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llvm::AsmLexer Class Reference

AsmLexer - Lexer class for assembly files. More...

#include "llvm/MC/MCParser/AsmLexer.h"

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Public Member Functions

 AsmLexer (const MCAsmInfo &MAI)
 AsmLexer (const AsmLexer &)=delete
AsmLexeroperator= (const AsmLexer &)=delete
 ~AsmLexer () override
void setBuffer (StringRef Buf, const char *ptr=nullptr, bool EndStatementAtEOF=true)
StringRef LexUntilEndOfStatement () override
size_t peekTokens (MutableArrayRef< AsmToken > Buf, bool ShouldSkipSpace=true) override
 Look ahead an arbitrary number of tokens.
const MCAsmInfogetMAI () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCAsmLexer
 MCAsmLexer (const MCAsmLexer &)=delete
MCAsmLexeroperator= (const MCAsmLexer &)=delete
virtual ~MCAsmLexer ()
const AsmTokenLex ()
 Consume the next token from the input stream and return it.
void UnLex (AsmToken const &Token)
bool isAtStartOfStatement ()
virtual StringRef LexUntilEndOfStatement ()=0
SMLoc getLoc () const
 Get the current source location.
const AsmTokengetTok () const
 Get the current (last) lexed token.
const AsmToken peekTok (bool ShouldSkipSpace=true)
 Look ahead at the next token to be lexed.
virtual size_t peekTokens (MutableArrayRef< AsmToken > Buf, bool ShouldSkipSpace=true)=0
 Look ahead an arbitrary number of tokens.
SMLoc getErrLoc ()
 Get the current error location.
const std::string & getErr ()
 Get the current error string.
AsmToken::TokenKind getKind () const
 Get the kind of current token.
bool is (AsmToken::TokenKind K) const
 Check if the current token has kind K.
bool isNot (AsmToken::TokenKind K) const
 Check if the current token has kind K.
void setSkipSpace (bool val)
 Set whether spaces should be ignored by the lexer.
bool getAllowAtInIdentifier ()
void setAllowAtInIdentifier (bool v)
void setAllowHashInIdentifier (bool V)
void setCommentConsumer (AsmCommentConsumer *CommentConsumer)
void setLexMasmIntegers (bool V)
 Set whether to lex masm-style binary (e.g., 0b1101) and radix-specified literals (e.g., 0ABCh [hex], 576t [decimal], 77o [octal], 1101y [binary]).
void useMasmDefaultRadix (bool V)
 Set whether to use masm-style default-radix integer literals.
unsigned getMasmDefaultRadix () const
void setMasmDefaultRadix (unsigned Radix)
void setLexMasmHexFloats (bool V)
 Set whether to lex masm-style hex float literals, such as 3f800000r.
void setLexMasmStrings (bool V)
 Set whether to lex masm-style string literals, such as 'Can''t find file' and "This ""value"" not found".
void setLexMotorolaIntegers (bool V)
 Set whether to lex Motorola-style integer literals, such as $deadbeef or %01010110.
void setLexHLASMIntegers (bool V)
 Set whether to lex HLASM-flavour integers. For now this is only [0-9]*.
void setLexHLASMStrings (bool V)
 Set whether to "lex" HLASM-flavour character and string literals.

Protected Member Functions

AsmToken LexToken () override
 LexToken - Read the next token and return its code.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCAsmLexer
 MCAsmLexer ()
virtual AsmToken LexToken ()=0
void SetError (SMLoc errLoc, const std::string &err)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::MCAsmLexer
const charTokStart = nullptr
bool SkipSpace = true
bool AllowAtInIdentifier = false
bool AllowHashInIdentifier = false
bool IsAtStartOfStatement = true
bool LexMasmHexFloats = false
bool LexMasmIntegers = false
bool LexMasmStrings = false
bool LexMotorolaIntegers = false
bool UseMasmDefaultRadix = false
unsigned DefaultRadix = 10
bool LexHLASMIntegers = false
bool LexHLASMStrings = false
AsmCommentConsumerCommentConsumer = nullptr

Detailed Description

AsmLexer - Lexer class for assembly files.

Definition at line 25 of file AsmLexer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AsmLexer() [1/2]

AsmLexer::AsmLexer ( const MCAsmInfo MAI)

◆ AsmLexer() [2/2]

llvm::AsmLexer::AsmLexer ( const AsmLexer )

◆ ~AsmLexer()

AsmLexer::~AsmLexer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMAI()

const MCAsmInfo & llvm::AsmLexer::getMAI ( ) const

Definition at line 53 of file AsmLexer.h.

