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llvm::MCRegisterFileDesc Struct Reference

A register file descriptor. More...

#include "llvm/MC/MCSchedule.h"

Public Attributes

const charName
uint16_t NumPhysRegs
uint16_t NumRegisterCostEntries
uint16_t RegisterCostEntryIdx
uint16_t MaxMovesEliminatedPerCycle
bool AllowZeroMoveEliminationOnly

Detailed Description

A register file descriptor.

This struct allows to describe processor register files. In particular, it helps describing the size of the register file, as well as the cost of allocating a register file at register renaming stage. FIXME: this struct can be extended to provide information about the number of read/write ports to the register file. A value of zero for field 'NumPhysRegs' means: this register file has an unbounded number of physical registers.

Definition at line 166 of file MCSchedule.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AllowZeroMoveEliminationOnly

bool llvm::MCRegisterFileDesc::AllowZeroMoveEliminationOnly

Definition at line 177 of file MCSchedule.h.

◆ MaxMovesEliminatedPerCycle

uint16_t llvm::MCRegisterFileDesc::MaxMovesEliminatedPerCycle

Definition at line 174 of file MCSchedule.h.

◆ Name

const char* llvm::MCRegisterFileDesc::Name

Definition at line 167 of file MCSchedule.h.

◆ NumPhysRegs

uint16_t llvm::MCRegisterFileDesc::NumPhysRegs

Definition at line 168 of file MCSchedule.h.

◆ NumRegisterCostEntries

uint16_t llvm::MCRegisterFileDesc::NumRegisterCostEntries

Definition at line 169 of file MCSchedule.h.

◆ RegisterCostEntryIdx

uint16_t llvm::MCRegisterFileDesc::RegisterCostEntryIdx

Definition at line 171 of file MCSchedule.h.

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