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1//===- llvm/Support/Unicode.cpp - Unicode character properties -*- C++ -*-===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
9// This file implements functions that allow querying certain properties of
10// Unicode characters.
18namespace llvm {
19namespace sys {
20namespace unicode {
22/// Unicode code points of the categories L, M, N, P, S and Zs are considered
23/// printable.
24/// In addition, U+00AD SOFT HYPHEN is also considered printable, as
25/// it's actually displayed on most terminals. \return true if the character is
26/// considered printable.
27bool isPrintable(int UCS) {
28 // https://unicode.org/Public/15.1.0/ucdxml/
29 static const UnicodeCharRange PrintableRanges[] = {
30 {0x0020, 0x007E}, {0x00A0, 0x00AC}, {0x00AE, 0x0377},
31 {0x037A, 0x037F}, {0x0384, 0x038A}, {0x038C, 0x038C},
32 {0x038E, 0x03A1}, {0x03A3, 0x052F}, {0x0531, 0x0556},
33 {0x0559, 0x058A}, {0x058D, 0x058F}, {0x0591, 0x05C7},
34 {0x05D0, 0x05EA}, {0x05EF, 0x05F4}, {0x0606, 0x061B},
35 {0x061D, 0x06DC}, {0x06DE, 0x070D}, {0x0710, 0x074A},
36 {0x074D, 0x07B1}, {0x07C0, 0x07FA}, {0x07FD, 0x082D},
37 {0x0830, 0x083E}, {0x0840, 0x085B}, {0x085E, 0x085E},
38 {0x0860, 0x086A}, {0x0870, 0x088E}, {0x0898, 0x08E1},
39 {0x08E3, 0x0983}, {0x0985, 0x098C}, {0x098F, 0x0990},
40 {0x0993, 0x09A8}, {0x09AA, 0x09B0}, {0x09B2, 0x09B2},
41 {0x09B6, 0x09B9}, {0x09BC, 0x09C4}, {0x09C7, 0x09C8},
42 {0x09CB, 0x09CE}, {0x09D7, 0x09D7}, {0x09DC, 0x09DD},
43 {0x09DF, 0x09E3}, {0x09E6, 0x09FE}, {0x0A01, 0x0A03},
44 {0x0A05, 0x0A0A}, {0x0A0F, 0x0A10}, {0x0A13, 0x0A28},
45 {0x0A2A, 0x0A30}, {0x0A32, 0x0A33}, {0x0A35, 0x0A36},
46 {0x0A38, 0x0A39}, {0x0A3C, 0x0A3C}, {0x0A3E, 0x0A42},
47 {0x0A47, 0x0A48}, {0x0A4B, 0x0A4D}, {0x0A51, 0x0A51},
48 {0x0A59, 0x0A5C}, {0x0A5E, 0x0A5E}, {0x0A66, 0x0A76},
49 {0x0A81, 0x0A83}, {0x0A85, 0x0A8D}, {0x0A8F, 0x0A91},
50 {0x0A93, 0x0AA8}, {0x0AAA, 0x0AB0}, {0x0AB2, 0x0AB3},
51 {0x0AB5, 0x0AB9}, {0x0ABC, 0x0AC5}, {0x0AC7, 0x0AC9},
52 {0x0ACB, 0x0ACD}, {0x0AD0, 0x0AD0}, {0x0AE0, 0x0AE3},
53 {0x0AE6, 0x0AF1}, {0x0AF9, 0x0AFF}, {0x0B01, 0x0B03},
54 {0x0B05, 0x0B0C}, {0x0B0F, 0x0B10}, {0x0B13, 0x0B28},
55 {0x0B2A, 0x0B30}, {0x0B32, 0x0B33}, {0x0B35, 0x0B39},
56 {0x0B3C, 0x0B44}, {0x0B47, 0x0B48}, {0x0B4B, 0x0B4D},
57 {0x0B55, 0x0B57}, {0x0B5C, 0x0B5D}, {0x0B5F, 0x0B63},
58 {0x0B66, 0x0B77}, {0x0B82, 0x0B83}, {0x0B85, 0x0B8A},
59 {0x0B8E, 0x0B90}, {0x0B92, 0x0B95}, {0x0B99, 0x0B9A},
60 {0x0B9C, 0x0B9C}, {0x0B9E, 0x0B9F}, {0x0BA3, 0x0BA4},
61 {0x0BA8, 0x0BAA}, {0x0BAE, 0x0BB9}, {0x0BBE, 0x0BC2},
62 {0x0BC6, 0x0BC8}, {0x0BCA, 0x0BCD}, {0x0BD0, 0x0BD0},
63 {0x0BD7, 0x0BD7}, {0x0BE6, 0x0BFA}, {0x0C00, 0x0C0C},
64 {0x0C0E, 0x0C10}, {0x0C12, 0x0C28}, {0x0C2A, 0x0C39},
65 {0x0C3C, 0x0C44}, {0x0C46, 0x0C48}, {0x0C4A, 0x0C4D},
66 {0x0C55, 0x0C56}, {0x0C58, 0x0C5A}, {0x0C5D, 0x0C5D},
67 {0x0C60, 0x0C63}, {0x0C66, 0x0C6F}, {0x0C77, 0x0C8C},
68 {0x0C8E, 0x0C90}, {0x0C92, 0x0CA8}, {0x0CAA, 0x0CB3},
69 {0x0CB5, 0x0CB9}, {0x0CBC, 0x0CC4}, {0x0CC6, 0x0CC8},
70 {0x0CCA, 0x0CCD}, {0x0CD5, 0x0CD6}, {0x0CDD, 0x0CDE},
71 {0x0CE0, 0x0CE3}, {0x0CE6, 0x0CEF}, {0x0CF1, 0x0CF3},
72 {0x0D00, 0x0D0C}, {0x0D0E, 0x0D10}, {0x0D12, 0x0D44},
73 {0x0D46, 0x0D48}, {0x0D4A, 0x0D4F}, {0x0D54, 0x0D63},
74 {0x0D66, 0x0D7F}, {0x0D81, 0x0D83}, {0x0D85, 0x0D96},
75 {0x0D9A, 0x0DB1}, {0x0DB3, 0x0DBB}, {0x0DBD, 0x0DBD},
