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1//===- CoroCleanup.cpp - Coroutine Cleanup Pass ---------------------------===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
10#include "CoroInternal.h"
11#include "llvm/IR/Function.h"
12#include "llvm/IR/IRBuilder.h"
14#include "llvm/IR/Module.h"
15#include "llvm/IR/PassManager.h"
18using namespace llvm;
20#define DEBUG_TYPE "coro-cleanup"
22namespace {
23// Created on demand if CoroCleanup pass has work to do.
24struct Lowerer : coro::LowererBase {
25 IRBuilder<> Builder;
26 Lowerer(Module &M) : LowererBase(M), Builder(Context) {}
27 bool lower(Function &F);
31static void lowerSubFn(IRBuilder<> &Builder, CoroSubFnInst *SubFn) {
32 Builder.SetInsertPoint(SubFn);
33 Value *FramePtr = SubFn->getFrame();
34 int Index = SubFn->getIndex();
36 auto *FrameTy = StructType::get(SubFn->getContext(),
37 {Builder.getPtrTy(), Builder.getPtrTy()});
39 Builder.SetInsertPoint(SubFn);
40 auto *Gep = Builder.CreateConstInBoundsGEP2_32(FrameTy, FramePtr, 0, Index);
41 auto *Load = Builder.CreateLoad(FrameTy->getElementType(Index), Gep);
43 SubFn->replaceAllUsesWith(Load);
46bool Lowerer::lower(Function &F) {
47 bool IsPrivateAndUnprocessed = F.isPresplitCoroutine() && F.hasLocalLinkage();
48 bool Changed = false;
51 if (auto *II = dyn_cast<IntrinsicInst>(&I)) {
52 switch (II->getIntrinsicID()) {
53 default:
54 continue;
55 case Intrinsic::coro_begin:
56 II->replaceAllUsesWith(II->getArgOperand(1));
57 break;
58 case Intrinsic::coro_free:
59 II->replaceAllUsesWith(II->getArgOperand(1));
60 break;
61 case Intrinsic::coro_alloc:
62 II->replaceAllUsesWith(ConstantInt::getTrue(Context));
63 break;
64 case Intrinsic::coro_async_resume:
65 II->replaceAllUsesWith(
66 ConstantPointerNull::get(cast<PointerType>(I.getType())));
67 break;
68 case Intrinsic::coro_id:
69 case Intrinsic::coro_id_retcon:
70 case Intrinsic::coro_id_retcon_once:
71 case Intrinsic::coro_id_async:
72 II->replaceAllUsesWith(ConstantTokenNone::get(Context));
73 break;
74 case Intrinsic::coro_subfn_addr:
75 lowerSubFn(Builder, cast<CoroSubFnInst>(II));
76 break;
77 case Intrinsic::coro_end:
78 case Intrinsic::coro_suspend_retcon:
79 if (IsPrivateAndUnprocessed) {
80 II->replaceAllUsesWith(UndefValue::get(II->getType()));
81 } else
82 continue;
83 break;
84 case Intrinsic::coro_async_size_replace:
85 auto *Target = cast<ConstantStruct>(
86 cast<GlobalVariable>(II->getArgOperand(0)->stripPointerCasts())
87 ->getInitializer());
88 auto *Source = cast<ConstantStruct>(
89 cast<GlobalVariable>(II->getArgOperand(1)->stripPointerCasts())
90 ->getInitializer());
91 auto *TargetSize = Target->getOperand(1);
92 auto *SourceSize = Source->getOperand(1);
93 if (TargetSize->isElementWiseEqual(SourceSize)) {
94 break;
95 }
96 auto *TargetRelativeFunOffset = Target->getOperand(0);
97 auto *NewFuncPtrStruct = ConstantStruct::get(
98 Target->getType(), TargetRelativeFunOffset, SourceSize);
99 Target->replaceAllUsesWith(NewFuncPtrStruct);
100 break;
101 }
102 II->eraseFromParent();
103 Changed = true;
104 }
105 }
107 return Changed;
112 M, {"llvm.coro.alloc", "llvm.coro.begin", "llvm.coro.subfn.addr",
113 "llvm.coro.free", "llvm.coro.id", "llvm.coro.id.retcon",
114 "llvm.coro.id.async", "llvm.coro.id.retcon.once",
115 "llvm.coro.async.size.replace", "llvm.coro.async.resume"});
121 return PreservedAnalyses::all();
129 PreservedAnalyses FuncPA;
130 FuncPA.preserveSet<CFGAnalyses>();
132 Lowerer L(M);
133 for (auto &F : M) {
134 if (L.lower(F)) {
135 FAM.invalidate(F, FuncPA);
136 FPM.run(F, FAM);
137 }
138 }
Expand Atomic instructions
static bool declaresCoroCleanupIntrinsics(const Module &M)
static void lowerSubFn(IRBuilder<> &Builder, CoroSubFnInst *SubFn)
Definition: CoroCleanup.cpp:31
#define F(x, y, z)
Definition: MD5.cpp:55
#define I(x, y, z)
Definition: MD5.cpp:58
Module.h This file contains the declarations for the Module class.
uint64_t IntrinsicInst * II
FunctionAnalysisManager FAM
ModuleAnalysisManager MAM
This header defines various interfaces for pass management in LLVM.
