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llvm::DWARFDebugFrame Class Reference

A parsed .debug_frame or .eh_frame section. More...

#include "llvm/DebugInfo/DWARF/DWARFDebugFrame.h"

Public Member Functions

 DWARFDebugFrame (Triple::ArchType Arch, bool IsEH=false, uint64_t EHFrameAddress=0)
 ~DWARFDebugFrame ()
void dump (raw_ostream &OS, DIDumpOptions DumpOpts, const MCRegisterInfo *MRI, Optional< uint64_t > Offset) const
 Dump the section data into the given stream. More...
Error parse (DWARFDataExtractor Data)
 Parse the section from raw data. More...
bool empty () const
 Return whether the section has any entries. More...
iterator begin () const
 DWARF Frame entries accessors. More...
iterator end () const
iterator_range< iteratorentries () const
uint64_t getEHFrameAddress () const

Detailed Description

A parsed .debug_frame or .eh_frame section.

Definition at line 665 of file DWARFDebugFrame.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DWARFDebugFrame()

DWARFDebugFrame::DWARFDebugFrame ( Triple::ArchType  Arch,
bool  IsEH = false,
uint64_t  EHFrameAddress = 0 

Definition at line 1021 of file DWARFDebugFrame.cpp.

◆ ~DWARFDebugFrame()

DWARFDebugFrame::~DWARFDebugFrame ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

iterator llvm::DWARFDebugFrame::begin ( ) const

DWARF Frame entries accessors.

Definition at line 699 of file DWARFDebugFrame.h.

◆ dump()

void DWARFDebugFrame::dump ( raw_ostream OS,
DIDumpOptions  DumpOpts,
const MCRegisterInfo MRI,
Optional< uint64_t Offset 
) const

Dump the section data into the given stream.

Definition at line 1245 of file DWARFDebugFrame.cpp.

◆ empty()

bool llvm::DWARFDebugFrame::empty ( ) const

Return whether the section has any entries.

Definition at line 696 of file DWARFDebugFrame.h.

◆ end()

iterator llvm::DWARFDebugFrame::end ( ) const

Definition at line 700 of file DWARFDebugFrame.h.

◆ entries()

iterator_range<iterator> llvm::DWARFDebugFrame::entries ( ) const

Definition at line 701 of file DWARFDebugFrame.h.

◆ getEHFrameAddress()

uint64_t llvm::DWARFDebugFrame::getEHFrameAddress ( ) const

Definition at line 705 of file DWARFDebugFrame.h.

◆ parse()

Error DWARFDebugFrame::parse ( DWARFDataExtractor  Data)

Parse the section from raw data.

Data is assumed to contain the whole frame section contents to be parsed.

Definition at line 1037 of file DWARFDebugFrame.cpp.

References llvm::Data, llvm::dwarf::DWARF64, move, and llvm::None.

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