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AArch64AddressingModes.h File Reference
#include "llvm/ADT/APFloat.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/APInt.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/bit.h"
#include "llvm/Support/ErrorHandling.h"
#include "llvm/Support/MathExtras.h"
#include <cassert>

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namespace  llvm
 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
namespace  llvm::AArch64_AM
 AArch64_AM - AArch64 Addressing Mode Stuff.


enum  llvm::AArch64_AM::ShiftExtendType {
  llvm::AArch64_AM::InvalidShiftExtend = -1 , llvm::AArch64_AM::LSL = 0 , llvm::AArch64_AM::LSR , llvm::AArch64_AM::ASR ,
  llvm::AArch64_AM::ROR , llvm::AArch64_AM::MSL , llvm::AArch64_AM::UXTB , llvm::AArch64_AM::UXTH ,
  llvm::AArch64_AM::UXTW , llvm::AArch64_AM::UXTX , llvm::AArch64_AM::SXTB , llvm::AArch64_AM::SXTH ,
  llvm::AArch64_AM::SXTW , llvm::AArch64_AM::SXTX


static const charllvm::AArch64_AM::getShiftExtendName (AArch64_AM::ShiftExtendType ST)
 getShiftName - Get the string encoding for the shift type.
static AArch64_AM::ShiftExtendType llvm::AArch64_AM::getShiftType (unsigned Imm)
 getShiftType - Extract the shift type.
static unsigned llvm::AArch64_AM::getShiftValue (unsigned Imm)
 getShiftValue - Extract the shift value.
static unsigned llvm::AArch64_AM::getShifterImm (AArch64_AM::ShiftExtendType ST, unsigned Imm)
 getShifterImm - Encode the shift type and amount: imm: 6-bit shift amount shifter: 000 ==> lsl 001 ==> lsr 010 ==> asr 011 ==> ror 100 ==> msl {8-6} = shifter {5-0} = imm
static unsigned llvm::AArch64_AM::getArithShiftValue (unsigned Imm)
 getArithShiftValue - get the arithmetic shift value.
static AArch64_AM::ShiftExtendType llvm::AArch64_AM::getExtendType (unsigned Imm)
 getExtendType - Extract the extend type for operands of arithmetic ops.
static AArch64_AM::ShiftExtendType llvm::AArch64_AM::getArithExtendType (unsigned Imm)
unsigned llvm::AArch64_AM::getExtendEncoding (AArch64_AM::ShiftExtendType ET)
 Mapping from extend bits to required operation: shifter: 000 ==> uxtb 001 ==> uxth 010 ==> uxtw 011 ==> uxtx 100 ==> sxtb 101 ==> sxth 110 ==> sxtw 111 ==> sxtx.
static unsigned llvm::AArch64_AM::getArithExtendImm (AArch64_AM::ShiftExtendType ET, unsigned Imm)
 getArithExtendImm - Encode the extend type and shift amount for an arithmetic instruction: imm: 3-bit extend amount {5-3} = shifter {2-0} = imm3
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::getMemDoShift (unsigned Imm)
 getMemDoShift - Extract the "do shift" flag value for load/store instructions.
static AArch64_AM::ShiftExtendType llvm::AArch64_AM::getMemExtendType (unsigned Imm)
 getExtendType - Extract the extend type for the offset operand of loads/stores.
static unsigned llvm::AArch64_AM::getMemExtendImm (AArch64_AM::ShiftExtendType ET, bool DoShift)
 getExtendImm - Encode the extend type and amount for a load/store inst: doshift: should the offset be scaled by the access size shifter: 000 ==> uxtb 001 ==> uxth 010 ==> uxtw 011 ==> uxtx 100 ==> sxtb 101 ==> sxth 110 ==> sxtw 111 ==> sxtx {3-1} = shifter {0} = doshift
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::ror (uint64_t elt, unsigned size)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::processLogicalImmediate (uint64_t Imm, unsigned RegSize, uint64_t &Encoding)
 processLogicalImmediate - Determine if an immediate value can be encoded as the immediate operand of a logical instruction for the given register size.
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isLogicalImmediate (uint64_t imm, unsigned regSize)
 isLogicalImmediate - Return true if the immediate is valid for a logical immediate instruction of the given register size.
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeLogicalImmediate (uint64_t imm, unsigned regSize)
 encodeLogicalImmediate - Return the encoded immediate value for a logical immediate instruction of the given register size.
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeLogicalImmediate (uint64_t val, unsigned regSize)
 decodeLogicalImmediate - Decode a logical immediate value in the form "N:immr:imms" (where the immr and imms fields are each 6 bits) into the integer value it represents with regSize bits.
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isValidDecodeLogicalImmediate (uint64_t val, unsigned regSize)
 isValidDecodeLogicalImmediate - Check to see if the logical immediate value in the form "N:immr:imms" (where the immr and imms fields are each 6 bits) is a valid encoding for an integer value with regSize bits.
static float llvm::AArch64_AM::getFPImmFloat (unsigned Imm)
static int llvm::AArch64_AM::getFP16Imm (const APInt &Imm)
 getFP16Imm - Return an 8-bit floating-point version of the 16-bit floating-point value.
static int llvm::AArch64_AM::getFP16Imm (const APFloat &FPImm)
static int llvm::AArch64_AM::getFP32Imm (const APInt &Imm)
 getFP32Imm - Return an 8-bit floating-point version of the 32-bit floating-point value.
static int llvm::AArch64_AM::getFP32Imm (const APFloat &FPImm)
static int llvm::AArch64_AM::getFP64Imm (const APInt &Imm)
 getFP64Imm - Return an 8-bit floating-point version of the 64-bit floating-point value.
static int llvm::AArch64_AM::getFP64Imm (const APFloat &FPImm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType1 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType1 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType1 (uint8_t Imm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType2 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType2 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType2 (uint8_t Imm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType3 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType3 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType3 (uint8_t Imm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType4 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType4 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType4 (uint8_t Imm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType5 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType5 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType5 (uint8_t Imm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType6 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType6 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType6 (uint8_t Imm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType7 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType7 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType7 (uint8_t Imm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType8 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType8 (uint8_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType8 (uint64_t Imm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType9 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType9 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType9 (uint8_t Imm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType10 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType10 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType10 (uint8_t Imm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType11 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType11 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType11 (uint8_t Imm)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAdvSIMDModImmType12 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint8_t llvm::AArch64_AM::encodeAdvSIMDModImmType12 (uint64_t Imm)
static uint64_t llvm::AArch64_AM::decodeAdvSIMDModImmType12 (uint8_t Imm)
template<typename T >
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isSVEMaskOfIdenticalElements (int64_t Imm)
 Returns true if Imm is the concatenation of a repeating pattern of type T.
template<typename T >
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isSVECpyImm (int64_t Imm)
 Returns true if Imm is valid for CPY/DUP.
template<typename T >
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isSVEAddSubImm (int64_t Imm)
 Returns true if Imm is valid for ADD/SUB.
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isSVEMoveMaskPreferredLogicalImmediate (int64_t Imm)
 Return true if Imm is valid for DUPM and has no single CPY/DUP equivalent.
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAnyMOVZMovAlias (uint64_t Value, int RegWidth)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isMOVZMovAlias (uint64_t Value, int Shift, int RegWidth)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isMOVNMovAlias (uint64_t Value, int Shift, int RegWidth)
static bool llvm::AArch64_AM::isAnyMOVWMovAlias (uint64_t Value, int RegWidth)