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llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory Struct Reference

#include "llvm/BinaryFormat/MachO.h"

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Public Attributes

uint32_t magic
uint32_t length
uint32_t version
uint32_t flags
uint32_t hashOffset
uint32_t identOffset
uint32_t nSpecialSlots
uint32_t nCodeSlots
uint32_t codeLimit
uint8_t hashSize
uint8_t hashType
uint8_t platform
uint8_t pageSize
uint32_t spare2
uint32_t scatterOffset
uint32_t teamOffset
uint32_t spare3
uint64_t codeLimit64
uint64_t execSegBase
uint64_t execSegLimit
uint64_t execSegFlags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2184 of file MachO.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ codeLimit

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::codeLimit

Definition at line 2193 of file MachO.h.

◆ codeLimit64

uint64_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::codeLimit64

Definition at line 2208 of file MachO.h.

◆ execSegBase

uint64_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::execSegBase

Definition at line 2211 of file MachO.h.

◆ execSegFlags

uint64_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::execSegFlags

Definition at line 2213 of file MachO.h.

◆ execSegLimit

uint64_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::execSegLimit

Definition at line 2212 of file MachO.h.

◆ flags

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::flags

Definition at line 2188 of file MachO.h.

◆ hashOffset

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::hashOffset

Definition at line 2189 of file MachO.h.

◆ hashSize

uint8_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::hashSize

Definition at line 2194 of file MachO.h.

◆ hashType

uint8_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::hashType

Definition at line 2195 of file MachO.h.

◆ identOffset

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::identOffset

Definition at line 2190 of file MachO.h.

◆ length

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::length

Definition at line 2186 of file MachO.h.

◆ magic

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::magic

Definition at line 2185 of file MachO.h.

◆ nCodeSlots

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::nCodeSlots

Definition at line 2192 of file MachO.h.

◆ nSpecialSlots

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::nSpecialSlots

Definition at line 2191 of file MachO.h.

◆ pageSize

uint8_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::pageSize

Definition at line 2197 of file MachO.h.

◆ platform

uint8_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::platform

Definition at line 2196 of file MachO.h.

◆ scatterOffset

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::scatterOffset

Definition at line 2201 of file MachO.h.

◆ spare2

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::spare2

Definition at line 2198 of file MachO.h.

◆ spare3

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::spare3

Definition at line 2207 of file MachO.h.

◆ teamOffset

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::teamOffset

Definition at line 2204 of file MachO.h.

◆ version

uint32_t llvm::MachO::CS_CodeDirectory::version

Definition at line 2187 of file MachO.h.

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