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llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptorBase Struct Referenceabstract

This structure keeps data of the concrete section. More...

#include "llvm/DWARFLinker/Parallel/DWARFLinker.h"

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Public Member Functions

 SectionDescriptorBase (DebugSectionKind SectionKind, dwarf::FormParams Format, llvm::endianness Endianess)
virtual ~SectionDescriptorBase ()=default
virtual StringRef getContents ()=0
 Returns section content.
DebugSectionKind getKind ()
 Returns section kind.
const StringLiteralgetName () const
 Returns section name.
llvm::endianness getEndianess () const
 Returns endianess used by section.
dwarf::FormParams getFormParams () const
 Returns FormParams used by section.

Protected Attributes

DebugSectionKind SectionKind = DebugSectionKind::NumberOfEnumEntries
 The section kind.
dwarf::FormParams Format = {4, 4, dwarf::DWARF32}
 Output format.
llvm::endianness Endianess = llvm::endianness::little

Detailed Description

This structure keeps data of the concrete section.

Definition at line 93 of file DWARFLinker.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SectionDescriptorBase()

llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptorBase::SectionDescriptorBase ( DebugSectionKind  SectionKind,
dwarf::FormParams  Format,
llvm::endianness  Endianess 

Definition at line 94 of file DWARFLinker.h.

◆ ~SectionDescriptorBase()

virtual llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptorBase::~SectionDescriptorBase ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getContents()

virtual StringRef llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptorBase::getContents ( )
pure virtual

Returns section content.

Implemented in llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptor.

◆ getEndianess()

llvm::endianness llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptorBase::getEndianess ( ) const

Returns endianess used by section.

Definition at line 105 of file DWARFLinker.h.

References Endianess.

◆ getFormParams()

dwarf::FormParams llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptorBase::getFormParams ( ) const

◆ getKind()

DebugSectionKind llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptorBase::getKind ( )

Returns section kind.

Definition at line 101 of file DWARFLinker.h.

References SectionKind.

◆ getName()

const StringLiteral & llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptorBase::getName ( ) const

Returns section name.

Definition at line 103 of file DWARFLinker.h.

References llvm::dwarf_linker::getSectionName().

Member Data Documentation

◆ Endianess

llvm::endianness llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptorBase::Endianess = llvm::endianness::little

◆ Format

dwarf::FormParams llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptorBase::Format = {4, 4, dwarf::DWARF32}

◆ SectionKind

DebugSectionKind llvm::dwarf_linker::parallel::SectionDescriptorBase::SectionKind = DebugSectionKind::NumberOfEnumEntries

The section kind.

Definition at line 111 of file DWARFLinker.h.

Referenced by getKind().

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