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llvm::MipsTargetELFStreamer Class Reference

#include "Target/Mips/MipsTargetStreamer.h"

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Public Member Functions

bool isMicroMipsEnabled () const
MCELFStreamergetStreamer ()
 MipsTargetELFStreamer (MCStreamer &S, const MCSubtargetInfo &STI)
void setPic (bool Value) override
void emitLabel (MCSymbol *Symbol) override
void emitAssignment (MCSymbol *Symbol, const MCExpr *Value) override
void finish () override
void emitDirectiveSetMicroMips () override
void emitDirectiveSetNoMicroMips () override
void setUsesMicroMips () override
void emitDirectiveSetMips16 () override
void emitDirectiveSetNoReorder () override
void emitDirectiveEnd (StringRef Name) override
void emitDirectiveEnt (const MCSymbol &Symbol) override
void emitDirectiveAbiCalls () override
void emitDirectiveNaN2008 () override
void emitDirectiveNaNLegacy () override
void emitDirectiveOptionPic0 () override
void emitDirectiveOptionPic2 () override
void emitDirectiveInsn () override
void emitFrame (unsigned StackReg, unsigned StackSize, unsigned ReturnReg) override
void emitMask (unsigned CPUBitmask, int CPUTopSavedRegOff) override
void emitFMask (unsigned FPUBitmask, int FPUTopSavedRegOff) override
void emitDirectiveCpAdd (unsigned RegNo) override
void emitDirectiveCpLoad (unsigned RegNo) override
void emitDirectiveCpLocal (unsigned RegNo) override
bool emitDirectiveCpRestore (int Offset, function_ref< unsigned()> GetATReg, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI) override
void emitDirectiveCpsetup (unsigned RegNo, int RegOrOffset, const MCSymbol &Sym, bool IsReg) override
void emitDirectiveCpreturn (unsigned SaveLocation, bool SaveLocationIsRegister) override
void emitMipsAbiFlags ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MipsTargetStreamer
 MipsTargetStreamer (MCStreamer &S)
virtual void setPic (bool Value)
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMicroMips ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoMicroMips ()
virtual void setUsesMicroMips ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips16 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoMips16 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetReorder ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoReorder ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMacro ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoMacro ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMsa ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoMsa ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMt ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoMt ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetCRC ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoCRC ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetVirt ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoVirt ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetGINV ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoGINV ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetAt ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetAtWithArg (unsigned RegNo)
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoAt ()
virtual void emitDirectiveEnd (StringRef Name)
virtual void emitDirectiveEnt (const MCSymbol &Symbol)
virtual void emitDirectiveAbiCalls ()
virtual void emitDirectiveNaN2008 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveNaNLegacy ()
virtual void emitDirectiveOptionPic0 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveOptionPic2 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveInsn ()
virtual void emitFrame (unsigned StackReg, unsigned StackSize, unsigned ReturnReg)
virtual void emitMask (unsigned CPUBitmask, int CPUTopSavedRegOff)
virtual void emitFMask (unsigned FPUBitmask, int FPUTopSavedRegOff)
virtual void emitDirectiveSetArch (StringRef Arch)
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips0 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips1 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips2 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips3 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips4 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips5 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips32 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips32R2 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips32R3 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips32R5 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips32R6 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips64 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips64R2 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips64R3 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips64R5 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips64R6 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetDsp ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetDspr2 ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoDsp ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetMips3D ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoMips3D ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetPop ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetPush ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetSoftFloat ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetHardFloat ()
