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AutoUpgrade.h File Reference
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include <vector>

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namespace  llvm
 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.


using llvm::OperandBundleDef = OperandBundleDefT< Value * >


bool llvm::UpgradeIntrinsicFunction (Function *F, Function *&NewFn, bool CanUpgradeDebugIntrinsicsToRecords=true)
 This is a more granular function that simply checks an intrinsic function for upgrading, and returns true if it requires upgrading.
void llvm::UpgradeIntrinsicCall (CallBase *CB, Function *NewFn)
 This is the complement to the above, replacing a specific call to an intrinsic function with a call to the specified new function.
void llvm::UpgradeInlineAsmString (std::string *AsmStr)
 Upgrade comment in call to inline asm that represents an objc retain release marker.
void llvm::UpgradeCallsToIntrinsic (Function *F)
 This is an auto-upgrade hook for any old intrinsic function syntaxes which need to have both the function updated as well as all calls updated to the new function.
GlobalVariablellvm::UpgradeGlobalVariable (GlobalVariable *GV)
 This checks for global variables which should be upgraded.
bool llvm::UpgradeModuleFlags (Module &M)
 This checks for module flags which should be upgraded.
void llvm::UpgradeARCRuntime (Module &M)
 Convert calls to ARC runtime functions to intrinsic calls and upgrade the old retain release marker to new module flag format.
void llvm::UpgradeSectionAttributes (Module &M)
void llvm::UpgradeFunctionAttributes (Function &F)
 Correct any IR that is relying on old function attribute behavior.
MDNodellvm::UpgradeTBAANode (MDNode &TBAANode)
 If the given TBAA tag uses the scalar TBAA format, create a new node corresponding to the upgrade to the struct-path aware TBAA format.
Instructionllvm::UpgradeBitCastInst (unsigned Opc, Value *V, Type *DestTy, Instruction *&Temp)
 This is an auto-upgrade for bitcast between pointers with different address spaces: the instruction is replaced by a pair ptrtoint+inttoptr.
Constantllvm::UpgradeBitCastExpr (unsigned Opc, Constant *C, Type *DestTy)
 This is an auto-upgrade for bitcast constant expression between pointers with different address spaces: the instruction is replaced by a pair ptrtoint+inttoptr.
bool llvm::UpgradeDebugInfo (Module &M)
 Check the debug info version number, if it is out-dated, drop the debug info.
bool llvm::mayBeOldLoopAttachmentTag (StringRef Name)
 Check whether a string looks like an old loop attachment tag.
MDNodellvm::upgradeInstructionLoopAttachment (MDNode &N)
 Upgrade the loop attachment metadata node.
std::string llvm::UpgradeDataLayoutString (StringRef DL, StringRef Triple)
 Upgrade the datalayout string by adding a section for address space pointers.
void llvm::UpgradeAttributes (AttrBuilder &B)
 Upgrade attributes that changed format or kind.
void llvm::UpgradeOperandBundles (std::vector< OperandBundleDef > &OperandBundles)
 Upgrade operand bundles (without knowing about their user instruction).