◆ LexToken()

AsmToken AsmLexer::LexToken ( )

LexToken - Read the next token and return its code.

Implements llvm::MCAsmLexer.

Definition at line 731 of file AsmLexer.cpp.

References llvm::AsmToken::Amp, llvm::AsmToken::AmpAmp, llvm::AsmToken::At, llvm::AsmToken::BackSlash, llvm::AsmToken::Caret, llvm::AsmToken::Colon, llvm::AsmToken::Comma, llvm::Default, llvm::MCAsmInfo::doesAllowAtAtStartOfIdentifier(), llvm::MCAsmInfo::doesAllowDollarAtStartOfIdentifier(), llvm::MCAsmInfo::doesAllowHashAtStartOfIdentifier(), llvm::MCAsmInfo::doesAllowQuestionAtStartOfIdentifier(), llvm::AsmToken::Dollar, llvm::StringRef::end(), llvm::AsmToken::EndOfStatement, llvm::AsmToken::Eof, llvm::AsmToken::Equal, llvm::AsmToken::EqualEqual, llvm::AsmToken::Exclaim, llvm::AsmToken::ExclaimEqual, llvm::MCAsmInfo::getSeparatorString(), llvm::AsmToken::Greater, llvm::AsmToken::GreaterEqual, llvm::AsmToken::GreaterGreater, llvm::AsmToken::Hash, llvm::AsmToken::HashDirective, llvm::MCAsmInfo::hasMipsExpressions(), llvm::AsmToken::Integer, llvm::MCAsmLexer::is(), isHexDigit(), llvm::AsmToken::LBrac, llvm::AsmToken::LCurly, llvm::AsmToken::Less, llvm::AsmToken::LessEqual, llvm::AsmToken::LessGreater, llvm::AsmToken::LessLess, llvm::MCAsmLexer::LexMotorolaIntegers, LexToken(), llvm::AsmToken::LParen, llvm::AsmToken::Minus, llvm::AsmToken::MinusGreater, peekTokens(), llvm::AsmToken::Percent, llvm::AsmToken::PercentCall16, llvm::AsmToken::PercentCall_Hi, llvm::AsmToken::PercentCall_Lo, llvm::AsmToken::PercentDtprel_Hi, llvm::AsmToken::PercentDtprel_Lo, llvm::AsmToken::PercentGot, llvm::AsmToken::PercentGot_Disp, llvm::AsmToken::PercentGot_Hi, llvm::AsmToken::PercentGot_Lo, llvm::AsmToken::PercentGot_Ofst, llvm::AsmToken::PercentGot_Page, llvm::AsmToken::PercentGottprel, llvm::AsmToken::PercentGp_Rel, llvm::AsmToken::PercentHi, llvm::AsmToken::PercentHigher, llvm::AsmToken::PercentHighest, llvm::AsmToken::PercentLo, llvm::AsmToken::PercentNeg, llvm::AsmToken::PercentPcrel_Hi, llvm::AsmToken::PercentPcrel_Lo, llvm::AsmToken::PercentTlsgd, llvm::AsmToken::PercentTlsldm, llvm::AsmToken::PercentTprel_Hi, llvm::AsmToken::PercentTprel_Lo, llvm::AsmToken::Pipe, llvm::AsmToken::PipePipe, llvm::AsmToken::Plus, llvm::AsmToken::Question, llvm::AsmToken::RBrac, llvm::AsmToken::RCurly, llvm::AsmToken::RParen, llvm::MCAsmInfo::shouldAllowAdditionalComments(), llvm::MCAsmLexer::SkipSpace, llvm::AsmToken::Space, llvm::AsmToken::Star, llvm::AsmToken::String, llvm::AsmToken::Tilde, llvm::MCAsmLexer::TokStart, and llvm::MCAsmLexer::UnLex().

Referenced by LexToken(), and peekTokens().

◆ LexUntilEndOfStatement()

StringRef AsmLexer::LexUntilEndOfStatement ( )

Implements llvm::MCAsmLexer.

Definition at line 665 of file AsmLexer.cpp.

References llvm::StringRef::end(), and llvm::MCAsmLexer::TokStart.

◆ operator=()

AsmLexer & llvm::AsmLexer::operator= ( const AsmLexer )

◆ peekTokens()

size_t AsmLexer::peekTokens ( MutableArrayRef< AsmToken Buf,
bool  ShouldSkipSpace = true 

◆ setBuffer()

void AsmLexer::setBuffer ( StringRef  Buf,
const char ptr = nullptr,
bool  EndStatementAtEOF = true 

Definition at line 41 of file AsmLexer.cpp.

References llvm::StringRef::begin(), and llvm::MCAsmLexer::TokStart.

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