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llvm::MCTargetStreamer Class Reference

Target specific streamer interface. More...

#include "llvm/MC/MCStreamer.h"

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Public Member Functions

 MCTargetStreamer (MCStreamer &S)
virtual ~MCTargetStreamer ()
MCStreamergetStreamer ()
virtual void emitLabel (MCSymbol *Symbol)
virtual void emitAssignment (MCSymbol *Symbol, const MCExpr *Value)
virtual void prettyPrintAsm (MCInstPrinter &InstPrinter, raw_ostream &OS, const MCInst &Inst, const MCSubtargetInfo &STI)
virtual void emitDwarfFileDirective (StringRef Directive)
virtual void changeSection (const MCSection *CurSection, MCSection *Section, const MCExpr *SubSection, raw_ostream &OS)
 Update streamer for a new active section. More...
virtual void emitValue (const MCExpr *Value)
virtual void emitRawBytes (StringRef Data)
 Emit the bytes in Data into the output. More...
virtual void finish ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Target specific streamer interface.

This is used so that targets can implement support for target specific assembly directives.

If target foo wants to use this, it should implement 3 classes:

FooTargetStreamer should have a pure virtual method for each directive. For example, for a ".bar symbol_name" directive, it should have virtual emitBar(const MCSymbol &Symbol) = 0;

The FooTargetAsmStreamer and FooTargetELFStreamer classes implement the method. The assembly streamer just prints ".bar symbol_name". The object streamer does whatever is needed to implement .bar in the object file.

In the assembly printer and parser the target streamer can be used by calling getTargetStreamer and casting it to FooTargetStreamer:

MCTargetStreamer &TS = OutStreamer.getTargetStreamer(); FooTargetStreamer &ATS = static_cast<FooTargetStreamer &>(TS);

The base classes FooTargetAsmStreamer and FooTargetELFStreamer should never be treated differently. Callers should always talk to a FooTargetStreamer.

Definition at line 91 of file MCStreamer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MCTargetStreamer()

MCTargetStreamer::MCTargetStreamer ( MCStreamer S)

Definition at line 44 of file MCStreamer.cpp.

References llvm::MCStreamer::setTargetStreamer(), and ~MCTargetStreamer().

◆ ~MCTargetStreamer()

MCTargetStreamer::~MCTargetStreamer ( )

Referenced by MCTargetStreamer().

Member Function Documentation

◆ changeSection()

void MCTargetStreamer::changeSection ( const MCSection CurSection,
MCSection Section,
const MCExpr SubSection,
raw_ostream OS 

Update streamer for a new active section.

This is called by PopSection and SwitchSection, if the current section changes.

Reimplemented in llvm::NVPTXTargetStreamer.

Definition at line 55 of file MCStreamer.cpp.

References llvm::MCContext::getAsmInfo(), llvm::MCStreamer::getContext(), llvm::MCContext::getObjectFileInfo(), llvm::MCObjectFileInfo::getTargetTriple(), llvm::MCSection::PrintSwitchToSection(), and Streamer.

◆ emitAssignment()

void MCTargetStreamer::emitAssignment ( MCSymbol Symbol,
const MCExpr Value 

◆ emitDwarfFileDirective()

void MCTargetStreamer::emitDwarfFileDirective ( StringRef  Directive)

Reimplemented in llvm::NVPTXTargetStreamer.

Definition at line 65 of file MCStreamer.cpp.

References llvm::MCStreamer::EmitRawText(), and Streamer.

◆ emitLabel()

void MCTargetStreamer::emitLabel ( MCSymbol Symbol)

◆ emitRawBytes()

void MCTargetStreamer::emitRawBytes ( StringRef  Data)

Emit the bytes in Data into the output.

This is used to emit bytes in Data as sequence of .byte directives.

Reimplemented in llvm::NVPTXTargetStreamer.

Definition at line 77 of file MCStreamer.cpp.

References llvm::StringRef::bytes(), C, llvm::MCStreamer::EmitRawText(), llvm::MCContext::getAsmInfo(), llvm::MCStreamer::getContext(), llvm::MCAsmInfo::getData8bitsDirective(), llvm::raw_svector_ostream::str(), and Streamer.

Referenced by llvm::NVPTXTargetStreamer::emitRawBytes().

◆ emitValue()

void MCTargetStreamer::emitValue ( const MCExpr Value)

◆ finish()

void MCTargetStreamer::finish ( )

◆ getStreamer()

MCStreamer& llvm::MCTargetStreamer::getStreamer ( )

◆ prettyPrintAsm()

void MCTargetStreamer::prettyPrintAsm ( MCInstPrinter InstPrinter,
raw_ostream OS,
const MCInst Inst,
const MCSubtargetInfo STI 

Definition at line 979 of file MCStreamer.cpp.

References llvm::MCInstPrinter::printInst().

Member Data Documentation

◆ Streamer

MCStreamer& llvm::MCTargetStreamer::Streamer

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