76 {0x0DC0, 0x0DC6}, {0x0DCA, 0x0DCA}, {0x0DCF, 0x0DD4},
77 {0x0DD6, 0x0DD6}, {0x0DD8, 0x0DDF}, {0x0DE6, 0x0DEF},
78 {0x0DF2, 0x0DF4}, {0x0E01, 0x0E3A}, {0x0E3F, 0x0E5B},
79 {0x0E81, 0x0E82}, {0x0E84, 0x0E84}, {0x0E86, 0x0E8A},
80 {0x0E8C, 0x0EA3}, {0x0EA5, 0x0EA5}, {0x0EA7, 0x0EBD},
81 {0x0EC0, 0x0EC4}, {0x0EC6, 0x0EC6}, {0x0EC8, 0x0ECE},
82 {0x0ED0, 0x0ED9}, {0x0EDC, 0x0EDF}, {0x0F00, 0x0F47},
83 {0x0F49, 0x0F6C}, {0x0F71, 0x0F97}, {0x0F99, 0x0FBC},
84 {0x0FBE, 0x0FCC}, {0x0FCE, 0x0FDA}, {0x1000, 0x10C5},
85 {0x10C7, 0x10C7}, {0x10CD, 0x10CD}, {0x10D0, 0x1248},
86 {0x124A, 0x124D}, {0x1250, 0x1256}, {0x1258, 0x1258},
87 {0x125A, 0x125D}, {0x1260, 0x1288}, {0x128A, 0x128D},
88 {0x1290, 0x12B0}, {0x12B2, 0x12B5}, {0x12B8, 0x12BE},
89 {0x12C0, 0x12C0}, {0x12C2, 0x12C5}, {0x12C8, 0x12D6},
90 {0x12D8, 0x1310}, {0x1312, 0x1315}, {0x1318, 0x135A},
91 {0x135D, 0x137C}, {0x1380, 0x1399}, {0x13A0, 0x13F5},
92 {0x13F8, 0x13FD}, {0x1400, 0x169C}, {0x16A0, 0x16F8},
93 {0x1700, 0x1715}, {0x171F, 0x1736}, {0x1740, 0x1753},
94 {0x1760, 0x176C}, {0x176E, 0x1770}, {0x1772, 0x1773},
95 {0x1780, 0x17DD}, {0x17E0, 0x17E9}, {0x17F0, 0x17F9},
96 {0x1800, 0x180D}, {0x180F, 0x1819}, {0x1820, 0x1878},
97 {0x1880, 0x18AA}, {0x18B0, 0x18F5}, {0x1900, 0x191E},
98 {0x1920, 0x192B}, {0x1930, 0x193B}, {0x1940, 0x1940},
99 {0x1944, 0x196D}, {0x1970, 0x1974}, {0x1980, 0x19AB},
100 {0x19B0, 0x19C9}, {0x19D0, 0x19DA}, {0x19DE, 0x1A1B},
101 {0x1A1E, 0x1A5E}, {0x1A60, 0x1A7C}, {0x1A7F, 0x1A89},
102 {0x1A90, 0x1A99}, {0x1AA0, 0x1AAD}, {0x1AB0, 0x1ACE},
103 {0x1B00, 0x1B4C}, {0x1B50, 0x1B7E}, {0x1B80, 0x1BF3},
104 {0x1BFC, 0x1C37}, {0x1C3B, 0x1C49}, {0x1C4D, 0x1C88},
105 {0x1C90, 0x1CBA}, {0x1CBD, 0x1CC7}, {0x1CD0, 0x1CFA},
106 {0x1D00, 0x1F15}, {0x1F18, 0x1F1D}, {0x1F20, 0x1F45},
107 {0x1F48, 0x1F4D}, {0x1F50, 0x1F57}, {0x1F59, 0x1F59},
108 {0x1F5B, 0x1F5B}, {0x1F5D, 0x1F5D}, {0x1F5F, 0x1F7D},
109 {0x1F80, 0x1FB4}, {0x1FB6, 0x1FC4}, {0x1FC6, 0x1FD3},
110 {0x1FD6, 0x1FDB}, {0x1FDD, 0x1FEF}, {0x1FF2, 0x1FF4},
111 {0x1FF6, 0x1FFE}, {0x2000, 0x200A}, {0x2010, 0x2027},
112 {0x202F, 0x205F}, {0x2070, 0x2071}, {0x2074, 0x208E},
113 {0x2090, 0x209C}, {0x20A0, 0x20C0}, {0x20D0, 0x20F0},
114 {0x2100, 0x218B}, {0x2190, 0x2426}, {0x2440, 0x244A},
115 {0x2460, 0x2B73}, {0x2B76, 0x2B95}, {0x2B97, 0x2CF3},
116 {0x2CF9, 0x2D25}, {0x2D27, 0x2D27}, {0x2D2D, 0x2D2D},
117 {0x2D30, 0x2D67}, {0x2D6F, 0x2D70}, {0x2D7F, 0x2D96},
118 {0x2DA0, 0x2DA6}, {0x2DA8, 0x2DAE}, {0x2DB0, 0x2DB6},
119 {0x2DB8, 0x2DBE}, {0x2DC0, 0x2DC6}, {0x2DC8, 0x2DCE},
120 {0x2DD0, 0x2DD6}, {0x2DD8, 0x2DDE}, {0x2DE0, 0x2E5D},
121 {0x2E80, 0x2E99}, {0x2E9B, 0x2EF3}, {0x2F00, 0x2FD5},
122 {0x2FF0, 0x303F}, {0x3041, 0x3096}, {0x3099, 0x30FF},
123 {0x3105, 0x312F}, {0x3131, 0x318E}, {0x3190, 0x31E3},
124 {0x31EF, 0x321E}, {0x3220, 0xA48C}, {0xA490, 0xA4C6},
125 {0xA4D0, 0xA62B}, {0xA640, 0xA6F7}, {0xA700, 0xA7CA},
126 {0xA7D0, 0xA7D1}, {0xA7D3, 0xA7D3}, {0xA7D5, 0xA7D9},
127 {0xA7F2, 0xA82C}, {0xA830, 0xA839}, {0xA840, 0xA877},
128 {0xA880, 0xA8C5}, {0xA8CE, 0xA8D9}, {0xA8E0, 0xA953},
129 {0xA95F, 0xA97C}, {0xA980, 0xA9CD}, {0xA9CF, 0xA9D9},
130 {0xA9DE, 0xA9FE}, {0xAA00, 0xAA36}, {0xAA40, 0xAA4D},
131 {0xAA50, 0xAA59}, {0xAA5C, 0xAAC2}, {0xAADB, 0xAAF6},
132 {0xAB01, 0xAB06}, {0xAB09, 0xAB0E}, {0xAB11, 0xAB16},
133 {0xAB20, 0xAB26}, {0xAB28, 0xAB2E}, {0xAB30, 0xAB6B},
