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llvm::DIArgList Class Reference

List of ValueAsMetadata, to be used as an argument to a dbg.value intrinsic. More...

#include "llvm/IR/DebugInfoMetadata.h"

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Public Member Functions

ArrayRef< ValueAsMetadata * > getArgs () const
iterator args_begin ()
iterator args_end ()
SmallVector< DbgVariableRecord * > getAllDbgVariableRecordUsers ()
void handleChangedOperand (void *Ref, Metadata *New)

Static Public Member Functions

static DIArgListget (LLVMContext &Context, ArrayRef< ValueAsMetadata * > Args)
static bool classof (const Metadata *MD)


class ReplaceableMetadataImpl
class LLVMContextImpl

Additional Inherited Members

 Active type of storage. More...

Detailed Description

List of ValueAsMetadata, to be used as an argument to a dbg.value intrinsic.

Definition at line 3914 of file DebugInfoMetadata.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ args_begin()

iterator llvm::DIArgList::args_begin ( )

Definition at line 3937 of file DebugInfoMetadata.h.

◆ args_end()

iterator llvm::DIArgList::args_end ( )

Definition at line 3938 of file DebugInfoMetadata.h.

◆ classof()

static bool llvm::DIArgList::classof ( const Metadata MD)

Definition at line 3940 of file DebugInfoMetadata.h.

References llvm::Metadata::getMetadataID().

◆ get()

DIArgList * DIArgList::get ( LLVMContext Context,
ArrayRef< ValueAsMetadata * >  Args 

◆ getAllDbgVariableRecordUsers()

SmallVector< DbgVariableRecord * > llvm::DIArgList::getAllDbgVariableRecordUsers ( )

◆ getArgs()

ArrayRef< ValueAsMetadata * > llvm::DIArgList::getArgs ( ) const

Definition at line 3935 of file DebugInfoMetadata.h.

Referenced by llvm::ValueEnumerator::incorporateFunction().

◆ handleChangedOperand()

void DIArgList::handleChangedOperand ( void *  Ref,
Metadata New 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ LLVMContextImpl

friend class LLVMContextImpl

Definition at line 3916 of file DebugInfoMetadata.h.

◆ ReplaceableMetadataImpl

friend class ReplaceableMetadataImpl

Definition at line 3915 of file DebugInfoMetadata.h.

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