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llvm::AMDGPU::MCKernelDescriptor Struct Reference

#include "Target/AMDGPU/MCTargetDesc/AMDGPUMCKernelDescriptor.h"

Static Public Member Functions

static MCKernelDescriptor getDefaultAmdhsaKernelDescriptor (const MCSubtargetInfo *STI, MCContext &Ctx)
static void bits_set (const MCExpr *&Dst, const MCExpr *Value, uint32_t Shift, uint32_t Mask, MCContext &Ctx)
static const MCExprbits_get (const MCExpr *Src, uint32_t Shift, uint32_t Mask, MCContext &Ctx)

Public Attributes

const MCExprgroup_segment_fixed_size = nullptr
const MCExprprivate_segment_fixed_size = nullptr
const MCExprkernarg_size = nullptr
const MCExprcompute_pgm_rsrc3 = nullptr
const MCExprcompute_pgm_rsrc1 = nullptr
const MCExprcompute_pgm_rsrc2 = nullptr
const MCExprkernel_code_properties = nullptr
const MCExprkernarg_preload = nullptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file AMDGPUMCKernelDescriptor.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ bits_get()

const MCExpr * MCKernelDescriptor::bits_get ( const MCExpr Src,
uint32_t  Shift,
uint32_t  Mask,
MCContext Ctx 

◆ bits_set()

void MCKernelDescriptor::bits_set ( const MCExpr *&  Dst,
const MCExpr Value,
uint32_t  Shift,
uint32_t  Mask,
MCContext Ctx 

◆ getDefaultAmdhsaKernelDescriptor()

MCKernelDescriptor MCKernelDescriptor::getDefaultAmdhsaKernelDescriptor ( const MCSubtargetInfo STI,
MCContext Ctx 

Member Data Documentation

◆ compute_pgm_rsrc1

const MCExpr* llvm::AMDGPU::MCKernelDescriptor::compute_pgm_rsrc1 = nullptr

◆ compute_pgm_rsrc2

const MCExpr* llvm::AMDGPU::MCKernelDescriptor::compute_pgm_rsrc2 = nullptr

◆ compute_pgm_rsrc3

const MCExpr* llvm::AMDGPU::MCKernelDescriptor::compute_pgm_rsrc3 = nullptr

◆ group_segment_fixed_size

const MCExpr* llvm::AMDGPU::MCKernelDescriptor::group_segment_fixed_size = nullptr

◆ kernarg_preload

const MCExpr* llvm::AMDGPU::MCKernelDescriptor::kernarg_preload = nullptr

◆ kernarg_size

const MCExpr* llvm::AMDGPU::MCKernelDescriptor::kernarg_size = nullptr

◆ kernel_code_properties

const MCExpr* llvm::AMDGPU::MCKernelDescriptor::kernel_code_properties = nullptr

◆ private_segment_fixed_size

const MCExpr* llvm::AMDGPU::MCKernelDescriptor::private_segment_fixed_size = nullptr

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