134 {0xAB70, 0xABED}, {0xABF0, 0xABF9}, {0xAC00, 0xD7A3},
135 {0xD7B0, 0xD7C6}, {0xD7CB, 0xD7FB}, {0xF900, 0xFA6D},
136 {0xFA70, 0xFAD9}, {0xFB00, 0xFB06}, {0xFB13, 0xFB17},
137 {0xFB1D, 0xFB36}, {0xFB38, 0xFB3C}, {0xFB3E, 0xFB3E},
138 {0xFB40, 0xFB41}, {0xFB43, 0xFB44}, {0xFB46, 0xFBC2},
139 {0xFBD3, 0xFD8F}, {0xFD92, 0xFDC7}, {0xFDCF, 0xFDCF},
140 {0xFDF0, 0xFE19}, {0xFE20, 0xFE52}, {0xFE54, 0xFE66},
141 {0xFE68, 0xFE6B}, {0xFE70, 0xFE74}, {0xFE76, 0xFEFC},
142 {0xFF01, 0xFFBE}, {0xFFC2, 0xFFC7}, {0xFFCA, 0xFFCF},
143 {0xFFD2, 0xFFD7}, {0xFFDA, 0xFFDC}, {0xFFE0, 0xFFE6},
144 {0xFFE8, 0xFFEE}, {0xFFFC, 0xFFFD}, {0x10000, 0x1000B},
145 {0x1000D, 0x10026}, {0x10028, 0x1003A}, {0x1003C, 0x1003D},
146 {0x1003F, 0x1004D}, {0x10050, 0x1005D}, {0x10080, 0x100FA},
147 {0x10100, 0x10102}, {0x10107, 0x10133}, {0x10137, 0x1018E},
148 {0x10190, 0x1019C}, {0x101A0, 0x101A0}, {0x101D0, 0x101FD},
149 {0x10280, 0x1029C}, {0x102A0, 0x102D0}, {0x102E0, 0x102FB},
150 {0x10300, 0x10323}, {0x1032D, 0x1034A}, {0x10350, 0x1037A},
151 {0x10380, 0x1039D}, {0x1039F, 0x103C3}, {0x103C8, 0x103D5},
152 {0x10400, 0x1049D}, {0x104A0, 0x104A9}, {0x104B0, 0x104D3},
153 {0x104D8, 0x104FB}, {0x10500, 0x10527}, {0x10530, 0x10563},
154 {0x1056F, 0x1057A}, {0x1057C, 0x1058A}, {0x1058C, 0x10592},
155 {0x10594, 0x10595}, {0x10597, 0x105A1}, {0x105A3, 0x105B1},
156 {0x105B3, 0x105B9}, {0x105BB, 0x105BC}, {0x10600, 0x10736},
157 {0x10740, 0x10755}, {0x10760, 0x10767}, {0x10780, 0x10785},
158 {0x10787, 0x107B0}, {0x107B2, 0x107BA}, {0x10800, 0x10805},
159 {0x10808, 0x10808}, {0x1080A, 0x10835}, {0x10837, 0x10838},
160 {0x1083C, 0x1083C}, {0x1083F, 0x10855}, {0x10857, 0x1089E},
161 {0x108A7, 0x108AF}, {0x108E0, 0x108F2}, {0x108F4, 0x108F5},
162 {0x108FB, 0x1091B}, {0x1091F, 0x10939}, {0x1093F, 0x1093F},
163 {0x10980, 0x109B7}, {0x109BC, 0x109CF}, {0x109D2, 0x10A03},
164 {0x10A05, 0x10A06}, {0x10A0C, 0x10A13}, {0x10A15, 0x10A17},
165 {0x10A19, 0x10A35}, {0x10A38, 0x10A3A}, {0x10A3F, 0x10A48},
166 {0x10A50, 0x10A58}, {0x10A60, 0x10A9F}, {0x10AC0, 0x10AE6},
167 {0x10AEB, 0x10AF6}, {0x10B00, 0x10B35}, {0x10B39, 0x10B55},
168 {0x10B58, 0x10B72}, {0x10B78, 0x10B91}, {0x10B99, 0x10B9C},
169 {0x10BA9, 0x10BAF}, {0x10C00, 0x10C48}, {0x10C80, 0x10CB2},
170 {0x10CC0, 0x10CF2}, {0x10CFA, 0x10D27}, {0x10D30, 0x10D39},
171 {0x10E60, 0x10E7E}, {0x10E80, 0x10EA9}, {0x10EAB, 0x10EAD},
172 {0x10EB0, 0x10EB1}, {0x10EFD, 0x10F27}, {0x10F30, 0x10F59},
173 {0x10F70, 0x10F89}, {0x10FB0, 0x10FCB}, {0x10FE0, 0x10FF6},
174 {0x11000, 0x1104D}, {0x11052, 0x11075}, {0x1107F, 0x110BC},
175 {0x110BE, 0x110C2}, {0x110D0, 0x110E8}, {0x110F0, 0x110F9},
176 {0x11100, 0x11134}, {0x11136, 0x11147}, {0x11150, 0x11176},
177 {0x11180, 0x111DF}, {0x111E1, 0x111F4}, {0x11200, 0x11211},
178 {0x11213, 0x11241}, {0x11280, 0x11286}, {0x11288, 0x11288},
179 {0x1128A, 0x1128D}, {0x1128F, 0x1129D}, {0x1129F, 0x112A9},
180 {0x112B0, 0x112EA}, {0x112F0, 0x112F9}, {0x11300, 0x11303},
181 {0x11305, 0x1130C}, {0x1130F, 0x11310}, {0x11313, 0x11328},
182 {0x1132A, 0x11330}, {0x11332, 0x11333}, {0x11335, 0x11339},
183 {0x1133B, 0x11344}, {0x11347, 0x11348}, {0x1134B, 0x1134D},
184 {0x11350, 0x11350}, {0x11357, 0x11357}, {0x1135D, 0x11363},
185 {0x11366, 0x1136C}, {0x11370, 0x11374}, {0x11400, 0x1145B},
186 {0x1145D, 0x11461}, {0x11480, 0x114C7}, {0x114D0, 0x114D9},
