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llvm::codeview::FrameData Struct Reference

Data in the SUBSEC_FRAMEDATA subection. More...

#include "llvm/DebugInfo/CodeView/CodeView.h"

Public Types

enum  : uint32_t { HasSEH = 1 << 0 , HasEH = 1 << 1 , IsFunctionStart = 1 << 2 }

Public Attributes

support::ulittle32_t RvaStart
support::ulittle32_t CodeSize
support::ulittle32_t LocalSize
support::ulittle32_t ParamsSize
support::ulittle32_t MaxStackSize
support::ulittle32_t FrameFunc
support::ulittle16_t PrologSize
support::ulittle16_t SavedRegsSize
support::ulittle32_t Flags

Detailed Description

Data in the SUBSEC_FRAMEDATA subection.

Definition at line 584 of file CodeView.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum : uint32_t

Definition at line 594 of file CodeView.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ CodeSize

support::ulittle32_t llvm::codeview::FrameData::CodeSize

Definition at line 586 of file CodeView.h.

◆ Flags

support::ulittle32_t llvm::codeview::FrameData::Flags

Definition at line 593 of file CodeView.h.

◆ FrameFunc

support::ulittle32_t llvm::codeview::FrameData::FrameFunc

Definition at line 590 of file CodeView.h.

◆ LocalSize

support::ulittle32_t llvm::codeview::FrameData::LocalSize

Definition at line 587 of file CodeView.h.

◆ MaxStackSize

support::ulittle32_t llvm::codeview::FrameData::MaxStackSize

Definition at line 589 of file CodeView.h.

◆ ParamsSize

support::ulittle32_t llvm::codeview::FrameData::ParamsSize

Definition at line 588 of file CodeView.h.

◆ PrologSize

support::ulittle16_t llvm::codeview::FrameData::PrologSize

Definition at line 591 of file CodeView.h.

◆ RvaStart

support::ulittle32_t llvm::codeview::FrameData::RvaStart

Definition at line 585 of file CodeView.h.

◆ SavedRegsSize

support::ulittle16_t llvm::codeview::FrameData::SavedRegsSize

Definition at line 592 of file CodeView.h.

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