This file provides the interface for the pass responsible for both simplifying and canonicalizing the...
static const unsigned FramePtr
A container for analyses that lazily runs them and caches their results.
Definition: PassManager.h:253
void invalidate(IRUnitT &IR, const PreservedAnalyses &PA)
Invalidate cached analyses for an IR unit.
PassT::Result & getResult(IRUnitT &IR, ExtraArgTs... ExtraArgs)
Get the result of an analysis pass for a given IR unit.
Definition: PassManager.h:405
Represents analyses that only rely on functions' control flow.
Definition: Analysis.h:72
static ConstantInt * getTrue(LLVMContext &Context)
Definition: Constants.cpp:850
static ConstantPointerNull * get(PointerType *T)
Static factory methods - Return objects of the specified value.
Definition: Constants.cpp:1800
static Constant * get(StructType *T, ArrayRef< Constant * > V)
Definition: Constants.cpp:1357
static ConstantTokenNone * get(LLVMContext &Context)
Return the ConstantTokenNone.
Definition: Constants.cpp:1500
This class represents the llvm.coro.subfn.addr instruction.
Definition: CoroInstr.h:35
Value * getFrame() const
Definition: CoroInstr.h:48
ResumeKind getIndex() const
Definition: CoroInstr.h:49
LoadInst * CreateLoad(Type *Ty, Value *Ptr, const char *Name)
Provided to resolve 'CreateLoad(Ty, Ptr, "...")' correctly, instead of converting the string to 'bool...
Definition: IRBuilder.h:1795
Value * CreateConstInBoundsGEP2_32(Type *Ty, Value *Ptr, unsigned Idx0, unsigned Idx1, const Twine &Name="")
Definition: IRBuilder.h:1917
void SetInsertPoint(BasicBlock *TheBB)
This specifies that created instructions should be appended to the end of the specified block.
Definition: IRBuilder.h:177
This provides a uniform API for creating instructions and inserting them into a basic block: either a...
Definition: IRBuilder.h:2671
An analysis over an "outer" IR unit that provides access to an analysis manager over an "inner" IR un...
Definition: PassManager.h:563
A Module instance is used to store all the information related to an LLVM module.
Definition: Module.h:65
LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_MINSIZE std::enable_if_t<!std::is_same_v< PassT, PassManager > > addPass(PassT &&Pass)
Definition: PassManager.h:195
PreservedAnalyses run(IRUnitT &IR, AnalysisManagerT &AM, ExtraArgTs... ExtraArgs)
Run all of the passes in this manager over the given unit of IR.
A set of analyses that are preserved following a run of a transformation pass.
Definition: Analysis.h:111
static PreservedAnalyses none()
Convenience factory function for the empty preserved set.
Definition: Analysis.h:114
static PreservedAnalyses all()
Construct a special preserved set that preserves all passes.
Definition: Analysis.h:117
void preserveSet()
Mark an analysis set as preserved.
Definition: Analysis.h:146
A pass to simplify and canonicalize the CFG of a function.
Definition: SimplifyCFG.h:29
static StructType * get(LLVMContext &Context, ArrayRef< Type * > Elements, bool isPacked=false)
This static method is the primary way to create a literal StructType.
Definition: Type.cpp:373
Target - Wrapper for Target specific information.
static UndefValue * get(Type *T)
Static factory methods - Return an 'undef' object of the specified type.
Definition: Constants.cpp:1833
LLVM Value Representation.
Definition: Value.h:74
void replaceAllUsesWith(Value *V)
Change all uses of this to point to a new Value.
Definition: Value.cpp:534
LLVMContext & getContext() const
All values hold a context through their type.
Definition: Value.cpp:1075
bool declaresIntrinsics(const Module &M, const std::initializer_list< StringRef >)
Definition: Coroutines.cpp:115
This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
Definition: AddressRanges.h:18
iterator_range< early_inc_iterator_impl< detail::IterOfRange< RangeT > > > make_early_inc_range(RangeT &&Range)
Make a range that does early increment to allow mutation of the underlying range without disrupting i...
Definition: STLExtras.h:656
PreservedAnalyses run(Module &M, ModuleAnalysisManager &MAM)