187 {0x11580, 0x115B5}, {0x115B8, 0x115DD}, {0x11600, 0x11644},
188 {0x11650, 0x11659}, {0x11660, 0x1166C}, {0x11680, 0x116B9},
189 {0x116C0, 0x116C9}, {0x11700, 0x1171A}, {0x1171D, 0x1172B},
190 {0x11730, 0x11746}, {0x11800, 0x1183B}, {0x118A0, 0x118F2},
191 {0x118FF, 0x11906}, {0x11909, 0x11909}, {0x1190C, 0x11913},
192 {0x11915, 0x11916}, {0x11918, 0x11935}, {0x11937, 0x11938},
193 {0x1193B, 0x11946}, {0x11950, 0x11959}, {0x119A0, 0x119A7},
194 {0x119AA, 0x119D7}, {0x119DA, 0x119E4}, {0x11A00, 0x11A47},
195 {0x11A50, 0x11AA2}, {0x11AB0, 0x11AF8}, {0x11B00, 0x11B09},
196 {0x11C00, 0x11C08}, {0x11C0A, 0x11C36}, {0x11C38, 0x11C45},
197 {0x11C50, 0x11C6C}, {0x11C70, 0x11C8F}, {0x11C92, 0x11CA7},
198 {0x11CA9, 0x11CB6}, {0x11D00, 0x11D06}, {0x11D08, 0x11D09},
199 {0x11D0B, 0x11D36}, {0x11D3A, 0x11D3A}, {0x11D3C, 0x11D3D},
200 {0x11D3F, 0x11D47}, {0x11D50, 0x11D59}, {0x11D60, 0x11D65},
201 {0x11D67, 0x11D68}, {0x11D6A, 0x11D8E}, {0x11D90, 0x11D91},
202 {0x11D93, 0x11D98}, {0x11DA0, 0x11DA9}, {0x11EE0, 0x11EF8},
203 {0x11F00, 0x11F10}, {0x11F12, 0x11F3A}, {0x11F3E, 0x11F59},
204 {0x11FB0, 0x11FB0}, {0x11FC0, 0x11FF1}, {0x11FFF, 0x12399},
205 {0x12400, 0x1246E}, {0x12470, 0x12474}, {0x12480, 0x12543},
206 {0x12F90, 0x12FF2}, {0x13000, 0x1342F}, {0x13440, 0x13455},
207 {0x14400, 0x14646}, {0x16800, 0x16A38}, {0x16A40, 0x16A5E},
208 {0x16A60, 0x16A69}, {0x16A6E, 0x16ABE}, {0x16AC0, 0x16AC9},
209 {0x16AD0, 0x16AED}, {0x16AF0, 0x16AF5}, {0x16B00, 0x16B45},
210 {0x16B50, 0x16B59}, {0x16B5B, 0x16B61}, {0x16B63, 0x16B77},
211 {0x16B7D, 0x16B8F}, {0x16E40, 0x16E9A}, {0x16F00, 0x16F4A},
212 {0x16F4F, 0x16F87}, {0x16F8F, 0x16F9F}, {0x16FE0, 0x16FE4},
213 {0x16FF0, 0x16FF1}, {0x17000, 0x187F7}, {0x18800, 0x18CD5},
214 {0x18D00, 0x18D08}, {0x1AFF0, 0x1AFF3}, {0x1AFF5, 0x1AFFB},
215 {0x1AFFD, 0x1AFFE}, {0x1B000, 0x1B122}, {0x1B132, 0x1B132},
216 {0x1B150, 0x1B152}, {0x1B155, 0x1B155}, {0x1B164, 0x1B167},
217 {0x1B170, 0x1B2FB}, {0x1BC00, 0x1BC6A}, {0x1BC70, 0x1BC7C},
218 {0x1BC80, 0x1BC88}, {0x1BC90, 0x1BC99}, {0x1BC9C, 0x1BC9F},
219 {0x1CF00, 0x1CF2D}, {0x1CF30, 0x1CF46}, {0x1CF50, 0x1CFC3},
220 {0x1D000, 0x1D0F5}, {0x1D100, 0x1D126}, {0x1D129, 0x1D172},
221 {0x1D17B, 0x1D1EA}, {0x1D200, 0x1D245}, {0x1D2C0, 0x1D2D3},
222 {0x1D2E0, 0x1D2F3}, {0x1D300, 0x1D356}, {0x1D360, 0x1D378},
223 {0x1D400, 0x1D454}, {0x1D456, 0x1D49C}, {0x1D49E, 0x1D49F},
224 {0x1D4A2, 0x1D4A2}, {0x1D4A5, 0x1D4A6}, {0x1D4A9, 0x1D4AC},
225 {0x1D4AE, 0x1D4B9}, {0x1D4BB, 0x1D4BB}, {0x1D4BD, 0x1D4C3},
226 {0x1D4C5, 0x1D505}, {0x1D507, 0x1D50A}, {0x1D50D, 0x1D514},
227 {0x1D516, 0x1D51C}, {0x1D51E, 0x1D539}, {0x1D53B, 0x1D53E},
228 {0x1D540, 0x1D544}, {0x1D546, 0x1D546}, {0x1D54A, 0x1D550},
229 {0x1D552, 0x1D6A5}, {0x1D6A8, 0x1D7CB}, {0x1D7CE, 0x1DA8B},
230 {0x1DA9B, 0x1DA9F}, {0x1DAA1, 0x1DAAF}, {0x1DF00, 0x1DF1E},
231 {0x1DF25, 0x1DF2A}, {0x1E000, 0x1E006}, {0x1E008, 0x1E018},
232 {0x1E01B, 0x1E021}, {0x1E023, 0x1E024}, {0x1E026, 0x1E02A},
233 {0x1E030, 0x1E06D}, {0x1E08F, 0x1E08F}, {0x1E100, 0x1E12C},
234 {0x1E130, 0x1E13D}, {0x1E140, 0x1E149}, {0x1E14E, 0x1E14F},
235 {0x1E290, 0x1E2AE}, {0x1E2C0, 0x1E2F9}, {0x1E2FF, 0x1E2FF},
236 {0x1E4D0, 0x1E4F9}, {0x1E7E0, 0x1E7E6}, {0x1E7E8, 0x1E7EB},
237 {0x1E7ED, 0x1E7EE}, {0x1E7F0, 0x1E7FE}, {0x1E800, 0x1E8C4},
238 {0x1E8C7, 0x1E8D6}, {0x1E900, 0x1E94B}, {0x1E950, 0x1E959},
239 {0x1E95E, 0x1E95F}, {0x1EC71, 0x1ECB4}, {0x1ED01, 0x1ED3D},
