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llvm::objcarc::TopDownPtrState Struct Reference

#include "Transforms/ObjCARC/PtrState.h"

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Public Member Functions

 TopDownPtrState ()=default
bool InitTopDown (ARCInstKind Kind, Instruction *I)
 (Re-)Initialize this bottom up pointer returning true if we detected a pointer with nested releases.
bool MatchWithRelease (ARCMDKindCache &Cache, Instruction *Release)
 Return true if this set of retains can be paired with the given release.
void HandlePotentialUse (Instruction *Inst, const Value *Ptr, ProvenanceAnalysis &PA, ARCInstKind Class)
bool HandlePotentialAlterRefCount (Instruction *Inst, const Value *Ptr, ProvenanceAnalysis &PA, ARCInstKind Class, const BundledRetainClaimRVs &BundledRVs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::objcarc::PtrState
bool IsKnownSafe () const
void SetKnownSafe (const bool NewValue)
bool IsTailCallRelease () const
void SetTailCallRelease (const bool NewValue)
bool IsTrackingImpreciseReleases () const
const MDNodeGetReleaseMetadata () const
void SetReleaseMetadata (MDNode *NewValue)
bool IsCFGHazardAfflicted () const
void SetCFGHazardAfflicted (const bool NewValue)
void SetKnownPositiveRefCount ()
void ClearKnownPositiveRefCount ()
bool HasKnownPositiveRefCount () const
void SetSeq (Sequence NewSeq)
Sequence GetSeq () const
void ClearSequenceProgress ()
void ResetSequenceProgress (Sequence NewSeq)
void Merge (const PtrState &Other, bool TopDown)
void InsertCall (Instruction *I)
void InsertReverseInsertPt (Instruction *I)
void ClearReverseInsertPts ()
bool HasReverseInsertPts () const
const RRInfoGetRRInfo () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::objcarc::PtrState
 PtrState ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::objcarc::PtrState
bool KnownPositiveRefCount = false
 True if the reference count is known to be incremented.
bool Partial = false
 True if we've seen an opportunity for partial RR elimination, such as pushing calls into a CFG triangle or into one side of a CFG diamond.
unsigned char Seq: 8
 The current position in the sequence.
 Unidirectional information about the current sequence.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 189 of file PtrState.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TopDownPtrState()

llvm::objcarc::TopDownPtrState::TopDownPtrState ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ HandlePotentialAlterRefCount()

bool TopDownPtrState::HandlePotentialAlterRefCount ( Instruction Inst,
const Value Ptr,
ProvenanceAnalysis PA,
ARCInstKind  Class,
const BundledRetainClaimRVs BundledRVs 

◆ HandlePotentialUse()

void TopDownPtrState::HandlePotentialUse ( Instruction Inst,
const Value Ptr,
ProvenanceAnalysis PA,
ARCInstKind  Class 

◆ InitTopDown()

bool TopDownPtrState::InitTopDown ( ARCInstKind  Kind,
Instruction I 

◆ MatchWithRelease()

bool TopDownPtrState::MatchWithRelease ( ARCMDKindCache Cache,
Instruction Release 

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