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llvm::RuntimeDyldMachOCRTPBase< Impl > Class Template Reference

RuntimeDyldMachOTarget - Templated base class for generic MachO linker algorithms and data structures. More...

#include "ExecutionEngine/RuntimeDyld/RuntimeDyldMachO.h"

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Public Member Functions

 RuntimeDyldMachOCRTPBase (RuntimeDyld::MemoryManager &MemMgr, JITSymbolResolver &Resolver)
Error finalizeLoad (const ObjectFile &Obj, ObjSectionToIDMap &SectionMap) override
void registerEHFrames () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::RuntimeDyldMachO
std::unique_ptr< RuntimeDyld::LoadedObjectInfoloadObject (const object::ObjectFile &O) override
SectionEntrygetSection (unsigned SectionID)
bool isCompatibleFile (const object::ObjectFile &Obj) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::RuntimeDyldImpl
 RuntimeDyldImpl (RuntimeDyld::MemoryManager &MemMgr, JITSymbolResolver &Resolver)
virtual ~RuntimeDyldImpl ()
void setProcessAllSections (bool ProcessAllSections)
virtual std::unique_ptr< RuntimeDyld::LoadedObjectInfoloadObject (const object::ObjectFile &Obj)=0
uint64_t getSectionLoadAddress (unsigned SectionID) const
uint8_t * getSectionAddress (unsigned SectionID) const
StringRef getSectionContent (unsigned SectionID) const
uint8_t * getSymbolLocalAddress (StringRef Name) const
unsigned getSymbolSectionID (StringRef Name) const
JITEvaluatedSymbol getSymbol (StringRef Name) const
std::map< StringRef, JITEvaluatedSymbolgetSymbolTable () const
void resolveRelocations ()
void resolveLocalRelocations ()
void reassignSectionAddress (unsigned SectionID, uint64_t Addr)
void mapSectionAddress (const void *LocalAddress, uint64_t TargetAddress)
bool hasError ()
void clearError ()
StringRef getErrorString ()
virtual bool isCompatibleFile (const ObjectFile &Obj) const =0
void setNotifyStubEmitted (NotifyStubEmittedFunction NotifyStubEmitted)
virtual void registerEHFrames ()
void deregisterEHFrames ()
virtual Error finalizeLoad (const ObjectFile &ObjImg, ObjSectionToIDMap &SectionMap)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::RuntimeDyldMachO
static std::unique_ptr< RuntimeDyldMachOcreate (Triple::ArchType Arch, RuntimeDyld::MemoryManager &MemMgr, JITSymbolResolver &Resolver)
 Create a RuntimeDyldMachO instance for the given target architecture.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::RuntimeDyldImpl
static void finalizeAsync (std::unique_ptr< RuntimeDyldImpl > This, unique_function< void(object::OwningBinary< object::ObjectFile >, std::unique_ptr< RuntimeDyld::LoadedObjectInfo >, Error)> OnEmitted, object::OwningBinary< object::ObjectFile > O, std::unique_ptr< RuntimeDyld::LoadedObjectInfo > Info)
- Protected Types inherited from llvm::RuntimeDyldImpl
typedef std::deque< SectionEntrySectionList
typedef unsigned SID
typedef std::map< SectionRef, unsignedObjSectionToIDMap
typedef std::vector< SymbolRefCommonSymbolList
typedef SmallVector< RelocationEntry, 64 > RelocationList
typedef std::map< RelocationValueRef, uintptr_t > StubMap
using NotifyStubEmittedFunction = RuntimeDyld::NotifyStubEmittedFunction
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::RuntimeDyldMachO
 RuntimeDyldMachO (RuntimeDyld::MemoryManager &MemMgr, JITSymbolResolver &Resolver)
int64_t memcpyAddend (const RelocationEntry &RE) const
 This convenience method uses memcpy to extract a contiguous addend (the addend size and offset are taken from the corresponding fields of the RE).
RelocationEntry getRelocationEntry (unsigned SectionID, const ObjectFile &BaseTObj, const relocation_iterator &RI) const
 Given a relocation_iterator for a non-scattered relocation, construct a RelocationEntry and fill in the common fields.
Expected< relocation_iteratorprocessScatteredVANILLA (unsigned SectionID, relocation_iterator RelI, const ObjectFile &BaseObjT, RuntimeDyldMachO::ObjSectionToIDMap &ObjSectionToID, bool TargetIsLocalThumbFunc=false)
 Process a scattered vanilla relocation.
Expected< RelocationValueRefgetRelocationValueRef (const ObjectFile &BaseTObj, const relocation_iterator &RI, const RelocationEntry &RE, ObjSectionToIDMap &ObjSectionToID)
 Construct a RelocationValueRef representing the relocation target.
void makeValueAddendPCRel (RelocationValueRef &Value, const relocation_iterator &RI, unsigned OffsetToNextPC)
 Make the RelocationValueRef addend PC-relative.
void dumpRelocationToResolve (const RelocationEntry &RE, uint64_t Value) const
 Dump information about the relocation entry (RE) and resolved value.
Error populateIndirectSymbolPointersSection (const MachOObjectFile &Obj, const SectionRef &PTSection, unsigned PTSectionID)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::RuntimeDyldImpl
virtual unsigned getMaxStubSize () const =0
virtual Align getStubAlignment ()=0
void writeInt16BE (uint8_t *Addr, uint16_t Value)