240 {0x1EE00, 0x1EE03}, {0x1EE05, 0x1EE1F}, {0x1EE21, 0x1EE22},
241 {0x1EE24, 0x1EE24}, {0x1EE27, 0x1EE27}, {0x1EE29, 0x1EE32},
242 {0x1EE34, 0x1EE37}, {0x1EE39, 0x1EE39}, {0x1EE3B, 0x1EE3B},
243 {0x1EE42, 0x1EE42}, {0x1EE47, 0x1EE47}, {0x1EE49, 0x1EE49},
244 {0x1EE4B, 0x1EE4B}, {0x1EE4D, 0x1EE4F}, {0x1EE51, 0x1EE52},
245 {0x1EE54, 0x1EE54}, {0x1EE57, 0x1EE57}, {0x1EE59, 0x1EE59},
246 {0x1EE5B, 0x1EE5B}, {0x1EE5D, 0x1EE5D}, {0x1EE5F, 0x1EE5F},
247 {0x1EE61, 0x1EE62}, {0x1EE64, 0x1EE64}, {0x1EE67, 0x1EE6A},
248 {0x1EE6C, 0x1EE72}, {0x1EE74, 0x1EE77}, {0x1EE79, 0x1EE7C},
249 {0x1EE7E, 0x1EE7E}, {0x1EE80, 0x1EE89}, {0x1EE8B, 0x1EE9B},
250 {0x1EEA1, 0x1EEA3}, {0x1EEA5, 0x1EEA9}, {0x1EEAB, 0x1EEBB},
251 {0x1EEF0, 0x1EEF1}, {0x1F000, 0x1F02B}, {0x1F030, 0x1F093},
252 {0x1F0A0, 0x1F0AE}, {0x1F0B1, 0x1F0BF}, {0x1F0C1, 0x1F0CF},
253 {0x1F0D1, 0x1F0F5}, {0x1F100, 0x1F1AD}, {0x1F1E6, 0x1F202},
254 {0x1F210, 0x1F23B}, {0x1F240, 0x1F248}, {0x1F250, 0x1F251},
255 {0x1F260, 0x1F265}, {0x1F300, 0x1F6D7}, {0x1F6DC, 0x1F6EC},
256 {0x1F6F0, 0x1F6FC}, {0x1F700, 0x1F776}, {0x1F77B, 0x1F7D9},
257 {0x1F7E0, 0x1F7EB}, {0x1F7F0, 0x1F7F0}, {0x1F800, 0x1F80B},
258 {0x1F810, 0x1F847}, {0x1F850, 0x1F859}, {0x1F860, 0x1F887},
259 {0x1F890, 0x1F8AD}, {0x1F8B0, 0x1F8B1}, {0x1F900, 0x1FA53},
260 {0x1FA60, 0x1FA6D}, {0x1FA70, 0x1FA7C}, {0x1FA80, 0x1FA88},
261 {0x1FA90, 0x1FABD}, {0x1FABF, 0x1FAC5}, {0x1FACE, 0x1FADB},
262 {0x1FAE0, 0x1FAE8}, {0x1FAF0, 0x1FAF8}, {0x1FB00, 0x1FB92},
263 {0x1FB94, 0x1FBCA}, {0x1FBF0, 0x1FBF9}, {0x20000, 0x2A6DF},
264 {0x2A700, 0x2B739}, {0x2B740, 0x2B81D}, {0x2B820, 0x2CEA1},
265 {0x2CEB0, 0x2EBE0}, {0x2EBF0, 0x2EE5D}, {0x2F800, 0x2FA1D},
266 {0x30000, 0x3134A}, {0x31350, 0x323AF}, {0xE0100, 0xE01EF},
267 };
269 static const UnicodeCharSet Printables(PrintableRanges);
270 // Clang special cases 0x00AD (SOFT HYPHEN) which is rendered as an actual
271 // hyphen in most terminals.
272 return UCS == 0x00AD || Printables.contains(UCS);
275/// Unicode code points of the Cf category are considered
276/// formatting characters.
277bool isFormatting(int UCS) {
279 // https://unicode.org/Public/15.1.0/ucdxml/
280 static const UnicodeCharRange Cf[] = {
281 {0x00AD, 0x00AD}, {0x0600, 0x0605}, {0x061C, 0x061C},
282 {0x06DD, 0x06DD}, {0x070F, 0x070F}, {0x0890, 0x0891},
283 {0x08E2, 0x08E2}, {0x180E, 0x180E}, {0x200B, 0x200F},
284 {0x202A, 0x202E}, {0x2060, 0x2064}, {0x2066, 0x206F},
285 {0xFEFF, 0xFEFF}, {0xFFF9, 0xFFFB}, {0x110BD, 0x110BD},
286 {0x110CD, 0x110CD}, {0x13430, 0x1343F}, {0x1BCA0, 0x1BCA3},
287 {0x1D173, 0x1D17A}, {0xE0001, 0xE0001}, {0xE0020, 0xE007F}};
289 static const UnicodeCharSet Format(Cf);
290 return Format.contains(UCS);
293/// Gets the number of positions a character is likely to occupy when output
294/// on a terminal ("character width"). This depends on the implementation of the
295/// terminal, and there's no standard definition of character width.
296/// The implementation defines it in a way that is expected to be compatible
297/// with a generic Unicode-capable terminal.
298/// \return Character width:
299/// * ErrorNonPrintableCharacter (-1) for non-printable characters (as
300/// identified by isPrintable);
301/// * 0 for non-spacing and enclosing combining marks;
302/// * 2 for CJK characters excluding halfwidth forms;
303/// * 1 for all remaining characters.
