the string table. More...
uint32_t Info
 "Info" bits arrangement: Bits 0-15: vlen (e.g. More...
union {
   uint32_t   Size
   uint32_t   Type
 "Size" is used by INT, ENUM, STRUCT and UNION. More...

Detailed Description

The BTF common type definition.

Different kinds may have additional information after this structure data.

Definition at line 99 of file BTF.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ @443

union { ... }

"Size" is used by INT, ENUM, STRUCT and UNION.

"Size" tells the size of the type it is describing.

"Type" is used by PTR, TYPEDEF, VOLATILE, CONST, RESTRICT, FUNC, FUNC_PROTO and VAR. "Type" is a type_id referring to another type.

◆ Info

uint32_t llvm::BTF::CommonType::Info

"Info" bits arrangement: Bits 0-15: vlen (e.g.

of struct's members)

Bits 16-23: unused Bits 24-27: kind (e.g. int, ptr, array...etc) Bits 28-30: unused Bit 31: kind_flag, currently used by struct, union and fwd

Definition at line 110 of file BTF.h.

Referenced by llvm::BTFKindDataSec::BTFKindDataSec(), llvm::BTFKindVar::BTFKindVar(), llvm::BTFTypeArray::BTFTypeArray(), llvm::BTFTypeDerived::BTFTypeDerived(), llvm::BTFTypeEnum::BTFTypeEnum(), llvm::BTFTypeFunc::BTFTypeFunc(), llvm::BTFTypeFuncProto::BTFTypeFuncProto(), llvm::BTFTypeFwd::BTFTypeFwd(), llvm::BTFTypeInt::BTFTypeInt(), llvm::BTFTypeStruct::BTFTypeStruct(), llvm::BTFKindDataSec::completeType(), and llvm::BTFTypeBase::emitType().

◆ NameOff

uint32_t llvm::BTF::CommonType::NameOff

◆ Size

uint32_t llvm::BTF::CommonType::Size

◆ Type

uint32_t llvm::BTF::CommonType::Type

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