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llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget Struct Reference

#include "llvm/Transforms/IPO/WholeProgramDevirt.h"

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Public Member Functions

 VirtualCallTarget (GlobalValue *Fn, const TypeMemberInfo *TM)
 VirtualCallTarget (const TypeMemberInfo *TM, bool IsBigEndian)
uint64_t minBeforeBytes () const
uint64_t minAfterBytes () const
uint64_t allocatedBeforeBytes () const
uint64_t allocatedAfterBytes () const
void setBeforeBit (uint64_t Pos)
void setAfterBit (uint64_t Pos)
void setBeforeBytes (uint64_t Pos, uint8_t Size)
void setAfterBytes (uint64_t Pos, uint8_t Size)

Public Attributes

const TypeMemberInfoTM
uint64_t RetVal
bool IsBigEndian
bool WasDevirt

Detailed Description

Definition at line 120 of file WholeProgramDevirt.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VirtualCallTarget() [1/2]

VirtualCallTarget::VirtualCallTarget ( GlobalValue Fn,
const TypeMemberInfo TM 

Definition at line 316 of file WholeProgramDevirt.cpp.

◆ VirtualCallTarget() [2/2]

llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::VirtualCallTarget ( const TypeMemberInfo TM,
bool  IsBigEndian 

Definition at line 124 of file WholeProgramDevirt.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ allocatedAfterBytes()

uint64_t llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::allocatedAfterBytes ( ) const

◆ allocatedBeforeBytes()

uint64_t llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::allocatedBeforeBytes ( ) const

◆ minAfterBytes()

uint64_t llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::minAfterBytes ( ) const

◆ minBeforeBytes()

uint64_t llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::minBeforeBytes ( ) const

◆ setAfterBit()

void llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::setAfterBit ( uint64_t  Pos)

◆ setAfterBytes()

void llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::setAfterBytes ( uint64_t  Pos,
uint8_t  Size 

◆ setBeforeBit()

void llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::setBeforeBit ( uint64_t  Pos)

◆ setBeforeBytes()

void llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::setBeforeBytes ( uint64_t  Pos,
uint8_t  Size 

Member Data Documentation

◆ Fn

GlobalValue* llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::Fn

Definition at line 128 of file WholeProgramDevirt.h.

◆ IsBigEndian

bool llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::IsBigEndian

Definition at line 139 of file WholeProgramDevirt.h.

Referenced by setAfterBytes(), and setBeforeBytes().

◆ RetVal

uint64_t llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::RetVal

Definition at line 136 of file WholeProgramDevirt.h.

Referenced by setAfterBit(), setAfterBytes(), setBeforeBit(), and setBeforeBytes().

◆ TM

const TypeMemberInfo* llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::TM

◆ WasDevirt

bool llvm::wholeprogramdevirt::VirtualCallTarget::WasDevirt

Definition at line 142 of file WholeProgramDevirt.h.

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