LLVM  10.0.0svn
llvm::trailing_objects_internal Namespace Reference


class  AlignmentCalcHelper
 Helper template to calculate the max alignment requirement for a set of objects. More...
class  AlignmentCalcHelper< First >
struct  ExtractSecondType
class  TrailingObjectsAligner
 This helper template works-around MSVC 2013's lack of useful alignas() support. More...
class  TrailingObjectsAligner< 1 >
class  TrailingObjectsAligner< 16 >
class  TrailingObjectsAligner< 2 >
class  TrailingObjectsAligner< 32 >
class  TrailingObjectsAligner< 4 >
class  TrailingObjectsAligner< 8 >
class  TrailingObjectsBase
 The base class for TrailingObjects* classes. More...
class  TrailingObjectsImpl
class  TrailingObjectsImpl< Align, BaseTy, TopTrailingObj, PrevTy >
class  TrailingObjectsImpl< Align, BaseTy, TopTrailingObj, PrevTy, NextTy, MoreTys... >