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llvm::PPCCCState Class Reference

#include "Target/PowerPC/PPCCCState.h"

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Public Member Functions

void PreAnalyzeCallOperands (const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::OutputArg > &Outs)
void PreAnalyzeFormalArguments (const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::InputArg > &Ins)
 PPCCCState (CallingConv::ID CC, bool isVarArg, MachineFunction &MF, SmallVectorImpl< CCValAssign > &locs, LLVMContext &C)
bool WasOriginalArgPPCF128 (unsigned ValNo)
void clearWasPPCF128 ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::CCState
 CCState (CallingConv::ID CC, bool IsVarArg, MachineFunction &MF, SmallVectorImpl< CCValAssign > &Locs, LLVMContext &Context, bool NegativeOffsets=false)
void addLoc (const CCValAssign &V)
LLVMContextgetContext () const
MachineFunctiongetMachineFunction () const
CallingConv::ID getCallingConv () const
bool isVarArg () const
uint64_t getStackSize () const
 Returns the size of the currently allocated portion of the stack.
uint64_t getAlignedCallFrameSize () const
 getAlignedCallFrameSize - Return the size of the call frame needed to be able to store all arguments and such that the alignment requirement of each of the arguments is satisfied.
bool isAllocated (MCRegister Reg) const
 isAllocated - Return true if the specified register (or an alias) is allocated.
void AnalyzeFormalArguments (const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::InputArg > &Ins, CCAssignFn Fn)
 AnalyzeFormalArguments - Analyze an array of argument values, incorporating info about the formals into this state.
void AnalyzeArguments (const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::InputArg > &Ins, CCAssignFn Fn)
 The function will invoke AnalyzeFormalArguments.
void AnalyzeReturn (const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::OutputArg > &Outs, CCAssignFn Fn)
 AnalyzeReturn - Analyze the returned values of a return, incorporating info about the result values into this state.
bool CheckReturn (const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::OutputArg > &Outs, CCAssignFn Fn)
 CheckReturn - Analyze the return values of a function, returning true if the return can be performed without sret-demotion, and false otherwise.
void AnalyzeCallOperands (const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::OutputArg > &Outs, CCAssignFn Fn)
 AnalyzeCallOperands - Analyze the outgoing arguments to a call, incorporating info about the passed values into this state.
void AnalyzeCallOperands (SmallVectorImpl< MVT > &ArgVTs, SmallVectorImpl< ISD::ArgFlagsTy > &Flags, CCAssignFn Fn)
 AnalyzeCallOperands - Same as above except it takes vectors of types and argument flags.
void AnalyzeArguments (const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::OutputArg > &Outs, CCAssignFn Fn)
 The function will invoke AnalyzeCallOperands.
void AnalyzeCallResult (const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::InputArg > &Ins, CCAssignFn Fn)
 AnalyzeCallResult - Analyze the return values of a call, incorporating info about the passed values into this state.
bool IsShadowAllocatedReg (MCRegister Reg) const
 A shadow allocated register is a register that was allocated but wasn't added to the location list (Locs).
void AnalyzeCallResult (MVT VT, CCAssignFn Fn)
 AnalyzeCallResult - Same as above except it's specialized for calls which produce a single value.
unsigned getFirstUnallocated (ArrayRef< MCPhysReg > Regs) const
 getFirstUnallocated - Return the index of the first unallocated register in the set, or Regs.size() if they are all allocated.
void DeallocateReg (MCPhysReg Reg)
MCRegister AllocateReg (MCPhysReg Reg)
