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llvm::DIEBlock Class Reference

DIEBlock - Represents a block of values. More...

#include "llvm/CodeGen/DIE.h"

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Public Member Functions

 DIEBlock ()=default
unsigned ComputeSize (const AsmPrinter *AP) const
 ComputeSize - Calculate the size of the location expression. More...
dwarf::Form BestForm () const
 BestForm - Choose the best form for data. More...
void EmitValue (const AsmPrinter *Asm, dwarf::Form Form) const
 EmitValue - Emit block data. More...
unsigned SizeOf (const AsmPrinter *AP, dwarf::Form Form) const
 SizeOf - Determine size of block data in bytes. More...
void print (raw_ostream &O) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::DIEValueList
value_iterator addValue (BumpPtrAllocator &Alloc, const DIEValue &V)
template<class T >
value_iterator addValue (BumpPtrAllocator &Alloc, dwarf::Attribute Attribute, dwarf::Form Form, T &&Value)
void takeValues (DIEValueList &Other)
 Take ownership of the nodes in Other, and append them to the back of the list. More...
value_range values ()
const_value_range values () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from llvm::DIEValueList
using value_range = iterator_range< value_iterator >
using const_value_range = iterator_range< const_value_iterator >

Detailed Description

DIEBlock - Represents a block of values.

Definition at line 937 of file DIE.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DIEBlock()

llvm::DIEBlock::DIEBlock ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ BestForm()

dwarf::Form llvm::DIEBlock::BestForm ( ) const

BestForm - Choose the best form for data.

Definition at line 949 of file DIE.h.

References llvm::HexStyle::Asm, llvm::RISCVFenceField::O, and print().

Referenced by llvm::DwarfUnit::addBlock().

◆ ComputeSize()

unsigned DIEBlock::ComputeSize ( const AsmPrinter AP) const

ComputeSize - Calculate the size of the location expression.

ComputeSize - calculate the size of the block.

Definition at line 752 of file DIE.cpp.

References Size, and llvm::cl::values().

Referenced by llvm::DwarfUnit::addBlock().

◆ EmitValue()

void DIEBlock::EmitValue ( const AsmPrinter Asm,
dwarf::Form  Form 
) const

◆ print()

LLVM_DUMP_METHOD void DIEBlock::print ( raw_ostream O) const

Definition at line 792 of file DIE.cpp.

References printValues(), and Size.

◆ SizeOf()

unsigned DIEBlock::SizeOf ( const AsmPrinter AP,
dwarf::Form  Form 
) const

SizeOf - Determine size of block data in bytes.

Definition at line 780 of file DIE.cpp.

References llvm::getULEB128Size(), LLVM_DUMP_METHOD, llvm_unreachable, and Size.

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