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llvm::MachObjectWriter Class Reference

#include "llvm/MC/MCMachObjectWriter.h"

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Public Member Functions

 MachObjectWriter (std::unique_ptr< MCMachObjectTargetWriter > MOTW, raw_pwrite_stream &OS, bool IsLittleEndian)
const MCSymbolfindAliasedSymbol (const MCSymbol &Sym) const
void writeHeader (MachO::HeaderFileType Type, unsigned NumLoadCommands, unsigned LoadCommandsSize, bool SubsectionsViaSymbols)
void writeSegmentLoadCommand (StringRef Name, unsigned NumSections, uint64_t VMAddr, uint64_t VMSize, uint64_t SectionDataStartOffset, uint64_t SectionDataSize, uint32_t MaxProt, uint32_t InitProt)
 Write a segment load command.
void writeSection (const MCAsmLayout &Layout, const MCSection &Sec, uint64_t VMAddr, uint64_t FileOffset, unsigned Flags, uint64_t RelocationsStart, unsigned NumRelocations)
void writeSymtabLoadCommand (uint32_t SymbolOffset, uint32_t NumSymbols, uint32_t StringTableOffset, uint32_t StringTableSize)
void writeDysymtabLoadCommand (uint32_t FirstLocalSymbol, uint32_t NumLocalSymbols, uint32_t FirstExternalSymbol, uint32_t NumExternalSymbols, uint32_t FirstUndefinedSymbol, uint32_t NumUndefinedSymbols, uint32_t IndirectSymbolOffset, uint32_t NumIndirectSymbols)
void writeNlist (MachSymbolData &MSD, const MCAsmLayout &Layout)
void writeLinkeditLoadCommand (uint32_t Type, uint32_t DataOffset, uint32_t DataSize)
void writeLinkerOptionsLoadCommand (const std::vector< std::string > &Options)
void addRelocation (const MCSymbol *RelSymbol, const MCSection *Sec, MachO::any_relocation_info &MRE)
void recordRelocation (MCAssembler &Asm, const MCAsmLayout &Layout, const MCFragment *Fragment, const MCFixup &Fixup, MCValue Target, uint64_t &FixedValue) override
 Record a relocation entry.
void bindIndirectSymbols (MCAssembler &Asm)
void computeSymbolTable (MCAssembler &Asm, std::vector< MachSymbolData > &LocalSymbolData, std::vector< MachSymbolData > &ExternalSymbolData, std::vector< MachSymbolData > &UndefinedSymbolData)
 Compute the symbol table data.
void computeSectionAddresses (const MCAssembler &Asm, const MCAsmLayout &Layout)
void executePostLayoutBinding (MCAssembler &Asm, const MCAsmLayout &Layout) override
 Perform any late binding of symbols (for example, to assign symbol indices for use when generating relocations).
bool isSymbolRefDifferenceFullyResolvedImpl (const MCAssembler &Asm, const MCSymbol &A, const MCSymbol &B, bool InSet) const override
bool isSymbolRefDifferenceFullyResolvedImpl (const MCAssembler &Asm, const MCSymbol &SymA, const MCFragment &FB, bool InSet, bool IsPCRel) const override
void populateAddrSigSection (MCAssembler &Asm)
uint64_t writeObject (MCAssembler &Asm, const MCAsmLayout &Layout) override
 Write the object file and returns the number of bytes written.
Lifetime management Methods
void reset () override
 lifetime management
Utility Methods
bool isFixupKindPCRel (const MCAssembler &Asm, unsigned Kind)
SectionAddrMapgetSectionAddressMap ()
uint64_t getSectionAddress (const MCSection *Sec) const
uint64_t getSymbolAddress (const MCSymbol &S, const MCAsmLayout &Layout) const
uint64_t getFragmentAddress (const MCFragment *Fragment, const MCAsmLayout &Layout) const
uint64_t getPaddingSize (const MCSection *SD, const MCAsmLayout &Layout) const
bool doesSymbolRequireExternRelocation (const MCSymbol &S)
Target Writer Proxy Accessors
bool is64Bit () const
bool isX86_64 () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCObjectWriter
 MCObjectWriter (const MCObjectWriter &)=delete
MCObjectWriteroperator= (const MCObjectWriter &)=delete
virtual ~MCObjectWriter ()
virtual void reset ()
 lifetime management
bool isSymbolRefDifferenceFullyResolved (const MCAssembler &Asm, const MCSymbolRefExpr *A, const MCSymbolRefExpr *B, bool InSet) const
 Check whether the difference (A - B) between two symbol references is fully resolved.
virtual void markGnuAbi ()
 ELF only. Mark that we have seen GNU ABI usage (e.g. SHF_GNU_RETAIN).
virtual void setOverrideABIVersion (uint8_t ABIVersion)
 ELF only, override the default ABIVersion in the ELF header.
void emitAddrsigSection ()
 Tell the object writer to emit an address-significance table during writeObject().
bool getEmitAddrsigSection ()
void addAddrsigSymbol (const MCSymbol *Sym)
 Record the given symbol in the address-significance table to be written diring writeObject().
std::vector< const MCSymbol * > & getAddrsigSyms ()
virtual void addExceptionEntry (const MCSymbol *Symbol, const MCSymbol *Trap, unsigned LanguageCode, unsigned ReasonCode, unsigned FunctionSize, bool hasDebug)
virtual void addCInfoSymEntry (StringRef Name, StringRef Metadata)