304static inline int charWidth(int UCS) {
305 if (!isPrintable(UCS))
308 // Sorted list of non-spacing and enclosing combining mark intervals as
309 // defined in "3.6 Combination" of
310 // https://www.unicode.org/versions/Unicode15.0.0/UnicodeStandard-15.0.pdf
311 static const UnicodeCharRange CombiningCharacterRanges[] = {
312 {0x0300, 0x036F}, {0x0483, 0x0489}, {0x0591, 0x05BD},
313 {0x05BF, 0x05BF}, {0x05C1, 0x05C2}, {0x05C4, 0x05C5},
314 {0x05C7, 0x05C7}, {0x0610, 0x061A}, {0x064B, 0x065F},
315 {0x0670, 0x0670}, {0x06D6, 0x06DC}, {0x06DF, 0x06E4},
316 {0x06E7, 0x06E8}, {0x06EA, 0x06ED}, {0x0711, 0x0711},
317 {0x0730, 0x074A}, {0x07A6, 0x07B0}, {0x07EB, 0x07F3},
318 {0x07FD, 0x07FD}, {0x0816, 0x0819}, {0x081B, 0x0823},
319 {0x0825, 0x0827}, {0x0829, 0x082D}, {0x0859, 0x085B},
320 {0x0898, 0x089F}, {0x08CA, 0x08E1}, {0x08E3, 0x0902},
321 {0x093A, 0x093A}, {0x093C, 0x093C}, {0x0941, 0x0948},
322 {0x094D, 0x094D}, {0x0951, 0x0957}, {0x0962, 0x0963},
323 {0x0981, 0x0981}, {0x09BC, 0x09BC}, {0x09C1, 0x09C4},
324 {0x09CD, 0x09CD}, {0x09E2, 0x09E3}, {0x09FE, 0x09FE},
325 {0x0A01, 0x0A02}, {0x0A3C, 0x0A3C}, {0x0A41, 0x0A42},
326 {0x0A47, 0x0A48}, {0x0A4B, 0x0A4D}, {0x0A51, 0x0A51},
327 {0x0A70, 0x0A71}, {0x0A75, 0x0A75}, {0x0A81, 0x0A82},
328 {0x0ABC, 0x0ABC}, {0x0AC1, 0x0AC5}, {0x0AC7, 0x0AC8},
329 {0x0ACD, 0x0ACD}, {0x0AE2, 0x0AE3}, {0x0AFA, 0x0AFF},
330 {0x0B01, 0x0B01}, {0x0B3C, 0x0B3C}, {0x0B3F, 0x0B3F},
331 {0x0B41, 0x0B44}, {0x0B4D, 0x0B4D}, {0x0B55, 0x0B56},
332 {0x0B62, 0x0B63}, {0x0B82, 0x0B82}, {0x0BC0, 0x0BC0},
333 {0x0BCD, 0x0BCD}, {0x0C00, 0x0C00}, {0x0C04, 0x0C04},
334 {0x0C3C, 0x0C3C}, {0x0C3E, 0x0C40}, {0x0C46, 0x0C48},
335 {0x0C4A, 0x0C4D}, {0x0C55, 0x0C56}, {0x0C62, 0x0C63},
336 {0x0C81, 0x0C81}, {0x0CBC, 0x0CBC}, {0x0CBF, 0x0CBF},
337 {0x0CC6, 0x0CC6}, {0x0CCC, 0x0CCD}, {0x0CE2, 0x0CE3},
338 {0x0D00, 0x0D01}, {0x0D3B, 0x0D3C}, {0x0D41, 0x0D44},
339 {0x0D4D, 0x0D4D}, {0x0D62, 0x0D63}, {0x0D81, 0x0D81},
340 {0x0DCA, 0x0DCA}, {0x0DD2, 0x0DD4}, {0x0DD6, 0x0DD6},
341 {0x0E31, 0x0E31}, {0x0E34, 0x0E3A}, {0x0E47, 0x0E4E},
342 {0x0EB1, 0x0EB1}, {0x0EB4, 0x0EBC}, {0x0EC8, 0x0ECE},
343 {0x0F18, 0x0F19}, {0x0F35, 0x0F35}, {0x0F37, 0x0F37},
344 {0x0F39, 0x0F39}, {0x0F71, 0x0F7E}, {0x0F80, 0x0F84},
345 {0x0F86, 0x0F87}, {0x0F8D, 0x0F97}, {0x0F99, 0x0FBC},
346 {0x0FC6, 0x0FC6}, {0x102D, 0x1030}, {0x1032, 0x1037},
347 {0x1039, 0x103A}, {0x103D, 0x103E}, {0x1058, 0x1059},
348 {0x105E, 0x1060}, {0x1071, 0x1074}, {0x1082, 0x1082},
349 {0x1085, 0x1086}, {0x108D, 0x108D}, {0x109D, 0x109D},
350 {0x135D, 0x135F}, {0x1712, 0x1714}, {0x1732, 0x1733},
351 {0x1752, 0x1753}, {0x1772, 0x1773}, {0x17B4, 0x17B5},
352 {0x17B7, 0x17BD}, {0x17C6, 0x17C6}, {0x17C9, 0x17D3},
353 {0x17DD, 0x17DD}, {0x180B, 0x180D}, {0x180F, 0x180F},
354 {0x1885, 0x1886}, {0x18A9, 0x18A9}, {0x1920, 0x1922},
355 {0x1927, 0x1928}, {0x1932, 0x1932}, {0x1939, 0x193B},
356 {0x1A17, 0x1A18}, {0x1A1B, 0x1A1B}, {0x1A56, 0x1A56},
357 {0x1A58, 0x1A5E}, {0x1A60, 0x1A60}, {0x1A62, 0x1A62},
358 {0x1A65, 0x1A6C}, {0x1A73, 0x1A7C}, {0x1A7F, 0x1A7F},
359 {0x1AB0, 0x1ACE}, {0x1B00, 0x1B03}, {0x1B34, 0x1B34},
360 {0x1B36, 0x1B3A}, {0x1B3C, 0x1B3C}, {0x1B42, 0x1B42},
361 {0x1B6B, 0x1B73}, {0x1B80, 0x1B81}, {0x1BA2, 0x1BA5},
362 {0x1BA8, 0x1BA9}, {0x1BAB, 0x1BAD}, {0x1BE6, 0x1BE6},
363 {0x1BE8, 0x1BE9}, {0x1BED, 0x1BED}, {0x1BEF, 0x1BF1},
364 {0x1C2C, 0x1C33}, {0x1C36, 0x1C37}, {0x1CD0, 0x1CD2},
365 {0x1CD4, 0x1CE0}, {0x1CE2, 0x1CE8}, {0x1CED, 0x1CED},
366 {0x1CF4, 0x1CF4}, {0x1CF8, 0x1CF9}, {0x1DC0, 0x1DFF},
367 {0x20D0, 0x20F0}, {0x2CEF, 0x2CF1}, {0x2D7F, 0x2D7F},
368 {0x2DE0, 0x2DFF}, {0x302A, 0x302D}, {0x3099, 0x309A},
369 {0xA66F, 0xA672}, {0xA674, 0xA67D}, {0xA69E, 0xA69F},
370 {0xA6F0, 0xA6F1}, {0xA802, 0xA802}, {0xA806, 0xA806},
371 {0xA80B, 0xA80B}, {0xA825, 0xA826}, {0xA82C, 0xA82C},
372 {0xA8C4, 0xA8C5}, {0xA8E0, 0xA8F1}, {0xA8FF, 0xA8FF},
373 {0xA926, 0xA92D}, {0xA947, 0xA951}, {0xA980, 0xA982},
374 {0xA9B3, 0xA9B3}, {0xA9B6, 0xA9B9}, {0xA9BC, 0xA9BD},
375 {0xA9E5, 0xA9E5}, {0xAA29, 0xAA2E}, {0xAA31, 0xAA32},
376 {0xAA35, 0xAA36}, {0xAA43, 0xAA43}, {0xAA4C, 0xAA4C},
377 {0xAA7C, 0xAA7C}, {0xAAB0, 0xAAB0}, {0xAAB2, 0xAAB4},
