LLVM  10.0.0svn
MCA Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for MCA:


directory  HardwareUnits
directory  Stages


file  CodeEmitter.h [code]
 A utility class used to compute instruction encodings.
file  Context.h [code]
 This file defines a class for holding ownership of various simulated hardware units.
file  HWEventListener.h [code]
 This file defines the main interface for hardware event listeners.
file  InstrBuilder.h [code]
 A builder class for instructions that are statically analyzed by llvm-mca.
file  Instruction.h [code]
 This file defines abstractions used by the Pipeline to model register reads, register writes and instructions.
file  Pipeline.h [code]
 This file implements an ordered container of stages that simulate the pipeline of a hardware backend.
file  SourceMgr.h [code]
 This file implements class SourceMgr.
file  Support.h [code]
 Helper functions used by various pipeline components.