Public Attributes

support::endian::Writer W

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCObjectWriter
 MCObjectWriter ()=default
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::MCObjectWriter
std::vector< const MCSymbol * > AddrsigSyms
bool EmitAddrsigSection = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 84 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MachObjectWriter()

llvm::MachObjectWriter::MachObjectWriter ( std::unique_ptr< MCMachObjectTargetWriter MOTW,
raw_pwrite_stream OS,
bool  IsLittleEndian 

Definition at line 129 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addRelocation()

void llvm::MachObjectWriter::addRelocation ( const MCSymbol RelSymbol,
const MCSection Sec,
MachO::any_relocation_info MRE 

Definition at line 233 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

References P.

Referenced by populateAddrSigSection().

◆ bindIndirectSymbols()

void MachObjectWriter::bindIndirectSymbols ( MCAssembler Asm)

◆ computeSectionAddresses()

void MachObjectWriter::computeSectionAddresses ( const MCAssembler Asm,
const MCAsmLayout Layout 

◆ computeSymbolTable()

void MachObjectWriter::computeSymbolTable ( MCAssembler Asm,
std::vector< MachSymbolData > &  LocalSymbolData,
std::vector< MachSymbolData > &  ExternalSymbolData,
std::vector< MachSymbolData > &  UndefinedSymbolData 

◆ doesSymbolRequireExternRelocation()

bool MachObjectWriter::doesSymbolRequireExternRelocation ( const MCSymbol S)

Definition at line 57 of file MachObjectWriter.cpp.

References llvm::MCSymbol::isUndefined().

◆ executePostLayoutBinding()

void MachObjectWriter::executePostLayoutBinding ( MCAssembler Asm,
const MCAsmLayout Layout 

Perform any late binding of symbols (for example, to assign symbol indices for use when generating relocations).

This routine is called by the assembler after layout and relaxation is complete.

Implements llvm::MCObjectWriter.

Definition at line 656 of file MachObjectWriter.cpp.

References bindIndirectSymbols(), and computeSectionAddresses().

◆ findAliasedSymbol()

const MCSymbol & MachObjectWriter::findAliasedSymbol ( const MCSymbol Sym) const

◆ getFragmentAddress()

uint64_t MachObjectWriter::getFragmentAddress ( const MCFragment Fragment,
const MCAsmLayout Layout 
) const

◆ getPaddingSize()

uint64_t MachObjectWriter::getPaddingSize ( const MCSection SD,
const MCAsmLayout Layout 
) const

◆ getSectionAddress()

uint64_t llvm::MachObjectWriter::getSectionAddress ( const MCSection Sec) const

◆ getSectionAddressMap()

SectionAddrMap & llvm::MachObjectWriter::getSectionAddressMap ( )

Definition at line 153 of file MCMachObjectWriter.h.

