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ARMBaseInfo.h File Reference
#include "llvm/ADT/StringSwitch.h"
#include "llvm/Support/ErrorHandling.h"
#include "llvm/MC/SubtargetFeature.h"
#include "MCTargetDesc/ARMMCTargetDesc.h"
#include "ARMGenSystemRegister.inc"
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struct  llvm::ARMSysReg::MClassSysReg
struct  llvm::ARMBankedReg::BankedReg


 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
 Define some predicates that are used for node matching.




enum  llvm::ARMCC::CondCodes {
  llvm::ARMCC::EQ, llvm::ARMCC::NE, llvm::ARMCC::HS, llvm::ARMCC::LO,
  llvm::ARMCC::MI, llvm::ARMCC::PL, llvm::ARMCC::VS, llvm::ARMCC::VC,
  llvm::ARMCC::HI, llvm::ARMCC::LS, llvm::ARMCC::GE, llvm::ARMCC::LT,
  llvm::ARMCC::GT, llvm::ARMCC::LE, llvm::ARMCC::AL
enum  llvm::ARMVCC::VPTCodes { llvm::ARMVCC::None = 0, llvm::ARMVCC::Then, llvm::ARMVCC::Else }
enum  llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask {
  llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::T = 0b1000, llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TT = 0b0100, llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TE = 0b1100, llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TTT = 0b0010,
  llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TTE = 0b0110, llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TEE = 0b1110, llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TET = 0b1010, llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TTTT = 0b0001,
  llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TTTE = 0b0011, llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TTEE = 0b0111, llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TTET = 0b0101, llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TEEE = 0b1111,
  llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TEET = 0b1101, llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TETT = 0b1001, llvm::ARM::PredBlockMask::TETE = 0b1011
 Mask values for IT and VPT Blocks, to be used by MCOperands. More...


static CondCodes llvm::ARMCC::getOppositeCondition (CondCodes CC)
static ARMCC::CondCodes llvm::ARMCC::getSwappedCondition (ARMCC::CondCodes CC)
 getSwappedCondition - assume the flags are set by MI(a,b), return the condition code if we modify the instructions such that flags are set by MI(b,a). More...
ARM::PredBlockMask llvm::expandPredBlockMask (ARM::PredBlockMask BlockMask, ARMVCC::VPTCodes Kind)
static const char * llvm::ARMVPTPredToString (ARMVCC::VPTCodes CC)
static unsigned llvm::ARMVectorCondCodeFromString (StringRef CC)
static const char * llvm::ARMCondCodeToString (ARMCC::CondCodes CC)
static unsigned llvm::ARMCondCodeFromString (StringRef CC)
const MClassSysReg * llvm::ARMSysReg::lookupMClassSysRegBy12bitSYSmValue (unsigned SYSm)
const MClassSysReg * llvm::ARMSysReg::lookupMClassSysRegAPSRNonDeprecated (unsigned SYSm)
const MClassSysReg * llvm::ARMSysReg::lookupMClassSysRegBy8bitSYSmValue (unsigned SYSm)

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