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llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol Struct Reference

#include "ObjCopy/ELF/ELFObject.h"

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Public Member Functions

uint16_t getShndx () const
bool isCommon () const

Public Attributes

uint8_t Binding
SectionBaseDefinedIn = nullptr
SymbolShndxType ShndxType
uint32_t Index
std::string Name
uint32_t NameIndex
uint64_t Size
uint8_t Type
uint64_t Value
uint8_t Visibility
bool Referenced = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 635 of file ELFObject.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getShndx()

uint16_t Symbol::getShndx ( ) const

◆ isCommon()

bool Symbol::isCommon ( ) const

Definition at line 679 of file ELFObject.cpp.

References getShndx(), and llvm::ELF::SHN_COMMON.

Referenced by updateAndRemoveSymbols().

Member Data Documentation

◆ Binding

uint8_t llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol::Binding

◆ DefinedIn

SectionBase* llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol::DefinedIn = nullptr

◆ Index

uint32_t llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol::Index

◆ Name

std::string llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol::Name

◆ NameIndex

uint32_t llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol::NameIndex

Definition at line 641 of file ELFObject.h.

Referenced by llvm::objcopy::elf::ELFSectionWriter< ELFT >::visit().

◆ Referenced

bool llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol::Referenced = false

◆ ShndxType

SymbolShndxType llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol::ShndxType

Definition at line 638 of file ELFObject.h.

Referenced by llvm::objcopy::elf::SymbolTableSection::addSymbol(), and getShndx().

◆ Size

uint64_t llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol::Size

◆ Type

uint8_t llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol::Type

◆ Value

uint64_t llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol::Value

◆ Visibility

uint8_t llvm::objcopy::elf::Symbol::Visibility

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