◆ getSymbolAddress()

uint64_t MachObjectWriter::getSymbolAddress ( const MCSymbol S,
const MCAsmLayout Layout 
) const

◆ is64Bit()

bool llvm::MachObjectWriter::is64Bit ( ) const

◆ isFixupKindPCRel()

bool MachObjectWriter::isFixupKindPCRel ( const MCAssembler Asm,
unsigned  Kind 

◆ isSymbolRefDifferenceFullyResolvedImpl() [1/2]

bool MachObjectWriter::isSymbolRefDifferenceFullyResolvedImpl ( const MCAssembler Asm,
const MCSymbol A,
const MCSymbol B,
bool  InSet 
) const

Reimplemented from llvm::MCObjectWriter.

Definition at line 664 of file MachObjectWriter.cpp.

References A, B, and llvm::MCObjectWriter::isSymbolRefDifferenceFullyResolvedImpl().

◆ isSymbolRefDifferenceFullyResolvedImpl() [2/2]

bool MachObjectWriter::isSymbolRefDifferenceFullyResolvedImpl ( const MCAssembler Asm,
const MCSymbol SymA,
const MCFragment FB,
bool  InSet,
bool  IsPCRel 
) const

◆ isX86_64()

bool llvm::MachObjectWriter::isX86_64 ( ) const

◆ populateAddrSigSection()

void MachObjectWriter::populateAddrSigSection ( MCAssembler Asm)

◆ recordRelocation()

void MachObjectWriter::recordRelocation ( MCAssembler Asm,
const MCAsmLayout Layout,
const MCFragment Fragment,
const MCFixup Fixup,
MCValue  Target,
uint64_t FixedValue 

Record a relocation entry.

This routine is called by the assembler after layout and relaxation, and post layout binding. The implementation is responsible for storing information about the relocation so that it can be emitted during writeObject().

Implements llvm::MCObjectWriter.

Definition at line 463 of file MachObjectWriter.cpp.

References Fixup, and isFixupTargetValid().

◆ reset()

void MachObjectWriter::reset ( )

lifetime management

Reimplemented from llvm::MCObjectWriter.

Definition at line 47 of file MachObjectWriter.cpp.

References llvm::StringTableBuilder::clear(), and llvm::MCObjectWriter::reset().

◆ writeDysymtabLoadCommand()

void MachObjectWriter::writeDysymtabLoadCommand ( uint32_t  FirstLocalSymbol,
uint32_t  NumLocalSymbols,
uint32_t  FirstExternalSymbol,
uint32_t  NumExternalSymbols,
uint32_t  FirstUndefinedSymbol,
uint32_t  NumUndefinedSymbols,
uint32_t  IndirectSymbolOffset,
uint32_t  NumIndirectSymbols 

◆ writeHeader()

void MachObjectWriter::writeHeader ( MachO::HeaderFileType  Type,
unsigned  NumLoadCommands,
unsigned  LoadCommandsSize,
bool  SubsectionsViaSymbols 

◆ writeLinkeditLoadCommand()

void MachObjectWriter::writeLinkeditLoadCommand ( uint32_t  Type,
uint32_t  DataOffset,
uint32_t  DataSize 

◆ writeLinkerOptionsLoadCommand()

void MachObjectWriter::writeLinkerOptionsLoadCommand ( const std::vector< std::string > &  Options)

◆ writeNlist()

void MachObjectWriter::writeNlist ( MachSymbolData &  MSD,
const MCAsmLayout Layout 

◆ writeObject()

uint64_t MachObjectWriter::writeObject ( MCAssembler Asm,
const MCAsmLayout Layout 

Write the object file and returns the number of bytes written.

