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llvm::AADepGraph Struct Reference

The data structure for the dependency graph. More...

#include "llvm/Transforms/IPO/Attributor.h"

Public Types

using DepTy = AADepGraphNode::DepTy
using iterator = mapped_iterator< AADepGraphNode::DepSetTy::iterator, decltype(&DepGetVal)>

Public Member Functions

 AADepGraph ()=default
 ~AADepGraph ()=default
AADepGraphNodeGetEntryNode ()
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
void viewGraph ()
void dumpGraph ()
 Dump graph to file.
void print ()
 Print dependency graph.

Static Public Member Functions

static AADepGraphNodeDepGetVal (const DepTy &DT)

Public Attributes

AADepGraphNode SyntheticRoot
 There is no root node for the dependency graph.

Detailed Description

The data structure for the dependency graph.

Note that in this graph if there is an edge from A to B (A -> B), then it means that B depends on A, and when the state of A is updated, node B should also be updated

Definition at line 545 of file Attributor.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ DepTy

Definition at line 549 of file Attributor.h.

◆ iterator

Definition at line 551 of file Attributor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AADepGraph()

llvm::AADepGraph::AADepGraph ( )

◆ ~AADepGraph()

llvm::AADepGraph::~AADepGraph ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

iterator llvm::AADepGraph::begin ( )

◆ DepGetVal()

static AADepGraphNode * llvm::AADepGraph::DepGetVal ( const DepTy DT)

◆ dumpGraph()

void AADepGraph::dumpGraph ( )

Dump graph to file.

Definition at line 3999 of file Attributor.cpp.

References DepGraphDotFileNamePrefix, llvm::sys::fs::OF_TextWithCRLF, llvm::outs(), and llvm::WriteGraph().

Referenced by llvm::Attributor::run().

◆ end()

iterator llvm::AADepGraph::end ( )

◆ GetEntryNode()

AADepGraphNode * llvm::AADepGraph::GetEntryNode ( )

Definition at line 558 of file Attributor.h.

References SyntheticRoot.

Referenced by llvm::GraphTraits< AADepGraph * >::getEntryNode().

◆ print()

void AADepGraph::print ( )

Print dependency graph.

Definition at line 4021 of file Attributor.cpp.

References llvm::AADepGraphNode::Deps, llvm::outs(), and SyntheticRoot.

Referenced by llvm::Attributor::run().

◆ viewGraph()

void AADepGraph::viewGraph ( )

Definition at line 3997 of file Attributor.cpp.

References llvm::ViewGraph().

Referenced by llvm::Attributor::run().

Member Data Documentation

◆ SyntheticRoot

AADepGraphNode llvm::AADepGraph::SyntheticRoot

There is no root node for the dependency graph.

But the SCCIterator requires a single entry point, so we maintain a fake("synthetic") root node that depends on every node.

Definition at line 557 of file Attributor.h.

Referenced by begin(), end(), GetEntryNode(), print(), and llvm::Attributor::registerAA().

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