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llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter Class Referenceabstract

#include "llvm/MC/MCMachObjectWriter.h"

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~MCMachObjectTargetWriter ()
Triple::ObjectFormatType getFormat () const override
Lifetime Management
virtual void reset ()
bool is64Bit () const
uint32_t getCPUType () const
uint32_t getCPUSubtype () const
unsigned getLocalDifferenceRelocationType () const
virtual void recordRelocation (MachObjectWriter *Writer, MCAssembler &Asm, const MCAsmLayout &Layout, const MCFragment *Fragment, const MCFixup &Fixup, MCValue Target, uint64_t &FixedValue)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCObjectTargetWriter
virtual ~MCObjectTargetWriter ()=default
virtual Triple::ObjectFormatType getFormat () const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static bool classof (const MCObjectTargetWriter *W)

Public Attributes

unsigned LocalDifference_RIT = 0

Protected Member Functions

 MCMachObjectTargetWriter (bool Is64Bit_, uint32_t CPUType_, uint32_t CPUSubtype_)
void setLocalDifferenceRelocationType (unsigned Type)

Protected Attributes

uint32_t CPUSubtype

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MCMachObjectTargetWriter()

MCMachObjectTargetWriter::MCMachObjectTargetWriter ( bool  Is64Bit_,
uint32_t  CPUType_,
uint32_t  CPUSubtype_ 

Definition at line 13 of file MCMachObjectTargetWriter.cpp.

◆ ~MCMachObjectTargetWriter()

MCMachObjectTargetWriter::~MCMachObjectTargetWriter ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ classof()

static bool llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter::classof ( const MCObjectTargetWriter W)

Definition at line 49 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

References llvm::Triple::MachO.

◆ getCPUSubtype()

uint32_t llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter::getCPUSubtype ( ) const

Definition at line 65 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

References CPUSubtype.

◆ getCPUType()

uint32_t llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter::getCPUType ( ) const

Definition at line 64 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

◆ getFormat()

Triple::ObjectFormatType llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter::getFormat ( ) const

Implements llvm::MCObjectTargetWriter.

Definition at line 48 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

References llvm::Triple::MachO.

◆ getLocalDifferenceRelocationType()

unsigned llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter::getLocalDifferenceRelocationType ( ) const

Definition at line 66 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

References LocalDifference_RIT.

◆ is64Bit()

bool llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter::is64Bit ( ) const

Definition at line 63 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

◆ recordRelocation()

virtual void llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter::recordRelocation ( MachObjectWriter Writer,
MCAssembler Asm,
const MCAsmLayout Layout,
const MCFragment Fragment,
const MCFixup Fixup,
MCValue  Target,
uint64_t FixedValue 
pure virtual

◆ reset()

virtual void llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter::reset ( )

Definition at line 56 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

◆ setLocalDifferenceRelocationType()

void llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter::setLocalDifferenceRelocationType ( unsigned  Type)

Definition at line 41 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

References LocalDifference_RIT.

Member Data Documentation

◆ CPUSubtype

uint32_t llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter::CPUSubtype

Definition at line 33 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

Referenced by getCPUSubtype().

◆ LocalDifference_RIT

unsigned llvm::MCMachObjectTargetWriter::LocalDifference_RIT = 0

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