378 {0xAAB7, 0xAAB8}, {0xAABE, 0xAABF}, {0xAAC1, 0xAAC1},
379 {0xAAEC, 0xAAED}, {0xAAF6, 0xAAF6}, {0xABE5, 0xABE5},
380 {0xABE8, 0xABE8}, {0xABED, 0xABED}, {0xFB1E, 0xFB1E},
381 {0xFE00, 0xFE0F}, {0xFE20, 0xFE2F}, {0x101FD, 0x101FD},
382 {0x102E0, 0x102E0}, {0x10376, 0x1037A}, {0x10A01, 0x10A03},
383 {0x10A05, 0x10A06}, {0x10A0C, 0x10A0F}, {0x10A38, 0x10A3A},
384 {0x10A3F, 0x10A3F}, {0x10AE5, 0x10AE6}, {0x10D24, 0x10D27},
385 {0x10EAB, 0x10EAC}, {0x10EFD, 0x10EFF}, {0x10F46, 0x10F50},
386 {0x10F82, 0x10F85}, {0x11001, 0x11001}, {0x11038, 0x11046},
387 {0x11070, 0x11070}, {0x11073, 0x11074}, {0x1107F, 0x11081},
388 {0x110B3, 0x110B6}, {0x110B9, 0x110BA}, {0x110C2, 0x110C2},
389 {0x11100, 0x11102}, {0x11127, 0x1112B}, {0x1112D, 0x11134},
390 {0x11173, 0x11173}, {0x11180, 0x11181}, {0x111B6, 0x111BE},
391 {0x111C9, 0x111CC}, {0x111CF, 0x111CF}, {0x1122F, 0x11231},
392 {0x11234, 0x11234}, {0x11236, 0x11237}, {0x1123E, 0x1123E},
393 {0x11241, 0x11241}, {0x112DF, 0x112DF}, {0x112E3, 0x112EA},
394 {0x11300, 0x11301}, {0x1133B, 0x1133C}, {0x11340, 0x11340},
395 {0x11366, 0x1136C}, {0x11370, 0x11374}, {0x11438, 0x1143F},
396 {0x11442, 0x11444}, {0x11446, 0x11446}, {0x1145E, 0x1145E},
397 {0x114B3, 0x114B8}, {0x114BA, 0x114BA}, {0x114BF, 0x114C0},
398 {0x114C2, 0x114C3}, {0x115B2, 0x115B5}, {0x115BC, 0x115BD},
399 {0x115BF, 0x115C0}, {0x115DC, 0x115DD}, {0x11633, 0x1163A},
400 {0x1163D, 0x1163D}, {0x1163F, 0x11640}, {0x116AB, 0x116AB},
401 {0x116AD, 0x116AD}, {0x116B0, 0x116B5}, {0x116B7, 0x116B7},
402 {0x1171D, 0x1171F}, {0x11722, 0x11725}, {0x11727, 0x1172B},
403 {0x1182F, 0x11837}, {0x11839, 0x1183A}, {0x1193B, 0x1193C},
404 {0x1193E, 0x1193E}, {0x11943, 0x11943}, {0x119D4, 0x119D7},
405 {0x119DA, 0x119DB}, {0x119E0, 0x119E0}, {0x11A01, 0x11A0A},
406 {0x11A33, 0x11A38}, {0x11A3B, 0x11A3E}, {0x11A47, 0x11A47},
407 {0x11A51, 0x11A56}, {0x11A59, 0x11A5B}, {0x11A8A, 0x11A96},
408 {0x11A98, 0x11A99}, {0x11C30, 0x11C36}, {0x11C38, 0x11C3D},
409 {0x11C3F, 0x11C3F}, {0x11C92, 0x11CA7}, {0x11CAA, 0x11CB0},
410 {0x11CB2, 0x11CB3}, {0x11CB5, 0x11CB6}, {0x11D31, 0x11D36},
411 {0x11D3A, 0x11D3A}, {0x11D3C, 0x11D3D}, {0x11D3F, 0x11D45},
412 {0x11D47, 0x11D47}, {0x11D90, 0x11D91}, {0x11D95, 0x11D95},
413 {0x11D97, 0x11D97}, {0x11EF3, 0x11EF4}, {0x11F00, 0x11F01},
414 {0x11F36, 0x11F3A}, {0x11F40, 0x11F40}, {0x11F42, 0x11F42},
415 {0x13440, 0x13440}, {0x13447, 0x13455}, {0x16AF0, 0x16AF4},
416 {0x16B30, 0x16B36}, {0x16F4F, 0x16F4F}, {0x16F8F, 0x16F92},
417 {0x16FE4, 0x16FE4}, {0x1BC9D, 0x1BC9E}, {0x1CF00, 0x1CF2D},
418 {0x1CF30, 0x1CF46}, {0x1D167, 0x1D169}, {0x1D17B, 0x1D182},
419 {0x1D185, 0x1D18B}, {0x1D1AA, 0x1D1AD}, {0x1D242, 0x1D244},
420 {0x1DA00, 0x1DA36}, {0x1DA3B, 0x1DA6C}, {0x1DA75, 0x1DA75},
421 {0x1DA84, 0x1DA84}, {0x1DA9B, 0x1DA9F}, {0x1DAA1, 0x1DAAF},
422 {0x1E000, 0x1E006}, {0x1E008, 0x1E018}, {0x1E01B, 0x1E021},
423 {0x1E023, 0x1E024}, {0x1E026, 0x1E02A}, {0x1E08F, 0x1E08F},
424 {0x1E130, 0x1E136}, {0x1E2AE, 0x1E2AE}, {0x1E2EC, 0x1E2EF},
425 {0x1E4EC, 0x1E4EF}, {0x1E8D0, 0x1E8D6}, {0x1E944, 0x1E94A},
426 {0xE0100, 0xE01EF},
427 };
428 static const UnicodeCharSet CombiningCharacters(CombiningCharacterRanges);
430 if (CombiningCharacters.contains(UCS))
431 return 0;
433 // We consider double width codepoints any codepoint with
434 // the property East_Asian_Width=F|W
435 // + Misc Symbols and Pictographs (U+1F300...U+1F5FF)
436 // + Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs (U+1F900...U+1F9FF)
437 static const UnicodeCharRange DoubleWidthCharacterRanges[] = {
438 {0x1100, 0x115F}, {0x231A, 0x231B}, {0x2329, 0x232A},
439 {0x23E9, 0x23EC}, {0x23F0, 0x23F0}, {0x23F3, 0x23F3},
440 {0x25FD, 0x25FE}, {0x2614, 0x2615}, {0x2648, 0x2653},
441 {0x267F, 0x267F}, {0x2693, 0x2693}, {0x26A1, 0x26A1},
442 {0x26AA, 0x26AB}, {0x26BD, 0x26BE}, {0x26C4, 0x26C5},
443 {0x26CE, 0x26CE}, {0x26D4, 0x26D4}, {0x26EA, 0x26EA},
444 {0x26F2, 0x26F3}, {0x26F5, 0x26F5}, {0x26FA, 0x26FA},
445 {0x26FD, 0x26FD}, {0x2705, 0x2705}, {0x270A, 0x270B},
446 {0x2728, 0x2728}, {0x274C, 0x274C}, {0x274E, 0x274E},
447 {0x2753, 0x2755}, {0x2757, 0x2757}, {0x2795, 0x2797},
