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llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo Struct Reference

Encapsulate information regarding vectorization of a loop and its epilogue. More...

Public Member Functions

 EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo (ElementCount MVF, unsigned MUF, ElementCount EVF, unsigned EUF)

Public Attributes

ElementCount MainLoopVF = ElementCount::getFixed(0)
unsigned MainLoopUF = 0
ElementCount EpilogueVF = ElementCount::getFixed(0)
unsigned EpilogueUF = 0
BasicBlockMainLoopIterationCountCheck = nullptr
BasicBlockEpilogueIterationCountCheck = nullptr
BasicBlockSCEVSafetyCheck = nullptr
BasicBlockMemSafetyCheck = nullptr
ValueTripCount = nullptr
ValueVectorTripCount = nullptr

Detailed Description

Encapsulate information regarding vectorization of a loop and its epilogue.

This information is meant to be updated and used across two stages of epilogue vectorization.

Definition at line 783 of file LoopVectorize.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo()

llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo ( ElementCount  MVF,
unsigned  MUF,
ElementCount  EVF,
unsigned  EUF 

Definition at line 795 of file LoopVectorize.cpp.

References assert().

Member Data Documentation

◆ EpilogueIterationCountCheck

BasicBlock* llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo::EpilogueIterationCountCheck = nullptr

◆ EpilogueUF

unsigned llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo::EpilogueUF = 0

◆ EpilogueVF

ElementCount llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo::EpilogueVF = ElementCount::getFixed(0)

◆ MainLoopIterationCountCheck

BasicBlock* llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo::MainLoopIterationCountCheck = nullptr

◆ MainLoopUF

unsigned llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo::MainLoopUF = 0

◆ MainLoopVF

ElementCount llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo::MainLoopVF = ElementCount::getFixed(0)

◆ MemSafetyCheck

BasicBlock* llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo::MemSafetyCheck = nullptr

◆ SCEVSafetyCheck

BasicBlock* llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo::SCEVSafetyCheck = nullptr

◆ TripCount

Value* llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo::TripCount = nullptr

◆ VectorTripCount

Value* llvm::EpilogueLoopVectorizationInfo::VectorTripCount = nullptr

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