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LiveDebugValues Namespace Reference


class  DbgValue
 Class recording the (high level) value of a variable. More...
class  DbgValueProperties
 Meta qualifiers for a value. More...
class  InstrRefBasedLDV
class  LocIdx
 Handle-class for a particular "location". More...
class  LocIdxToIndexFunctor
class  MLocTracker
 Tracker for what values are in machine locations. More...
struct  SpillLoc
class  SpillLocationNo
 Thin wrapper around an integer – designed to give more type safety to spill location numbers. More...
class  ValueIDNum
 Unique identifier for a value defined by an instruction, as a value type. More...
class  VLocTracker
 Collection of DBG_VALUEs observed when traversing a block. More...


using FragmentOfVar = std::pair< const DILocalVariable *, DIExpression::FragmentInfo >
 Types for recording sets of variable fragments that overlap. More...
using OverlapMap = DenseMap< FragmentOfVar, SmallVector< DIExpression::FragmentInfo, 1 > >

Typedef Documentation

◆ FragmentOfVar

Types for recording sets of variable fragments that overlap.

For a given local variable, we record all other fragments of that variable that could overlap it, to reduce search time.

Definition at line 662 of file InstrRefBasedImpl.h.

◆ OverlapMap

Definition at line 664 of file InstrRefBasedImpl.h.