virtual void emitDirectiveCpAdd (unsigned RegNo)
virtual void emitDirectiveCpLoad (unsigned RegNo)
virtual void emitDirectiveCpLocal (unsigned RegNo)
virtual bool emitDirectiveCpRestore (int Offset, function_ref< unsigned()> GetATReg, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
virtual void emitDirectiveCpsetup (unsigned RegNo, int RegOrOffset, const MCSymbol &Sym, bool IsReg)
virtual void emitDirectiveCpreturn (unsigned SaveLocation, bool SaveLocationIsRegister)
virtual void emitDirectiveModuleFP ()
virtual void emitDirectiveModuleOddSPReg ()
virtual void emitDirectiveModuleSoftFloat ()
virtual void emitDirectiveModuleHardFloat ()
virtual void emitDirectiveModuleMT ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetFp (MipsABIFlagsSection::FpABIKind Value)
virtual void emitDirectiveSetOddSPReg ()
virtual void emitDirectiveSetNoOddSPReg ()
virtual void emitDirectiveModuleCRC ()
virtual void emitDirectiveModuleNoCRC ()
virtual void emitDirectiveModuleVirt ()
virtual void emitDirectiveModuleNoVirt ()
virtual void emitDirectiveModuleGINV ()
virtual void emitDirectiveModuleNoGINV ()
void emitR (unsigned Opcode, unsigned Reg0, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitII (unsigned Opcode, int16_t Imm1, int16_t Imm2, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitRX (unsigned Opcode, unsigned Reg0, MCOperand Op1, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitRI (unsigned Opcode, unsigned Reg0, int32_t Imm, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitRR (unsigned Opcode, unsigned Reg0, unsigned Reg1, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitRRX (unsigned Opcode, unsigned Reg0, unsigned Reg1, MCOperand Op2, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitRRR (unsigned Opcode, unsigned Reg0, unsigned Reg1, unsigned Reg2, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitRRRX (unsigned Opcode, unsigned Reg0, unsigned Reg1, unsigned Reg2, MCOperand Op3, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitRRI (unsigned Opcode, unsigned Reg0, unsigned Reg1, int16_t Imm, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitRRIII (unsigned Opcode, unsigned Reg0, unsigned Reg1, int16_t Imm0, int16_t Imm1, int16_t Imm2, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitAddu (unsigned DstReg, unsigned SrcReg, unsigned TrgReg, bool Is64Bit, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitDSLL (unsigned DstReg, unsigned SrcReg, int16_t ShiftAmount, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitEmptyDelaySlot (bool hasShortDelaySlot, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitNop (SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
void emitStoreWithImmOffset (unsigned Opcode, unsigned SrcReg, unsigned BaseReg, int64_t Offset, function_ref< unsigned()> GetATReg, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
 Emit a store instruction with an offset.
void emitLoadWithImmOffset (unsigned Opcode, unsigned DstReg, unsigned BaseReg, int64_t Offset, unsigned TmpReg, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
 Emit a load instruction with an immediate offset.
void emitGPRestore (int Offset, SMLoc IDLoc, const MCSubtargetInfo *STI)
 Emit the $gp restore operation for .cprestore.
void forbidModuleDirective ()
void reallowModuleDirective ()
bool isModuleDirectiveAllowed ()
template<class PredicateLibrary >
void updateABIInfo (const PredicateLibrary &P)
MipsABIFlagsSectiongetABIFlagsSection ()
const MipsABIInfogetABI () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::MCTargetStreamer
 MCTargetStreamer (MCStreamer &S)
virtual ~MCTargetStreamer ()
MCStreamergetStreamer ()
virtual void emitLabel (MCSymbol *Symbol)
virtual void emitAssignment (MCSymbol *Symbol, const MCExpr *Value)
virtual void prettyPrintAsm (MCInstPrinter &InstPrinter, uint64_t Address, const MCInst &Inst, const MCSubtargetInfo &STI, raw_ostream &OS)
virtual void emitDwarfFileDirective (StringRef Directive)
virtual void changeSection (const MCSection *CurSection, MCSection *Section, const MCExpr *SubSection, raw_ostream &OS)
 Update streamer for a new active section.
virtual void emitValue (const MCExpr *Value)
virtual void emitRawBytes (StringRef Data)
 Emit the bytes in Data into the output.
virtual void emitConstantPools ()
virtual void finish ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::MipsTargetStreamer
std::optional< MipsABIInfoABI
MipsABIFlagsSection ABIFlagsSection
bool GPRInfoSet
unsigned GPRBitMask
int GPROffset
bool FPRInfoSet
unsigned FPRBitMask
int FPROffset
bool FrameInfoSet
int FrameOffset
unsigned FrameReg
unsigned GPReg
unsigned ReturnReg
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::MCTargetStreamer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 312 of file MipsTargetStreamer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MipsTargetELFStreamer()

