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llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32 Struct Reference

#include "llvm/Object/XCOFFObjectFile.h"

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Public Attributes

support::ubig16_t AuxMagic
 If the value of the o_vstamp field is greater than 1, the o_mflags field is reserved for future use and it should contain 0. More...
support::ubig16_t Version
 The valid values are 1 and 2. More...
support::ubig32_t TextSize
support::ubig32_t InitDataSize
support::ubig32_t BssDataSize
support::ubig32_t EntryPointAddr
support::ubig32_t TextStartAddr
support::ubig32_t DataStartAddr
support::ubig32_t TOCAnchorAddr
support::ubig16_t SecNumOfEntryPoint
support::ubig16_t SecNumOfText
support::ubig16_t SecNumOfData
support::ubig16_t SecNumOfTOC
support::ubig16_t SecNumOfLoader
support::ubig16_t SecNumOfBSS
support::ubig16_t MaxAlignOfText
support::ubig16_t MaxAlignOfData
support::ubig16_t ModuleType
uint8_t CpuFlag
uint8_t CpuType
support::ubig32_t MaxStackSize
 If the value is 0, the system default maximum stack size is used. More...
support::ubig32_t MaxDataSize
 If the value is 0, the system default maximum data size is used. More...
support::ubig32_t ReservedForDebugger
 This field should contain 0. More...
uint8_t TextPageSize
 Specifies the size of pages for the exec text. More...
uint8_t DataPageSize
 Specifies the size of pages for the exec data. More...
uint8_t StackPageSize
 Specifies the size of pages for the stack. More...
uint8_t FlagAndTDataAlignment
support::ubig16_t SecNumOfTData
support::ubig16_t SecNumOfTBSS

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader< XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32 >
uint8_t getFlag () const
uint8_t getTDataAlignment () const
uint16_t getVersion () const
- Static Public Attributes inherited from llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader< XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32 >
static constexpr uint8_t AuxiHeaderFlagMask
static constexpr uint8_t AuxiHeaderTDataAlignmentMask

Detailed Description

Definition at line 72 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AuxMagic

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::AuxMagic

If the value of the o_vstamp field is greater than 1, the o_mflags field is reserved for future use and it should contain 0.

Otherwise, this field is not used.

Definition at line 74 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ BssDataSize

support::ubig32_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::BssDataSize

Definition at line 83 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ CpuFlag

uint8_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::CpuFlag

Definition at line 97 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ CpuType

uint8_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::CpuType

Definition at line 98 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ DataPageSize

uint8_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::DataPageSize

Specifies the size of pages for the exec data.

The default value is 0 (system-selected page size).

Definition at line 110 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ DataStartAddr

support::ubig32_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::DataStartAddr

Definition at line 86 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ EntryPointAddr

support::ubig32_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::EntryPointAddr

Definition at line 84 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ FlagAndTDataAlignment

uint8_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::FlagAndTDataAlignment

Definition at line 114 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ InitDataSize

support::ubig32_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::InitDataSize

Definition at line 82 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ MaxAlignOfData

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::MaxAlignOfData

Definition at line 95 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ MaxAlignOfText

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::MaxAlignOfText

Definition at line 94 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ MaxDataSize

support::ubig32_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::MaxDataSize

If the value is 0, the system default maximum data size is used.

Definition at line 101 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ MaxStackSize

support::ubig32_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::MaxStackSize

If the value is 0, the system default maximum stack size is used.

Definition at line 99 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ ModuleType

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::ModuleType

Definition at line 96 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ ReservedForDebugger

support::ubig32_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::ReservedForDebugger

This field should contain 0.

When a loaded program is being debugged, the memory image of this field may be modified by a debugger to insert a trap instruction.

Definition at line 104 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ SecNumOfBSS

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::SecNumOfBSS

Definition at line 93 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ SecNumOfData

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::SecNumOfData

Definition at line 90 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ SecNumOfEntryPoint

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::SecNumOfEntryPoint

Definition at line 88 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ SecNumOfLoader

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::SecNumOfLoader

Definition at line 92 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ SecNumOfTBSS

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::SecNumOfTBSS

Definition at line 116 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ SecNumOfTData

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::SecNumOfTData

Definition at line 115 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ SecNumOfText

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::SecNumOfText

Definition at line 89 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ SecNumOfTOC

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::SecNumOfTOC

Definition at line 91 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ StackPageSize

uint8_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::StackPageSize

Specifies the size of pages for the stack.

The default value is 0 (system-selected page size).

Definition at line 112 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ TextPageSize

uint8_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::TextPageSize

Specifies the size of pages for the exec text.

The default value is 0 (system-selected page size).

Definition at line 108 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ TextSize

support::ubig32_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::TextSize

Definition at line 81 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ TextStartAddr

support::ubig32_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::TextStartAddr

Definition at line 85 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ TOCAnchorAddr

support::ubig32_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::TOCAnchorAddr

Definition at line 87 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

◆ Version

support::ubig16_t llvm::object::XCOFFAuxiliaryHeader32::Version

The valid values are 1 and 2.

When the o_vstamp field is 2 in an XCOFF32 file, the new interpretation of the n_type field in the symbol table entry is used.

Definition at line 78 of file XCOFFObjectFile.h.

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