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llvm::InstrProfRecordWriterTrait Class Reference

Public Types

using key_type = StringRef
using key_type_ref = StringRef
using data_type = const InstrProfWriter::ProfilingData *const
using data_type_ref = const InstrProfWriter::ProfilingData *const
using hash_value_type = uint64_t
using offset_type = uint64_t

Public Member Functions

 InstrProfRecordWriterTrait ()=default
void EmitKey (raw_ostream &Out, key_type_ref K, offset_type N)
void EmitData (raw_ostream &Out, key_type_ref, data_type_ref V, offset_type)

Static Public Member Functions

static hash_value_type ComputeHash (key_type_ref K)
static std::pair< offset_type, offset_typeEmitKeyDataLength (raw_ostream &Out, key_type_ref K, data_type_ref V)

Public Attributes

llvm::endianness ValueProfDataEndianness = llvm::endianness::little

Detailed Description

Definition at line 101 of file InstrProfWriter.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ data_type

Definition at line 106 of file InstrProfWriter.cpp.

◆ data_type_ref

Definition at line 107 of file InstrProfWriter.cpp.

◆ hash_value_type

Definition at line 109 of file InstrProfWriter.cpp.

◆ key_type

Definition at line 103 of file InstrProfWriter.cpp.

◆ key_type_ref

Definition at line 104 of file InstrProfWriter.cpp.

◆ offset_type

Definition at line 110 of file InstrProfWriter.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InstrProfRecordWriterTrait()

llvm::InstrProfRecordWriterTrait::InstrProfRecordWriterTrait ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComputeHash()

static hash_value_type llvm::InstrProfRecordWriterTrait::ComputeHash ( key_type_ref  K)

Definition at line 118 of file InstrProfWriter.cpp.

References llvm::IndexedInstrProf::ComputeHash().

◆ EmitData()

void llvm::InstrProfRecordWriterTrait::EmitData ( raw_ostream Out,
key_type_ref  ,
data_type_ref  V,

◆ EmitKey()

void llvm::InstrProfRecordWriterTrait::EmitKey ( raw_ostream Out,
key_type_ref  K,
offset_type  N 

Definition at line 148 of file InstrProfWriter.cpp.

References N, and llvm::raw_ostream::write().

◆ EmitKeyDataLength()

static std::pair< offset_type, offset_type > llvm::InstrProfRecordWriterTrait::EmitKeyDataLength ( raw_ostream Out,
key_type_ref  K,
data_type_ref  V 

Member Data Documentation

◆ CSSummaryBuilder

InstrProfSummaryBuilder* llvm::InstrProfRecordWriterTrait::CSSummaryBuilder

Definition at line 114 of file InstrProfWriter.cpp.

Referenced by EmitData().

◆ SummaryBuilder

InstrProfSummaryBuilder* llvm::InstrProfRecordWriterTrait::SummaryBuilder

Definition at line 113 of file InstrProfWriter.cpp.

Referenced by EmitData().

◆ ValueProfDataEndianness

llvm::endianness llvm::InstrProfRecordWriterTrait::ValueProfDataEndianness = llvm::endianness::little

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