This routine is called by the assembler after layout and relaxation is complete, fixups have been evaluated and applied, and relocations generated.

Implements llvm::MCObjectWriter.

Definition at line 757 of file MachObjectWriter.cpp.

References llvm::Address, llvm::alignTo(), assert(), llvm::SmallVectorImpl< T >::clear(), ComputeLinkerOptionsLoadCommandSize(), computeSymbolTable(), llvm::MCAssembler::CGProfileEntry::Count, llvm::Data, llvm::dbgs(), End, llvm::support::endian::Writer::Endian, llvm::MCAssembler::CGProfileEntry::From, llvm::MCAsmLayout::getAssembler(), llvm::MCEncodedFragmentWithContents< ContentsSize >::getContents(), llvm::MCAssembler::getDarwinTargetVariantVersionInfo(), llvm::MCSection::getFragmentList(), llvm::MCSymbol::getIndex(), getLCFromMCVM(), llvm::SectionKind::getMetadata(), getPaddingSize(), getSectionAddress(), llvm::MCAsmLayout::getSectionAddressSize(), llvm::MCAsmLayout::getSectionFileSize(), llvm::StringTableBuilder::getSize(), llvm::MCSymbolRefExpr::getSymbol(), getSymbolAddress(), llvm::MCAssembler::getVersionInfo(), llvm::MachO::INDIRECT_SYMBOL_ABS, llvm::MachO::INDIRECT_SYMBOL_LOCAL, is64Bit(), LLVM_DEBUG, llvm::MachO::MH_OBJECT, llvm::offsetToAlignment(), llvm::support::endian::Writer::OS, OS, populateAddrSigSection(), llvm::report_fatal_error(), llvm::reverse(), llvm::MachO::S_ATTR_SOME_INSTRUCTIONS, llvm::MachO::S_NON_LAZY_SYMBOL_POINTERS, Size, llvm::raw_ostream::tell(), llvm::MCAssembler::CGProfileEntry::To, llvm::MachO::VM_PROT_EXECUTE, llvm::MachO::VM_PROT_READ, llvm::MachO::VM_PROT_WRITE, W, llvm::support::endian::Writer::write(), llvm::StringTableBuilder::write(), llvm::support::endian::write(), llvm::raw_ostream::write_zeros(), writeDysymtabLoadCommand(), writeHeader(), writeLinkeditLoadCommand(), writeLinkerOptionsLoadCommand(), writeNlist(), writeSection(), writeSegmentLoadCommand(), and writeSymtabLoadCommand().

◆ writeSection()

void MachObjectWriter::writeSection ( const MCAsmLayout Layout,
const MCSection Sec,
uint64_t  VMAddr,
uint64_t  FileOffset,
unsigned  Flags,
uint64_t  RelocationsStart,
unsigned  NumRelocations 

◆ writeSegmentLoadCommand()

void MachObjectWriter::writeSegmentLoadCommand ( StringRef  Name,
unsigned  NumSections,
uint64_t  VMAddr,
uint64_t  VMSize,
uint64_t  SectionDataStartOffset,
uint64_t  SectionDataSize,
uint32_t  MaxProt,
uint32_t  InitProt 

Write a segment load command.

writeSegmentLoadCommand - Write a segment load command.

NumSectionsThe number of sections in this segment.
SectionDataSizeThe total size of the sections.

Definition at line 176 of file MachObjectWriter.cpp.

References assert(), is64Bit(), Name, llvm::support::endian::Writer::OS, llvm::raw_ostream::tell(), W, and llvm::support::endian::Writer::write().

Referenced by writeObject().

◆ writeSymtabLoadCommand()

void MachObjectWriter::writeSymtabLoadCommand ( uint32_t  SymbolOffset,
uint32_t  NumSymbols,
uint32_t  StringTableOffset,
uint32_t  StringTableSize 

Member Data Documentation

◆ W

support::endian::Writer llvm::MachObjectWriter::W

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