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llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState Class Reference

#include "llvm/ExecutionEngine/Orc/LLJIT.h"

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Public Types

using ObjectLinkingLayerCreator = std::function< Expected< std::unique_ptr< ObjectLayer > >(ExecutionSession &, const Triple &)>
using CompileFunctionCreator = std::function< Expected< std::unique_ptr< IRCompileLayer::IRCompiler > >(JITTargetMachineBuilder JTMB)>
using PlatformSetupFunction = std::function< Error(LLJIT &J)>

Public Member Functions

Error prepareForConstruction ()
 Called prior to JIT class construcion to fix up defaults. More...

Public Attributes

std::unique_ptr< ExecutorProcessControlEPC
std::unique_ptr< ExecutionSessionES
Optional< JITTargetMachineBuilderJTMB
Optional< DataLayoutDL
ObjectLinkingLayerCreator CreateObjectLinkingLayer
CompileFunctionCreator CreateCompileFunction
PlatformSetupFunction SetUpPlatform
unsigned NumCompileThreads = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 251 of file LLJIT.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ CompileFunctionCreator

Definition at line 259 of file LLJIT.h.

◆ ObjectLinkingLayerCreator

Definition at line 255 of file LLJIT.h.

◆ PlatformSetupFunction

Definition at line 261 of file LLJIT.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ prepareForConstruction()

Error llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState::prepareForConstruction ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ CreateCompileFunction

CompileFunctionCreator llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState::CreateCompileFunction

Definition at line 268 of file LLJIT.h.

◆ CreateObjectLinkingLayer

ObjectLinkingLayerCreator llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState::CreateObjectLinkingLayer

Definition at line 267 of file LLJIT.h.

◆ DL

Optional<DataLayout> llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState::DL

Definition at line 266 of file LLJIT.h.


std::unique_ptr<ExecutorProcessControl> llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState::EPC

Definition at line 263 of file LLJIT.h.

◆ ES

std::unique_ptr<ExecutionSession> llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState::ES

Definition at line 264 of file LLJIT.h.


Optional<JITTargetMachineBuilder> llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState::JTMB

Definition at line 265 of file LLJIT.h.

◆ NumCompileThreads

unsigned llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState::NumCompileThreads = 0

Definition at line 270 of file LLJIT.h.

◆ SetUpPlatform

PlatformSetupFunction llvm::orc::LLJITBuilderState::SetUpPlatform

Definition at line 269 of file LLJIT.h.

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