 AllocateReg - Attempt to allocate one register.
MCRegister AllocateReg (MCPhysReg Reg, MCPhysReg ShadowReg)
 Version of AllocateReg with extra register to be shadowed.
MCPhysReg AllocateReg (ArrayRef< MCPhysReg > Regs)
 AllocateReg - Attempt to allocate one of the specified registers.
MCPhysReg AllocateRegBlock (ArrayRef< MCPhysReg > Regs, unsigned RegsRequired)
 AllocateRegBlock - Attempt to allocate a block of RegsRequired consecutive registers.
MCRegister AllocateReg (ArrayRef< MCPhysReg > Regs, const MCPhysReg *ShadowRegs)
 Version of AllocateReg with list of registers to be shadowed.
int64_t AllocateStack (unsigned Size, Align Alignment)
 AllocateStack - Allocate a chunk of stack space with the specified size and alignment.
void ensureMaxAlignment (Align Alignment)
int64_t AllocateStack (unsigned Size, Align Alignment, ArrayRef< MCPhysReg > ShadowRegs)
 Version of AllocateStack with list of extra registers to be shadowed.
void HandleByVal (unsigned ValNo, MVT ValVT, MVT LocVT, CCValAssign::LocInfo LocInfo, int MinSize, Align MinAlign, ISD::ArgFlagsTy ArgFlags)
 Allocate space on the stack large enough to pass an argument by value.
unsigned getInRegsParamsCount () const
unsigned getInRegsParamsProcessed () const
void getInRegsParamInfo (unsigned InRegsParamRecordIndex, unsigned &BeginReg, unsigned &EndReg) const
void addInRegsParamInfo (unsigned RegBegin, unsigned RegEnd)
bool nextInRegsParam ()
void clearByValRegsInfo ()
void rewindByValRegsInfo ()
SmallVectorImpl< CCValAssign > & getPendingLocs ()
SmallVectorImpl< ISD::ArgFlagsTy > & getPendingArgFlags ()
void getRemainingRegParmsForType (SmallVectorImpl< MCPhysReg > &Regs, MVT VT, CCAssignFn Fn)
 Compute the remaining unused register parameters that would be used for the given value type.
void analyzeMustTailForwardedRegisters (SmallVectorImpl< ForwardedRegister > &Forwards, ArrayRef< MVT > RegParmTypes, CCAssignFn Fn)
 Compute the set of registers that need to be preserved and forwarded to any musttail calls.
template<class T >
void AnalyzeArgumentsSecondPass (const SmallVectorImpl< T > &Args, CCAssignFn Fn)
 The function runs an additional analysis pass over function arguments.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::CCState
static bool resultsCompatible (CallingConv::ID CalleeCC, CallingConv::ID CallerCC, MachineFunction &MF, LLVMContext &C, const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::InputArg > &Ins, CCAssignFn CalleeFn, CCAssignFn CallerFn)
 Returns true if the results of the two calling conventions are compatible.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file PPCCCState.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PPCCCState()

llvm::PPCCCState::PPCCCState ( CallingConv::ID  CC,
bool  isVarArg,
MachineFunction MF,
SmallVectorImpl< CCValAssign > &  locs,
LLVMContext C 

Definition at line 33 of file PPCCCState.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clearWasPPCF128()

void llvm::PPCCCState::clearWasPPCF128 ( )

Definition at line 38 of file PPCCCState.h.

References llvm::SmallVectorImpl< T >::clear().

◆ PreAnalyzeCallOperands()

void PPCCCState::PreAnalyzeCallOperands ( const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::OutputArg > &  Outs)

Definition at line 16 of file PPCCCState.cpp.

References I, and llvm::SmallVectorTemplateBase< T, bool >::push_back().

◆ PreAnalyzeFormalArguments()

void PPCCCState::PreAnalyzeFormalArguments ( const SmallVectorImpl< ISD::InputArg > &  Ins)

Definition at line 26 of file PPCCCState.cpp.

References I, and llvm::SmallVectorTemplateBase< T, bool >::push_back().

◆ WasOriginalArgPPCF128()

bool llvm::PPCCCState::WasOriginalArgPPCF128 ( unsigned  ValNo)

Definition at line 37 of file PPCCCState.h.

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