void writeInt32BE (uint8_t *Addr, uint32_t Value)
void writeInt64BE (uint8_t *Addr, uint64_t Value)
virtual void setMipsABI (const ObjectFile &Obj)
uint64_t readBytesUnaligned (uint8_t *Src, unsigned Size) const
 Endian-aware read Read the least significant Size bytes from Src.
void writeBytesUnaligned (uint64_t Value, uint8_t *Dst, unsigned Size) const
 Endian-aware write.
virtual Expected< JITSymbolFlagsgetJITSymbolFlags (const SymbolRef &Sym)
 Generate JITSymbolFlags from a libObject symbol.
virtual uint64_t modifyAddressBasedOnFlags (uint64_t Addr, JITSymbolFlags Flags) const
 Modify the given target address based on the given symbol flags.
Error emitCommonSymbols (const ObjectFile &Obj, CommonSymbolList &CommonSymbols, uint64_t CommonSize, uint32_t CommonAlign)
 Given the common symbols discovered in the object file, emit a new section for them and update the symbol mappings in the object and symbol table.
Expected< unsignedemitSection (const ObjectFile &Obj, const SectionRef &Section, bool IsCode)
 Emits section data from the object file to the MemoryManager.
Expected< unsignedfindOrEmitSection (const ObjectFile &Obj, const SectionRef &Section, bool IsCode, ObjSectionToIDMap &LocalSections)
 Find Section in LocalSections.
void addRelocationForSection (const RelocationEntry &RE, unsigned SectionID)
void addRelocationForSymbol (const RelocationEntry &RE, StringRef SymbolName)
uint8_t * createStubFunction (uint8_t *Addr, unsigned AbiVariant=0)
 Emits long jump instruction to Addr.
void resolveRelocationList (const RelocationList &Relocs, uint64_t Value)
 Resolves relocations from Relocs list with address from Value.
virtual void resolveRelocation (const RelocationEntry &RE, uint64_t Value)=0
 A object file specific relocation resolver.
virtual Expected< relocation_iteratorprocessRelocationRef (unsigned SectionID, relocation_iterator RelI, const ObjectFile &Obj, ObjSectionToIDMap &ObjSectionToID, StubMap &Stubs)=0
 Parses one or more object file relocations (some object files use relocation pairs) and stores it to Relocations or SymbolRelocations (this depends on the object file type).
void applyExternalSymbolRelocations (const StringMap< JITEvaluatedSymbol > ExternalSymbolMap)
Error resolveExternalSymbols ()
 Resolve relocations to external symbols.
Error computeTotalAllocSize (const ObjectFile &Obj, uint64_t &CodeSize, Align &CodeAlign, uint64_t &RODataSize, Align &RODataAlign, uint64_t &RWDataSize, Align &RWDataAlign)
unsigned computeGOTSize (const ObjectFile &Obj)
unsigned computeSectionStubBufSize (const ObjectFile &Obj, const SectionRef &Section)
Expected< ObjSectionToIDMaploadObjectImpl (const object::ObjectFile &Obj)
virtual size_t getGOTEntrySize ()
virtual void processNewSymbol (const SymbolRef &ObjSymbol, SymbolTableEntry &Entry)
virtual bool relocationNeedsGot (const RelocationRef &R) const
virtual bool relocationNeedsStub (const RelocationRef &R) const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::RuntimeDyldMachO
static section_iterator getSectionByAddress (const MachOObjectFile &Obj, uint64_t Addr)
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::RuntimeDyldMachO
SmallVector< EHFrameRelatedSections, 2 > UnregisteredEHFrameSections
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::RuntimeDyldImpl
SectionList Sections
RTDyldSymbolTable GlobalSymbolTable
std::unordered_map< unsigned, RelocationListRelocations
StringMap< RelocationListExternalSymbolRelocations
Triple::ArchType Arch
bool IsTargetLittleEndian
bool IsMipsO32ABI
bool IsMipsN32ABI
bool IsMipsN64ABI
bool ProcessAllSections
sys::Mutex lock
NotifyStubEmittedFunction NotifyStubEmitted
bool HasError
std::string ErrorStr
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::RuntimeDyldImpl
static const unsigned AbsoluteSymbolSection = ~0U

Detailed Description

template<typename Impl>
class llvm::RuntimeDyldMachOCRTPBase< Impl >

RuntimeDyldMachOTarget - Templated base class for generic MachO linker algorithms and data structures.

Concrete, target specific sub-classes can be accessed via the impl() methods. (i.e. the RuntimeDyldMachO hierarchy uses the Curiously Recurring Template Idiom). Concrete subclasses for each target can be found in ./Targets.

Definition at line 145 of file RuntimeDyldMachO.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RuntimeDyldMachOCRTPBase()

template<typename Impl >
llvm::RuntimeDyldMachOCRTPBase< Impl >::RuntimeDyldMachOCRTPBase ( RuntimeDyld::MemoryManager MemMgr,
JITSymbolResolver Resolver 

Definition at line 154 of file RuntimeDyldMachO.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ finalizeLoad()

template<typename Impl >
Error llvm::RuntimeDyldMachOCRTPBase< Impl >::finalizeLoad ( const ObjectFile Obj,
ObjSectionToIDMap SectionMap 

◆ registerEHFrames()

template<typename Impl >
void llvm::RuntimeDyldMachOCRTPBase< Impl >::registerEHFrames

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