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1 //== XCoreInstPrinter.h - Convert XCore MCInst to assembly syntax -*- C++ -*-=//
2 //
3 // Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4 // See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5 // SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
6 //
7 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
8 ///
9 /// \file
10 /// This file contains the declaration of the XCoreInstPrinter class,
11 /// which is used to print XCore MCInst to a .s file.
12 ///
13 //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
18 #include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
19 #include "llvm/MC/MCInstPrinter.h"
21 namespace llvm {
24 public:
26  const MCRegisterInfo &MRI)
27  : MCInstPrinter(MAI, MII, MRI) {}
29  // Autogenerated by tblgen.
30  void printInstruction(const MCInst *MI, uint64_t Address, raw_ostream &O);
31  static const char *getRegisterName(unsigned RegNo);
33  void printRegName(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned RegNo) const override;
34  void printInst(const MCInst *MI, uint64_t Address, StringRef Annot,
35  const MCSubtargetInfo &STI, raw_ostream &O) override;
37 private:
38  void printInlineJT(const MCInst *MI, int opNum, raw_ostream &O);
39  void printInlineJT32(const MCInst *MI, int opNum, raw_ostream &O);
40  void printOperand(const MCInst *MI, unsigned OpNo, raw_ostream &O);
41  void printMemOperand(const MCInst *MI, int opNum, raw_ostream &O);
42 };
44 } // end namespace llvm
This class represents lattice values for constants.
Definition: AllocatorList.h:23
void printInst(const MCInst *MI, uint64_t Address, StringRef Annot, const MCSubtargetInfo &STI, raw_ostream &O) override
Print the specified MCInst to the specified raw_ostream.
void printRegName(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned RegNo) const override
Print the assembler register name.
Instances of this class represent a single low-level machine instruction.
Definition: MCInst.h:158
MCRegisterInfo base class - We assume that the target defines a static array of MCRegisterDesc object...
This class is intended to be used as a base class for asm properties and features specific to the tar...
Definition: MCAsmInfo.h:56
Interface to description of machine instruction set.
Definition: MCInstrInfo.h:25
void printInstruction(const MCInst *MI, uint64_t Address, raw_ostream &O)
XCoreInstPrinter(const MCAsmInfo &MAI, const MCInstrInfo &MII, const MCRegisterInfo &MRI)
const MCAsmInfo & MAI
Definition: MCInstPrinter.h:48
This is an instance of a target assembly language printer that converts an MCInst to valid target ass...
Definition: MCInstPrinter.h:42
Generic base class for all target subtargets.
const MCInstrInfo & MII
Definition: MCInstPrinter.h:49
This class implements an extremely fast bulk output stream that can only output to a stream...
Definition: raw_ostream.h:46
IRTranslator LLVM IR MI
StringRef - Represent a constant reference to a string, i.e.
Definition: StringRef.h:57
static const char * getRegisterName(unsigned RegNo)
const MCRegisterInfo & MRI
Definition: MCInstPrinter.h:50