MipsTargetELFStreamer::MipsTargetELFStreamer ( MCStreamer S,
const MCSubtargetInfo STI 

Member Function Documentation

◆ emitAssignment()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitAssignment ( MCSymbol Symbol,
const MCExpr Value 

Reimplemented from llvm::MCTargetStreamer.

Definition at line 962 of file MipsTargetStreamer.cpp.

References llvm::ELF::STO_MIPS_MICROMIPS, and llvm::MCExpr::SymbolRef.

◆ emitDirectiveAbiCalls()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveAbiCalls ( )

◆ emitDirectiveCpAdd()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveCpAdd ( unsigned  RegNo)

◆ emitDirectiveCpLoad()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveCpLoad ( unsigned  RegNo)

◆ emitDirectiveCpLocal()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveCpLocal ( unsigned  RegNo)

◆ emitDirectiveCpRestore()

bool MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveCpRestore ( int  Offset,
function_ref< unsigned()>  GetATReg,
SMLoc  IDLoc,
const MCSubtargetInfo STI 

◆ emitDirectiveCpreturn()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveCpreturn ( unsigned  SaveLocation,
bool  SaveLocationIsRegister 

◆ emitDirectiveCpsetup()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveCpsetup ( unsigned  RegNo,
int  RegOrOffset,
const MCSymbol Sym,
bool  IsReg 

◆ emitDirectiveEnd()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveEnd ( StringRef  Name)

◆ emitDirectiveEnt()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveEnt ( const MCSymbol Symbol)

◆ emitDirectiveInsn()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveInsn ( )

◆ emitDirectiveNaN2008()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveNaN2008 ( )

◆ emitDirectiveNaNLegacy()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveNaNLegacy ( )

◆ emitDirectiveOptionPic0()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveOptionPic0 ( )

◆ emitDirectiveOptionPic2()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveOptionPic2 ( )

◆ emitDirectiveSetMicroMips()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveSetMicroMips ( )

◆ emitDirectiveSetMips16()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveSetMips16 ( )

◆ emitDirectiveSetNoMicroMips()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveSetNoMicroMips ( )

◆ emitDirectiveSetNoReorder()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitDirectiveSetNoReorder ( )

◆ emitFMask()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitFMask ( unsigned  FPUBitmask,
int  FPUTopSavedRegOff 

◆ emitFrame()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitFrame ( unsigned  StackReg,
unsigned  StackSize,
unsigned  ReturnReg 

◆ emitLabel()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitLabel ( MCSymbol Symbol)

◆ emitMask()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitMask ( unsigned  CPUBitmask,
int  CPUTopSavedRegOff 

◆ emitMipsAbiFlags()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::emitMipsAbiFlags ( )

◆ finish()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::finish ( )

◆ getStreamer()

MCELFStreamer & MipsTargetELFStreamer::getStreamer ( )

◆ isMicroMipsEnabled()

bool llvm::MipsTargetELFStreamer::isMicroMipsEnabled ( ) const

◆ setPic()

void llvm::MipsTargetELFStreamer::setPic ( bool  Value)

Reimplemented from llvm::MipsTargetStreamer.

Definition at line 322 of file MipsTargetStreamer.h.

◆ setUsesMicroMips()

void MipsTargetELFStreamer::setUsesMicroMips ( )

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