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llvm::object::BigArchive::FixLenHdr Struct Reference

Fixed-Length Header. More...

#include "llvm/Object/Archive.h"

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Public Attributes

char Magic [sizeof(BigArchiveMagic) - 1]
 Big archive magic string. More...
char MemOffset [20]
 Offset to member table. More...
char GlobSymOffset [20]
 Offset to global symbol table. More...
char GlobSym64Offset [20]
 Offset global symbol table for 64-bit objects. More...
char FirstChildOffset [20]
 Offset to first archive member. More...
char LastChildOffset [20]
 Offset to last archive member. More...
char FreeOffset [20]
 Offset to first mem on free list. More...

Detailed Description

Fixed-Length Header.

Definition at line 397 of file Archive.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ FirstChildOffset

char llvm::object::BigArchive::FixLenHdr::FirstChildOffset[20]

Offset to first archive member.

Definition at line 403 of file Archive.h.

◆ FreeOffset

char llvm::object::BigArchive::FixLenHdr::FreeOffset[20]

Offset to first mem on free list.

Definition at line 405 of file Archive.h.

◆ GlobSym64Offset

char llvm::object::BigArchive::FixLenHdr::GlobSym64Offset[20]

Offset global symbol table for 64-bit objects.

Definition at line 402 of file Archive.h.

◆ GlobSymOffset

char llvm::object::BigArchive::FixLenHdr::GlobSymOffset[20]

Offset to global symbol table.

Definition at line 400 of file Archive.h.

◆ LastChildOffset

char llvm::object::BigArchive::FixLenHdr::LastChildOffset[20]

Offset to last archive member.

Definition at line 404 of file Archive.h.

◆ Magic

char llvm::object::BigArchive::FixLenHdr::Magic[sizeof(BigArchiveMagic) - 1]

Big archive magic string.

Definition at line 398 of file Archive.h.

◆ MemOffset

char llvm::object::BigArchive::FixLenHdr::MemOffset[20]

Offset to member table.

Definition at line 399 of file Archive.h.

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