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llvm::pdb::PDBSymbolUnknown Class Reference

#include "llvm/DebugInfo/PDB/PDBSymbolUnknown.h"

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- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::pdb::PDBSymbol
virtual ~PDBSymbol ()
virtual void dump (PDBSymDumper &Dumper) const =0
 Dumps the contents of a symbol a raw_ostream.
virtual void dumpRight (PDBSymDumper &Dumper) const
 For certain PDBSymbolTypes, dumps additional information for the type that normally goes on the right side of the symbol.
void defaultDump (raw_ostream &OS, int Indent, PdbSymbolIdField ShowFlags, PdbSymbolIdField RecurseFlags) const
void dumpProperties () const
void dumpChildStats () const
PDB_SymType getSymTag () const
uint32_t getSymIndexId () const
template<typename T >
std::unique_ptr< TfindOneChild () const
template<typename T >
std::unique_ptr< ConcreteSymbolEnumerator< T > > findAllChildren () const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbolsfindAllChildren (PDB_SymType Type) const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbolsfindAllChildren () const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbolsfindChildren (PDB_SymType Type, StringRef Name, PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags) const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbolsfindChildrenByRVA (PDB_SymType Type, StringRef Name, PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags, uint32_t RVA) const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbolsfindInlineFramesByVA (uint64_t VA) const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbolsfindInlineFramesByRVA (uint32_t RVA) const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumLineNumbersfindInlineeLinesByVA (uint64_t VA, uint32_t Length) const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumLineNumbersfindInlineeLinesByRVA (uint32_t RVA, uint32_t Length) const
std::string getName () const
const IPDBRawSymbolgetRawSymbol () const
IPDBRawSymbolgetRawSymbol ()
const IPDBSessiongetSession () const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSymbolsgetChildStats (TagStats &Stats) const
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::pdb::PDBSymbol
static std::unique_ptr< PDBSymbolcreate (const IPDBSession &PDBSession, std::unique_ptr< IPDBRawSymbol > RawSymbol)
static std::unique_ptr< PDBSymbolcreate (const IPDBSession &PDBSession, IPDBRawSymbol &RawSymbol)
template<typename ConcreteT >
static std::unique_ptr< ConcreteT > createAs (const IPDBSession &PDBSession, std::unique_ptr< IPDBRawSymbol > RawSymbol)
template<typename ConcreteT >
static std::unique_ptr< ConcreteT > createAs (const IPDBSession &PDBSession, IPDBRawSymbol &RawSymbol)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::pdb::PDBSymbol
 PDBSymbol (const IPDBSession &PDBSession)
 PDBSymbol (PDBSymbol &&Other)
std::unique_ptr< PDBSymbolgetSymbolByIdHelper (uint32_t Id) const
template<typename ConcreteType >
std::unique_ptr< ConcreteType > getConcreteSymbolByIdHelper (uint32_t Id) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::pdb::PDBSymbol
const IPDBSessionSession
std::unique_ptr< IPDBRawSymbolOwnedRawSymbol
IPDBRawSymbolRawSymbol = nullptr

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