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llvm::AttributeImpl Class Reference

#include "IR/AttributeImpl.h"

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Public Member Functions

 AttributeImpl (const AttributeImpl &)=delete
AttributeImploperator= (const AttributeImpl &)=delete
bool isEnumAttribute () const
bool isIntAttribute () const
bool isStringAttribute () const
bool isTypeAttribute () const
bool hasAttribute (Attribute::AttrKind A) const
bool hasAttribute (StringRef Kind) const
Attribute::AttrKind getKindAsEnum () const
uint64_t getValueAsInt () const
bool getValueAsBool () const
StringRef getKindAsString () const
StringRef getValueAsString () const
TypegetValueAsType () const
bool operator< (const AttributeImpl &AI) const
 Used when sorting the attributes. More...
void Profile (FoldingSetNodeID &ID) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::FoldingSetBase::Node
 Node ()=default
void * getNextInBucket () const
void SetNextInBucket (void *N)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Profile (FoldingSetNodeID &ID, Attribute::AttrKind Kind, uint64_t Val)
static void Profile (FoldingSetNodeID &ID, StringRef Kind, StringRef Values)
static void Profile (FoldingSetNodeID &ID, Attribute::AttrKind Kind, Type *Ty)

Protected Types

enum  AttrEntryKind { EnumAttrEntry, IntAttrEntry, StringAttrEntry, TypeAttrEntry }

Protected Member Functions

 AttributeImpl (AttrEntryKind KindID)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file AttributeImpl.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ AttrEntryKind


Definition at line 43 of file AttributeImpl.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AttributeImpl() [1/2]

llvm::AttributeImpl::AttributeImpl ( AttrEntryKind  KindID)

Definition at line 50 of file AttributeImpl.h.

◆ AttributeImpl() [2/2]

llvm::AttributeImpl::AttributeImpl ( const AttributeImpl )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getKindAsEnum()

Attribute::AttrKind AttributeImpl::getKindAsEnum ( ) const

◆ getKindAsString()

StringRef AttributeImpl::getKindAsString ( ) const

Definition at line 546 of file Attributes.cpp.

References assert(), and isStringAttribute().

Referenced by llvm::Attribute::getKindAsString(), hasAttribute(), operator<(), and Profile().

◆ getValueAsBool()

bool AttributeImpl::getValueAsBool ( ) const

Definition at line 541 of file Attributes.cpp.

References assert(), llvm::empty(), and getValueAsString().

Referenced by llvm::Attribute::getValueAsBool().

◆ getValueAsInt()

uint64_t AttributeImpl::getValueAsInt ( ) const

◆ getValueAsString()

StringRef AttributeImpl::getValueAsString ( ) const

◆ getValueAsType()

Type * AttributeImpl::getValueAsType ( ) const

Definition at line 556 of file Attributes.cpp.

References assert(), and isTypeAttribute().

Referenced by llvm::Attribute::getValueAsType(), and Profile().

◆ hasAttribute() [1/2]

bool AttributeImpl::hasAttribute ( Attribute::AttrKind  A) const

Definition at line 521 of file Attributes.cpp.

References A, getKindAsEnum(), and isStringAttribute().

Referenced by llvm::Attribute::hasAttribute().

◆ hasAttribute() [2/2]

bool AttributeImpl::hasAttribute ( StringRef  Kind) const

Definition at line 526 of file Attributes.cpp.

References getKindAsString(), and isStringAttribute().

◆ isEnumAttribute()

bool llvm::AttributeImpl::isEnumAttribute ( ) const

Definition at line 57 of file AttributeImpl.h.

References EnumAttrEntry.

Referenced by getKindAsEnum(), llvm::Attribute::isEnumAttribute(), operator<(), and Profile().

◆ isIntAttribute()

bool llvm::AttributeImpl::isIntAttribute ( ) const

◆ isStringAttribute()

bool llvm::AttributeImpl::isStringAttribute ( ) const

◆ isTypeAttribute()

bool llvm::AttributeImpl::isTypeAttribute ( ) const

◆ operator<()

bool AttributeImpl::operator< ( const AttributeImpl AI) const

◆ operator=()

AttributeImpl& llvm::AttributeImpl::operator= ( const AttributeImpl )

◆ Profile() [1/4]

void llvm::AttributeImpl::Profile ( FoldingSetNodeID ID) const

◆ Profile() [2/4]

static void llvm::AttributeImpl::Profile ( FoldingSetNodeID ID,
Attribute::AttrKind  Kind,
Type Ty 

Definition at line 99 of file AttributeImpl.h.

◆ Profile() [3/4]

static void llvm::AttributeImpl::Profile ( FoldingSetNodeID ID,
Attribute::AttrKind  Kind,
uint64_t  Val 

Definition at line 88 of file AttributeImpl.h.

◆ Profile() [4/4]

static void llvm::AttributeImpl::Profile ( FoldingSetNodeID ID,
StringRef  Kind,
StringRef  Values 

Definition at line 94 of file AttributeImpl.h.

References llvm::StringRef::empty().

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