448 {0x27B0, 0x27B0}, {0x27BF, 0x27BF}, {0x2B1B, 0x2B1C},
449 {0x2B50, 0x2B50}, {0x2B55, 0x2B55}, {0x2E80, 0x2E99},
450 {0x2E9B, 0x2EF3}, {0x2F00, 0x2FD5}, {0x2FF0, 0x303E},
451 {0x3041, 0x3096}, {0x3099, 0x30FF}, {0x3105, 0x312F},
452 {0x3131, 0x318E}, {0x3190, 0x31E3}, {0x31EF, 0x321E},
453 {0x3220, 0x3247}, {0x3250, 0xA48C}, {0xA490, 0xA4C6},
454 {0xA960, 0xA97C}, {0xAC00, 0xD7A3}, {0xF900, 0xFAFF},
455 {0xFE10, 0xFE19}, {0xFE30, 0xFE52}, {0xFE54, 0xFE66},
456 {0xFE68, 0xFE6B}, {0xFF01, 0xFF60}, {0xFFE0, 0xFFE6},
457 {0x16FE0, 0x16FE4}, {0x16FF0, 0x16FF1}, {0x17000, 0x187F7},
458 {0x18800, 0x18CD5}, {0x18D00, 0x18D08}, {0x1AFF0, 0x1AFF3},
459 {0x1AFF5, 0x1AFFB}, {0x1AFFD, 0x1AFFE}, {0x1B000, 0x1B122},
460 {0x1B132, 0x1B132}, {0x1B150, 0x1B152}, {0x1B155, 0x1B155},
461 {0x1B164, 0x1B167}, {0x1B170, 0x1B2FB}, {0x1F004, 0x1F004},
462 {0x1F0CF, 0x1F0CF}, {0x1F18E, 0x1F18E}, {0x1F191, 0x1F19A},
463 {0x1F200, 0x1F202}, {0x1F210, 0x1F23B}, {0x1F240, 0x1F248},
464 {0x1F250, 0x1F251}, {0x1F260, 0x1F265}, {0x1F300, 0x1F64F},
465 {0x1F680, 0x1F6C5}, {0x1F6CC, 0x1F6CC}, {0x1F6D0, 0x1F6D2},
466 {0x1F6D5, 0x1F6D7}, {0x1F6DC, 0x1F6DF}, {0x1F6EB, 0x1F6EC},
467 {0x1F6F4, 0x1F6FC}, {0x1F7E0, 0x1F7EB}, {0x1F7F0, 0x1F7F0},
468 {0x1F900, 0x1F9FF}, {0x1FA70, 0x1FA7C}, {0x1FA80, 0x1FA88},
469 {0x1FA90, 0x1FABD}, {0x1FABF, 0x1FAC5}, {0x1FACE, 0x1FADB},
470 {0x1FAE0, 0x1FAE8}, {0x1FAF0, 0x1FAF8}, {0x20000, 0x2FFFD},
471 {0x30000, 0x3FFFD}};
472 static const UnicodeCharSet DoubleWidthCharacters(DoubleWidthCharacterRanges);
474 if (DoubleWidthCharacters.contains(UCS))
475 return 2;
476 return 1;
479static bool isprintableascii(char c) { return c > 31 && c < 127; }
482 unsigned ColumnWidth = 0;
483 unsigned Length;
484 for (size_t i = 0, e = Text.size(); i < e; i += Length) {
485 Length = getNumBytesForUTF8(Text[i]);
487 // fast path for ASCII characters
488 if (Length == 1) {
489 if (!isprintableascii(Text[i]))
491 ColumnWidth += 1;
492 continue;
493 }
495 if (Length <= 0 || i + Length > Text.size())
496 return ErrorInvalidUTF8;
497 UTF32 buf[1];
498 const UTF8 *Start = reinterpret_cast<const UTF8 *>(Text.data() + i);
499 UTF32 *Target = &buf[0];
500 if (conversionOK != ConvertUTF8toUTF32(&Start, Start + Length, &Target,
502 return ErrorInvalidUTF8;
503 int Width = charWidth(buf[0]);
504 if (Width < 0)
506 ColumnWidth += Width;
507 }
508 return ColumnWidth;
511} // namespace unicode
512} // namespace sys
513} // namespace llvm
StringRef - Represent a constant reference to a string, i.e.
Definition: StringRef.h:50
Target - Wrapper for Target specific information.
Holds a reference to an ordered array of UnicodeCharRange and allows to quickly check if a code point...
bool contains(uint32_t C) const
Returns true if the character set contains the Unicode code point C.
@ ErrorNonPrintableCharacter
Definition: Unicode.h:29
static bool isprintableascii(char c)
Definition: Unicode.cpp:479
int columnWidthUTF8(StringRef Text)
Gets the number of positions the UTF8-encoded Text is likely to occupy when output on a terminal ("ch...
Definition: Unicode.cpp:481
static int charWidth(int UCS)
Gets the number of positions a character is likely to occupy when output on a terminal ("character wi...
Definition: Unicode.cpp:304
bool isFormatting(int UCS)
Unicode code points of the Cf category are considered formatting characters.
Definition: Unicode.cpp:277
bool isPrintable(int UCS)
Determines if a character is likely to be displayed correctly on the terminal.
Definition: Unicode.cpp:27
This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
Definition: AddressRanges.h:18
@ Length
Definition: DWP.cpp:456
ConversionResult ConvertUTF8toUTF32(const UTF8 **sourceStart, const UTF8 *sourceEnd, UTF32 **targetStart, UTF32 *targetEnd, ConversionFlags flags)
Convert a partial UTF8 sequence to UTF32.
Definition: ConvertUTF.cpp:736
unsigned getNumBytesForUTF8(UTF8 firstByte)
Definition: ConvertUTF.cpp:545
@ strictConversion
Definition: ConvertUTF.h:156
@ conversionOK
Definition: ConvertUTF.h:149
unsigned char UTF8
Definition: ConvertUTF.h:130
unsigned int UTF32
Definition: ConvertUTF.h:128
Represents a closed range of Unicode code points [Lower, Upper].