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llvm::AppleAccelTableOffsetData Class Reference

Accelerator table data implementation for simple Apple accelerator tables with just a DIE reference. More...

#include "llvm/CodeGen/AccelTable.h"

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Public Member Functions

 AppleAccelTableOffsetData (const DIE &D)
void emit (AsmPrinter *Asm) const override
void print (raw_ostream &OS) const override
virtual void emit (AsmPrinter *Asm) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::AccelTableData
virtual ~AccelTableData ()=default
bool operator< (const AccelTableData &Other) const
virtual void print (raw_ostream &OS) const =0

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr Atom Atoms []

Protected Member Functions

uint64_t order () const override
virtual uint64_t order () const =0

Protected Attributes

const DIEDie

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::AppleAccelTableData
static uint32_t hash (StringRef Buffer)

Detailed Description

Accelerator table data implementation for simple Apple accelerator tables with just a DIE reference.

Definition at line 471 of file AccelTable.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AppleAccelTableOffsetData()

llvm::AppleAccelTableOffsetData::AppleAccelTableOffsetData ( const DIE D)

Definition at line 473 of file AccelTable.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ emit()

void AppleAccelTableOffsetData::emit ( AsmPrinter Asm) const

Implements llvm::AppleAccelTableData.

Reimplemented in llvm::AppleAccelTableTypeData.

Definition at line 723 of file AccelTable.cpp.

References assert(), Die, and llvm::DIE::getDebugSectionOffset().

◆ order()

uint64_t llvm::AppleAccelTableOffsetData::order ( ) const

Implements llvm::AccelTableData.

Definition at line 484 of file AccelTable.h.

References Die, and llvm::DIE::getOffset().

◆ print()

void AppleAccelTableOffsetData::print ( raw_ostream OS) const

Implements llvm::AccelTableData.

Reimplemented in llvm::AppleAccelTableTypeData.

Definition at line 818 of file AccelTable.cpp.

References OS.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Atoms

constexpr AppleAccelTableData::Atom AppleAccelTableOffsetData::Atoms
Initial value:
= {
Atom(dwarf::DW_ATOM_die_offset, dwarf::DW_FORM_data4)}
@ DW_ATOM_die_offset
Marker as the end of a list of atoms.
Definition: Dwarf.h:912

Definition at line 477 of file AccelTable.h.

◆ Die

const DIE& llvm::AppleAccelTableOffsetData::Die

Definition at line 486 of file AccelTable.h.

Referenced by emit(), llvm::AppleAccelTableTypeData::emit(), and order().

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